What Is Sableye Weak Against In Pokemon GO?

Sableye Weak Against

Pokémon is Game Freak and Nintendo’s most successful game franchise. The game also got anime adaptations because of its popularity among fans. The eighth-generation games Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are the latest additions to the franchise, remakes of the third-generation games. Further, new games like Pokémon Legend Arceus and the remake of Pokémon. Besides the console games, the franchise also has two popular mobile games: Pokémon GO and Pokémon Unite. Additionally, the series features unique creatures called Pocket Monsters or Pokémon for short. The Pokemon games usually revolve around a young trainer who sets out on a journey to become the most incredible Pokémon trainer or better known as a Pokémon Master.

In this journey, the players stumble across various Pokémon, which can be captured, trained, and evolved. This dream came to reality when Niantic released the android game Pokemon GO. This mobile game uses AR technology, and players can find Pokemons in real-world surroundings with this app. The latest integration of the game adds newer Pokémon to the ever-growing Pokémon family, which now features about 898 Pokémon. But Pokemon GO only got over 600 Pokemons, and all the 18Pokemon types are available. But the Dark-types are one of the most underrated. Also, Sableye is one of the most underrated Dark-types, but recently many trainers have been using this Pokemon in the game. Let’s see what is Sableye weak against. So that players can defeat this Dark-type Pokemon.

What Is Sableye?

Sableye is a Dark/Ghost-type Pokemon that was unavailable before the third generation of Pokemon games. This Pokemon dwells in the darkness of caves. Further, it uses its sharp claws to dig up gems to nourish itself. However, Pokemon GO players, you wouldn’t need to go and poke their noses in the dark caves to find this little Pokémon. They would be able to encounter this Dark-type near them or even in raids or Team Rocket battles.

Sableye is a bipedal Pokémon. This pocket monster got a dark purple body, armed with sharp teeth and claws, to dig through soil and caves. Further, it has pale blue, gemstone-like eyes, which allow it to see in low light and sparkle in the dark. Sableye also has a red gemstone on its chest, and its back has a blue and green gem and another red one. Sableye’s special diet consisting of rocks and raw gemstones causes its gem-like eyes and adornments on its body. Many people fear this tiny Pokemon because there are speculations that this bipedal Pokemon stalls the soul when someone looks into its crystal eyes. Sableye is a nocturnal pokemon, and thus, it’s rare to encounter one during daylight in the classic games. Also, this Pokemon is available in both sexes.

  • HP: 50
  • Attack: 75
  • Defense: 75
  • Sp. Atk: 65
  • Sp. Def: 65
  • Speed: 50

What Is Sableye Weak Against?

Sableye is a Dark-type; thus, it should be more potent against Ghost and Psychic-type Pokemon while Sableye should be weak against Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-types. However, Sableye is not just a Dark-type, and it also got a secondary Ghost-type, making it a Dark/Ghost-type Pokemon. Because of its unique typing, Sableye is strong and immune against Normal, Psychic, and Fighting-types and resistant to Poison-type. However, Sableye is weak against Fairy-type. Thus, trainers with Fairy-type Pokemons like Clefable, Sylveon, and Zacian in their party can easily take down Sableye.

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Does This Dark/Ghost-type Pokemon Evolve?

Evolution has been one of the significant parts of the Pokemon franchise. And most of the Pokemon’s are part of an Evolution line. However, Sableye is one of those rare ones that don’t evolve. However, it received a unique ‘Mega Evolution’ in the sixth generation. This Dark-type Pokemon is among the 46 species of Pokemon that are capable of Mega Evolving. It mega evolves into a Mega Sableye using the Sablenite.

While mega evolving, all the energy from this transformation gets concentrated on the gem, resulting in the chest’s gem increasing in size. It also forces the gem to rip out of its chest and form small captivity in its chest. Further, Sableye’s white teeth turn yellow while the pale blue eyes turn crimson red, with diagonal slits at their inner edges. Its back gains a second green gem, a second red one, and two tiny yellow jewels. It also receives elongated ears along with a spike overhead.

Mega Sableye
Mega Sableye
  • HP: 50
  • Attack: 85
  • Defense: 125
  • Sp. Atk: 85
  • Sp. Def: 115
  • Speed: 20

But, Pokemon fans playing Pokemon GO might not yet enjoy Mega Sableye because Niantic hasn’t released it yet on the mobile game. However, the developers have already introduced ‘Mega Evolution’ into the mobile game. Some of the Pokemon are capable of this unique transformation in Pokemon GO. Thus, it is very likely that Niantic will release Mega Sableye soon.

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