What Will Happen In Severance Episode 8? Spoilers & Speculations

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Severance Episode 8 Release date
Severance is currently streaming on Apple TV+

Severance Episode 8 will arrive next week, and with the plot finally kicking into high gear, the anticipation for the next Episode is sky-high. In the previous Episode, Mark met Regabhi and followed her to an abandoned building. We learned who Regabhi actually is as she told Mark about herself. Regabhi told Mark that she was the one who installed the chips inside the Lumon workers. She’s also the one who can turn them off. Their meeting is cut short by Mr. Graner’s sudden arrival. However, Regabhi murders Graner and hands his security card to Mark, telling him to run off.

Meanwhile, Mr. Milchick organizes a party for Helly, who’s about 70% through the Siena file. Dylan attacks Milchick, upset over what happened to him outside work. He tells others what happened, and the team decides to contact their outside selves. Mark uses Mr. Graner’s card to go to perform Overtime Contingency like Milchick previously did to Dylan. Meanwhile, we also learn in a shocking twist that Mark’s wife is alive and is the same woman who’s the wellness counselor at Lumon. Let’s now delve into when Episode 8 of Severance season 1 will release and what it will entail. Spoilers ahead!

Is Mark's wife dead in Severance
Dichen Lachman as Ms. Casey in Episode 8

Severance Episode 8 Release Date

Severance Episode 8 will release on April 1, 2022. Following a weekly release schedule, new Episodes drop on the streamer on Fridays. Since the show is an Apple TV+ exclusive, you can’t watch it anywhere else. Apart from Severance, Apple TV+ has a vast library of quality films and TV shows that you can binge on. From poignant dramas to blockbuster comedies, the streaming platform is constantly adding more content to its ever-expanding library. To watch the show and more, you have to sign up for an Apple TV+ subscription. Upon signing up, you can access a 7-day free trial before paying $4.99 per month.

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What Will the Next Episode be About?

The official synopsis for the upcoming Episode reads, “The team prepares a plan. Mark attends Devon and Ricken’s party.” Titled “What’s for Dinner”, the Episode is directed by Ben Stiller, with the teleplay from Chris Black. The runtime for the Episode is 46 minutes. Adam Scott stars as the lead Mark, Britt Lower stars as Helly, and Patricia Arquette as Harmony Cobel. Zach Cherry stars as Dylan, Tramell Tillman as Milchick, and Jen Tullock as Devon. John Turturro plays Irving, Dichen Lachman plays Ms. Casey, and Christopher Walken plays the role of Burt.

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