What Will Shun Do In ‘Tribe Nine’ Episode 4?

Tribe Nine Episode 4 Release Date

The newly released anime series Tribe Nine is currently ranking among one of the best ones of the year 2022 as the series slowly inches towards its Episode 4. The series is releasing a new episode on a weekly basis, that is one every Monday. A new episode from Tribe Nine also dropped out today, and fans are already waiting to get a new episode. The wait will be over soon as you will get to stream a new episode of Tribe Nine soon. The anime series has been adapted from a video game that belongs to Tribe Nine Franchise. The game is a role-playing action game that goes around a particular plot.

The anime adaption of the series was created by Liden Films Studio and belongs to the Sports genre, particularly targeting the game of baseball. Originally the game was created by Too Kyo Games, Kazutaka Kodaka, and Shuhei Yamaguchi. The series was directed by Yu Aoki, along with the screenplay written by Michiko Yokote. The series dropped out its first episode on 10th January 2022, and just a few hours ago, it released episode 3. The popularity of the anime is quite remarkable as it received a lot of fame within the release of the first few episodes. Following, you will get to know the release date of Episode 4 of Tribe Nine, a recap of episode 3, and some other details regarding the series.

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Tribe Nine Plot

The plot of the series Tribe Nine is set up in the future in the “Neo Tokyo Country”. The different tribes of the city are clashing with each other as they were to find a place to belong. As the conflicts between these “Tribes” intensified, the ruling government passed a law which is called “The XB Law”. According to this law, conflicts are bound to be resolved by playing the extreme game of Baseball. Other than this, no violence will be tolerated. The player is allowed to throw hit the ball as they all will be witnessed by the enthusiastic sports audience. The protagonist of the series Haru Shirokane is a bullied boy but dreams of becoming stronger. Meanwhile, Taiga came from across the sea and met the strongest XB Player and the leader of Minato Tribe, Shun Kamiya.

Tribe Nine Episode 4 release date
Tribe Nine

Previously on Tribe Nine Episode 3

Episode 3 of Tribe Nine dropped out on 24th January 2022 at 7:00 pm (IST). The latest episode was titled “A Reak Enemy”. Previously, in the beginning, Haru Shirokane and Taiga were saved by Shun from a group of delinquents. The episode begins with Minato Tribe getting a visit by the men of the Otori Family who are willing to get control over every tribe in the country. As they visited them, Shun – the leader of the Minato Tribe – came forward to face them with a terrified Haru standing behind. As it is impossible to tackle the dispute without playing Baseball, Lord Otori, aka Chiyoda, challenged Shun and his tribe to play with them. Shun being a high impulsive proud guy, accepted immediately and asked Haru and Taiga to cherish the match as it was going to be different.

As the game began, Chiyoda surprised the whole Minato Tribe through its extremely powerful skills as he “out” Haru, Taiga, and Micchan in a row. Now it is Chiyoda’s turn to bat, and Shun stands against him other side bowling. Chiyoda missed the first ball but hit the second one. All the pitchers run to get the ball, and Haru gets the ball and passes it to Shun. By the end of the game, Shun was bitten badly, and Chiyoda won the game and commanded them to disband the Minato Tribe. Everyone feels disheartened, but Shun tries to keep them cheerful as ever. Chiyoda reported his victory to the Otori Family Palace, and the episode ended with Shun sitting in the middle of the street along with a cat on his lap as he tossed the chip but was unable to catch it and ended in an unconscious state.

Tribe Nine Episode 3 preview
Shun – Tribe Nine

Tribe Nine Episode 4 Release Date

Tribe Nine Episode 4 will release on 31st January 2022. Episode 3 of Tribe Nine ended with Shun sitting in the street in an unconscious way as he mentions that they might be able to win if he had played enough. He must be disheartened and was thinking that he lost his tribemates and, being a leader, he was not able to protect them. The rest of the things will be revealed in the upcoming episode. As of now, there is no delay reported in the release of the new episode. In case it happens, you will get updated here.

Watch Tribe Nine Episode 4 Online – Streaming Details

As for the streaming details, Tribe Nine has been co-produced by Funimation and the platform will be available to stream the series.

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