When Calls The Heart Season 9 Episode 3 Review And Recap: Elizabeth’s Book Get Bad Reviews

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When Calls The Heart Season 9 Episode 3 Review
When Calls The Heart Season 9

Changes are afoot in Hope Valley, but the more people hear about them, the more determined they are to stave them off. Walden is lurking around in Season 9 Episode 3 of When Calls the Heart, wanting to make his mark on the town once more, and while Mayor Mike is approaching it as a business deal, others aren’t so sure.

By the way, Elizabeth’s book was released, and everyone’s tongues were wagging! Gossip is popular, and it comes from all sides! Working under Rosemary’s direction is proving to be a lot of fun, even though I was hoping for Mayor Lee Coulter. Lee still wants to make a difference in the world, and he can; the venue has just changed. Lee’s first independent report was about the city’s new mayor, and he went all out with the headline and the content.

We don’t know what perspective his “It’s Duck Soup for Hickam” was taken from, but duck soup suggests effortless achievement. Rosemary thought his tone was harsher than she expected, but I can’t imagine Lee writing a powerful essay about Mike’s easy victory in the mayoral election. The only reason Elizabeth thought the Hope Valley folks were ready for Lee’s writing style was because of the notes she received on her book. Let’s get started with Episode 3 of When Calls The Heart Season 9 because there’s a lot to cover.

When Calls The Heart Season 9 Episode 3 Review: Elizabeth’s Book

This week’s tale was built on the foundation of Elizabeth’s book, which connected all of the other characters’ travels into a unified narrative. Elizabeth announces the arrival of her novel in Hope Valley at the start of the episode. And she’s both excited and frightened about how her friends will react to her stories, as well as those that might represent herself. It’s possible that the ride will be bumpy.

Elizabeth's Book
Elizabeth’s Book

We can see Nathan regaining his sense of humor right from the opening of the episode. He jokes with Elizabeth, telling her that he’ll sign his book “to the one who got away.” Nathan used to be a lot more laid-back, as Allie stated last season, and I think we’re starting to see his true, playful side emerge. Although some people dislike his sarcastic approach to humor, I believe it is a significant improvement over the moody Nathan we saw throughout Season 8.

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Molly, on the other hand, is undecided about Elizabeth’s novel. Molly believes the red-haired “coquette” is fashioned after Juliette, a character who is characterized as being interested in the bachelors in town. Juliette, however, was based on Elizabeth’s younger sister!

Bad Reviews On The Book, But It Doesn’t Matter

Regrettably, many of Elizabeth’s book evaluations are unfavorable. Elizabeth is horrified when she reads them. I can’t help but think this is a message from the show’s writers in response to all of the negative feedback they received last season regarding the love triangle’s resolve. Especially when Elizabeth subsequently reveals that some of the negative critiques were directed not only at her writing but also at her personally. This is exactly what occurred to the writers when they had to deal with a slew of irate fans.

In a later moment, Rosemary reads Elizabeth a letter from a widowed mother, who writes a moving remark about how Elizabeth’s work changed her life. After reading Elizabeth’s book, the mother felt more at ease and less alone, according to the letter. This means more to Elizabeth than all the negative feedback she’s ever received.

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Gustav & Henry

Gustav appears to be getting a larger part this season! He doesn’t have a good attitude towards Lucas or the party at the start of the episode. He’s Lucas’ cousin, it turns out. How could we have gone this long without realizing it? In a subsequent moment, he reverts to his old self, and I can’t help but hope the authors continue to deepen his character this season.

When Calls The Heart Season 9 Episode 3 Review

If the sale to Jerome goes through, Lucas asks Henry if he’ll stay at the oil company. Although Henry claims he hasn’t made up his mind, Jerome informs him that Lucas does not want Henry to be driven out. We can’t say the same for Jerome and Henry, but it appears that they are on good terms again. Henry is torn between staying with the firm and leaving it. He acknowledges that a part of him still regrets not staying here longer. I’m not sure where Henry’s narrative will go.

