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What is TikTok Premium & What Benefits it Comes With?


TikTok, we all know what this name means. The famous social networking site for sharing short videos has been among the top-rated applications of all times. The application is available in 40 languages all across the world, providing the users the space of making videos ranging from 15 seconds to one minute. It is a product of China’s multinational company ByteDance. The Chinese version goes by the name Douyin. It was launched in other parts of the world through Android and iOS in 2017. Later, it merged with another short video-making application from China, named, in 2018, making the application a worldwide success.

Despite the controversies over the usage of applications and the allegations that this company is invading our privacy and is a threat to people all over the world, TikTok has still got millions of followers. In October 2020, TikTok surpassed over 2 billion mobile downloads worldwide. The application TikTok was set to get banned by the Trump administration in the United States, but the decision was blocked by a federal judge. Although, the app is banned in India since June 2020, along with 223 other Chinese apps.

owned by a China-based multinational company ByteDance

Just like any other application, TikTok also provides special features to its premium account holders. Like Spotify and other applications, TikTok also has a special pro feature available for everyone through accessing some terms and conditions decided by the company. Here in this article, we will go through what the TikTok premium is? Also, we will see the process of turning one’s account into a TikTok pro account.

What is TikTok Premium?

With the Covid 19 pandemic on our doorsteps, we all were locked up inside our homes and were forced to be full-time users of online services last year. This made the usage of applications like TikTok more prevalent. People spent most of their time making short videos for fun, and some by simply scrolling down the content made for entertainment purposes. Seeing the upsurge of the company, TikTok came out with another feature for its users in summer 2020. This feature was called TikTok Pro. Something like the special benefits, this feature resembles the premium account characters of other applications.

new feature released in Summer 2020, TikTok Pro

TikTok Pro is a feature that provides the users with some additional benefits and features. It allows the users to check up on the analytics for their TikTok accounts and the videos made by them. This includes going through the dates and times in which their short videos are most frequently viewed or engaged with by other TikTok users, along with knowing about how many of them have saved these videos for future usage.

It turns out to be a useful feature for those who want to make their videos popular in front of billions of users and make a following. It offers some of the ways of increasing the quality of content, making an increase in the followers. It is the best way to promote our TikTok accounts. For now, the feature is free for all users.

How to own a TikTok Pro account?

One needs to follow the following steps to own a TikTok Pro account and become famous for its engaging content.

  1. One needs to go to the Profile page and select the Settings and Privacy Tab.
  2. Under the title of ‘Manage my Account’, tap on ‘Switch to Pro’.

an example of switching to a TikTok Pro account

By following these two simple steps, one can easily switch to their Pro account and view the analytics.

Benefits of a TikTok Pro account

There are various benefits of using a Pro account on TikTok. Firstly, it provides the best examples of using hashtags, along with providing information about the trending hashtags. Secondly, TikTok Pro tells us about the number of views we get on our videos and what are the lacking aspects in the videos. TikTokers are widely appreciated for their eye-catching locations. Not every video is filmed in such locations, but when compared to the ones filmed outside, the latter has proved to receive high views and likes.

Analytics- one of the benefits of TikTok Pro

The third benefit of having a Pro account is getting access to some locked features for enhancing the video quality and adding filters for the beautification of these short clips of entertainment.

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