What Will Lee Se Ryeon Do In ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ Episode 38?

Young Lady and Gentleman episode 38

‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ episode 38 will be coming out this weekend. Things have been going down in Se Ryeon’s life. While getting back with her ex-boyfriend, she thought she’d finally have a chance at love. As the truth came out, she was back to square one. While Dae Ran has been fighting for herself, trying to get something from the company. Her only hope, Se Ryeon, has also given up on her too. Getting played by her mother over some shares, Se Ryeon has finally freed herself from the curse she was attached to. And now might be planning to get back with her love Dae Beom.

Before the whole thing blew up, while Dae Ran and Seung Ho’s mother were planning the wedding already, Mi-Sook had been feeling bad about coming between Dae Beom and Se Ryeon when she got a call from Dae Ran. Remembering how she talked about her brother’s family, she told her to see how she talks about others. Planning to meet each other’s families, Dae Ran asked Se Ryeon to make the right decision and told her how good Seung Ho was for her. Getting to know that she broke up with Dae Beom, Seung Ho asked if they could date again.

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‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ Recap: Se Ryeon’s Another Failed Chance At Love

Getting to know Seung Ho has a daughter with a hostess, Mi-Sook had another problem on her hand. Calling Dae Ran and telling her the truth, she told her to postpone the family meetings. Going to meet Seung Ho’s mother alone, she asked her about his daughter. Telling her that the girl is registered as her daughter and Seung Ho’s, Se Ryeon won’t have anything problem. Bringing up Se Ryeon’s past, his mother went on to cover her son’s faults. On the other side, meeting her friends, Se Ryeon told them that she was getting married to Seung Ho. One of her friends told her that rumors about Seung Ho having a kid had been going around. Playing it cool at the meeting, Se Ryeon went to see her mother. But Dae Ran told her not to overthink it as it is just a rumor.

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Having a feeling that she’s doing a bad thing, Se Ryeon got a call from Mi Sook, who came clean to her about Seung Ho. She also apologized to her about playing the matchmaker because Dae Ran asked her to. Hearing that it was all planned, Se Ryeon was disappointed once again. Running straight to her mother, she confronted her while Young Guk heard everything from behind. Hearing Dae Ran trying to justify herself, Young Guk told her that Seung Ho’s company has been trying to buy their shares too. Hearing her mother acting like this, Se Ryeon ran and drove away from her family. Calling Jung Woo, Se Ryeon decided that she’d give up all her shares to her brother.

A still from ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’

‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ Episode 38 Release Date & What To Expect?

‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ episode 38 will release on January 30, 2022. As Dae Ran again tried to justify Seung Ho’s actions, Se Ryeon left telling that she wanted to be free. Confronting Seung Ho about her not being honest with her, he too tried to justify his action. Telling him that it was over, Se Ryeon went her way. Feeling wronged, she went on to ask for Se Ryeon’s shares from Young Guk. Telling him her sob story, she tried to warm him up.

But Young Guk told her he wouldn’t do anything as it was out of his hand and that she also ruined his family. Missing Dae Beom and losing her status of ‘heiress,’ Se Ryeon is thinking about going back to Dae Beom. Running into him once again on the street and saw him standing up for her in a feud. She’s trying to ask for one more chance. As all this happens, Anna is trying her best to deliver her last gift to Dan Dan, despite Soo Cheol gatekeeping their daughter.

Where To Watch ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’?

‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ episode 38 will be available to watch on the streaming platforms Rakuten Viki and Viu.

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