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Wyman Walden Has Returned

Wyman Walden has returned to town, rekindling my suspicions that Walden or the Pinkertons were involved in Nathan’s accident. He represents the company that is constructing the foundry, which experienced some hiccups over the winter but is now “full steam ahead.” Mike isn’t the only one who doesn’t trust Wyman. Naturally, Wyman tries to sweet-talk the incoming mayor, and Bill is terrified that Mike will betray him. However, I believe that residents of Hope Valley have a horrible history of underestimating Mike. Mike tells Bill that he is capable of handling the situation. Mike boasts about his intelligence. Later, he tells Bill that he needs to leave the mayor’s office, and he adopts a more assertive approach.

When Calls The Heart Season 9 Episode 3 Review
Wyman Walden Has Returned

The next day, Lucas questions Wyman about his return to Hope Valley, and Wyman tells him to mind his own business. Wyman, Lucas retorts, is someone who recognizes when he needs a partner. So…that was a clumsy method of gaining his trust. Hmmm. Later, when Elizabeth enters Lucas’ office, he is on the phone with someone named Janette, telling her that he needs more time to earn someone’s confidence. Lucas appears to be going undercover. I’m curious about Janette. And why isn’t Lucas informing Nathan about this covert operation?

Cooper Is Still Having Issues

Cooper’s faith was tested last week, and he no longer wants to attend church. Joseph begins taking Cooper to work with him at Minnie’s recommendation in order to spend more quality time with him. He also no longer requires Cooper to attend church.

This is enough to elicit a response from his son. He discloses to Joseph that he’s having a hard time dealing with his sister’s measles-related blindness, despite the fact that he healed completely. Later, Joseph tells Minnie about the doctor’s refusal to treat Angela, and he doesn’t want Cooper to experience such hatred at such a young age. It appears that this is going to be a challenging tale to follow. Cooper is going to have a lot to deal with, and there won’t be any easy answers for him.

Nathan And Mei Sou Get Off To A Rocky Start

While Nathan has been immediately enthralled by Mei Sou, things are about to get a lot more interesting this week. Newton is terrified of Nathan after the accident, and he won’t allow him to close him. Newton only appears to trust Mei Sou these days, Bill observes. While she is filling Nathan’s medication, Nathan pays her a visit to the soda shop. She assures him that Newton is improving, but Nathan acknowledges that he cannot see it for himself. She adds she’d be happy to demonstrate her method to Nathan.

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When Calls The Heart Season 9 Episode 3 Review
Mei Sou

Nathan, on the other hand, is irritated by that response and abruptly departs. Later, Mei Sou approaches him and inquires as to why he is so disturbed. Nathan says it isn’t her, and the accident has had a far greater impact on him than he anticipated. Mei Sou advises him not to blame himself and to see his inability to recall the accident as a gift. This makes me wonder if there’s something she doesn’t want to remember from her history. Nathan apologizes, and she proposes they go to Yost’s for a drink together.

Bill worries Nathan about Newton’s recovery at Elizabeth’s celebration. That thought saddens me, and Nathan feels the same way. Nathan feels encouraged to be more forthcoming regarding Mei Sou’s counsel as a result of this. He approaches her once more, but she insists on working with Newton alone this time. It’s the polar opposite of what she’d previously told Nathan, and it astounds him. I don’t blame him for steering away after Elizabeth’s previous back-and-forth with him. Mei Sou has her own issues and reasons for refusing to work with Nathan. This love connection appears to be taking longer than expected.

Lee & Rosemary Haven’t Lost Their Cuteness

Lee is having a hard time adjusting to life at the newspaper. His first essay isn’t exactly what Rosemary had in mind. In what ends up being a very humorous sequence, she has to politely convey to him how “uncommon” his piece is. “I’m not sure I can publish your work,” she says, describing Lee’s flare as “forceful and arrogant.” It’s never easy to be critical. And, much as Nathan struggled with Mei Sou’s criticism at first, Lee is having trouble with Rosemary’s. However, Rosemary eventually caves in and says she wants to publish his paper, which astounds me.

When Calls The Heart Season 9 Episode 3 Review
Lee & Rosemary Haven’t Lost Their Cuteness

Lee’s “clickbait” title was so successful that they sold out of all of their copies! Overall, this was a delightful episode. It featured a great message about the true things that matter in life, as well as enough intrigue to keep viewers guessing what would happen next. The episode closed with Lucas’ phone conversation with Wyman, which will undoubtedly become a major plot point in future episodes.

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