What To Expect From Rick And Morty Season 6?

Rick And Morty Season 6
Rick and Morty

The show ‘Rick and Morty’ has been popular among youngsters ever since it came out. After the end of season 5, the viewers and fans of the show are curious to know what the release date of Rick And Morty Season 6 is. Season 6’s writing portion has already been completed, as the show’s central writer Alex Rubens tweeted in February. He also said that the writing team had completed Season 6 and was already working on Season 7! Wow, that is exciting news!

Season 6 has only the animation and a few post-production steps left, after which our favorite travelers, Rick and Morty, will return with a fresh new season. Now, Adult Swim has ordered 70 episodes for the show, which means, starting from season 6, we have 50 more episodes coming in the future. How many seasons would it take to complete these episodes? Well, we do not know that yet. For now, the focus is on the upcoming season 6, and the question still remains! When will season 6 come out? Let us dive into all the details we have on season 6 of Rick and Morty!

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What Is ‘Rick And Morty’ About?

Rick and Morty is a story about a grandfather and his grandson. It is a half-hour animated comedy series on Adult Swim. The show features a sociopathic but genius scientist who drags his timid grandson on crazily dangerous and risky adventures around the cosmos.

Rick And Morty Season 6
A still from Rick And Morty

Rick Sanchez, the scientist, is living with his daughter Beth’s family and is constantly involving her, his son-in-law Jerry, granddaughter Summer, and grandson Morty in extraterrestrial adventures. Rick is an alcoholic and begs Morty for assistance on an interstellar adventure. Morty reluctantly agrees and embarks on a never-ending journey across time, space, and dimension. Rick is known for causing mayhem anywhere they go, so Morty keeps him in control.

A Recap Of What Happened In Season 5 Finale Of Rick And Morty

The two-part Rick and Morty season 5 finale opens with Rick and Morty being separated once again. At this point, Morty is sick of being mistreated, and Rick twists the knife even further by replacing Morty with a sidekick, two crows. He showed how little Morty meant to him.

Further into the finale, Rick takes the two crows joke unironically and starts embracing his new feathered companions. Morty, on the other hand, forms an alliance with a person called “Nick,” who, hilariously, turns out to be even more demented than Rick.

Rick And Morty Season 6
Rick in Rick and Morty

Although the two are linked by spilled portal fluid, Morty slaughters his new buddy “Nick” by amputating his hand and pulling the two portals together. This causes his companion to be sucked into the abyss. It is a clever kill by him and proves that Morty has learned to look after himself.

Even though things are rocky at this point between Rick and Morty, Morty wishes to be with his grandfather. Rick, however, is seen to be over Morty and his separation.

How Do Rick And Morty Unite?

Rick is now seen as a crow-themed wanderer. He is on an infinite journey that never seems to quite reach its finish. However, Rick is the star of his own tale now. Morty, on the other hand, transforms himself into a weak and defeated-looking middle-aged man in an attempt to make his grandfather guilty. He does so in order to make Rick come back home. This does not work, and the plan fails. Rick appears content where he is, for a change.

Rick And Morty Season 6
Rick and “birdperson”

Well, the tables do turn! Rick is unable to get the “Birds” to join him on his crazy rides, so he is seen taking the role of “Bird Person” himself. Rick also learns that his two crow partners are betraying him with their arch-nemesis. This forces Rick to return to Morty.

Is There An Origin Story Of Rick? Where Did It All Start?

Rick is visibly embarrassed by his backstory. We finally find out why in season 5. The reason is very “human”. It all started when he was sad over his dead wife. The beginning of Rick’s multiverse-jumping saga begins thereafter.

Once upon a time, a wicked Rick appeared in Rick C-137’s timeline and invited him to join him on these crazy multiversal adventures. When Rick C-137 declines the offer, Rick’s bad wife Diane and daughter Beth were killed by a bomb planted in his garage!

Rick And Morty
A still from Rick And Morty

By this, Rick C-137 became despondent and built his first portal gun. He used this to travel through every possible timeline and dimension in search of vengeance. During this journey he embarked, Rick slaughtered thousands upon thousands of his fellow “Ricks” but never discovered the Rick he was hunting for.

Rick eventually became tired of the carnage and established the “Citadel,” of Ricks to provide a haven for all Ricks. He decided to travel to another timeline with a new Beth, where he settled in for a lifetime of adventures with his grandson Morty.

Is There An Evil Morty?

Now, Morty is still middle-aged as mentioned earlier. Rick and Morty return to the “Citadel” where a Morty repair shop is constantly open. Viewers have been waiting for the return of Evil Morty since season 1. Well, he is seen to be the president of the Citadel.

Rick and Morty have dinner with Evil Morty, Rick is amusingly aware that a narrative twist is imminent, with a nefarious plan about to be exposed. Evil Morty doesn’t let him down, revealing the true essence of his existence to Morty.

Evil Morty
Evil Morty

The Ricks’ Central Finite Curve is enslaving Evil Morty, and he wants to break free. He no longer wishes to live in a series of well-controlled realities in which Rick is always victorious. Evil Morty has created the Citadel as a massive superweapon, built to burst open the “Central Finite Curve,” anticipating a huge exodus. In the end, he gets what he desires, as the episode ends with him accessing a new set of dimensions or Interstellar.

Rick’s portal might have been finished as a consequence of the Citadel’s destruction. He tosses an empty portal pistol to the ground at the end of the Season 5 finale as Rick and Morty fly away aboard a part of the Citadel. It is very well possible that the Portal technology may no longer work. It’s also possible that the “Central Finite Curve” has been destroyed in its entirety.

What Can We Expect From Season 6 Of Rick And Morty?

Season six plot details have yet to be disclosed, but we can only hope that future episodes will be answering most of the questions the viewers had. The viewers have not witnessed or heard about the “Space Beth” in the last episodes of Rick and Morty Season 5. Therefore the viewers can expect the show to go back to the Season 4 timeline in Season 6.

A still from Rick and Morty

We may learn more about Morty’s connection with his girlfriend, and the narrative of Naruto will likely be continued in the following season. Morty has finished and destroyed his portal as a result of the destruction of Citadel, which was sacrificed by Morty himself. He is now projected someplace in the multiverse. The viewers can expect to see where he is in the upcoming season. Questions like “Is Central Finite Curve destroyed” and “Is the Portal Technology now working” will most likely get answered too!

Spencer Grammar, who is one of the voiceover actresses from Rick and Morty, gave an insight into what season 6 might be dealing with. She said there are some interesting episodes coming where the viewers will get to see more aspects of everyone in Rick and Morty’s family. The last season had a lot of family-focused episodes, which will most likely continue in season 6. It is always fascinating to Spencer to witness Beth, Morty, and Summer have their own lives apart from Rick.

When Is Rick And Morty Season 6 Releasing?

The speed of production has gotten much more efficient since Adult Swim purchased 70 episodes for Rick And Morty. This indicates that the wait for Season 6 won’t be too long. Season 4’s first half aired from November to December 2019. The second half of the show will premiere in May 2020. Season 5 aired for just over a year, from summer 2021 to summer 2022. The show then went on hiatus for a month before returning in September 2021 for the two-part Season 5 finale. That means the Season 4 finale and the Season 5 opener were separated by nearly a year.

Rick and Morty Season 6 is expected to premiere in the fall of 2022, keeping that timeline in mind. If Adult Swim decides to split the season into two parts, it may happen sooner.

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