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What Is Park Min Hyuk’s Net Worth In 2022? How Rich Is ASTRO’s Rocky?

Park Min Hyuk Net Worth

Last Updated on March 28, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

What is Park Min Hyuk’s net worth in 2022? The ASTRO’s member must be earning millions of dollars considering his successful career as a kpop artist. However, his journey from being a trainee to a kpop idol was not an easy ride. Nevertheless, he has earned his position as the main dancer and lead rapper of ASTRO. After all, his dream was to be a part of kpop music. Furthermore, fans have wholeheartedly supported ASTRO’s sub-unit, Jinjin & Rocky. Hopefully, even in the future, we also will get to listen to more music from this subunit!

As we mentioned, the rapper’s journey from Park Min Hyuk to Rocky was not all flowery. In his fifth grade of elementary school, Park Mi Hyuk gave an audition for the musical Billy Elliot. Around the same time, he also became a trainee under Fantagio Music. He was a participant in 2011 Korea’s Got Talent and was introduced into Lotte World Rising Start Concert. While working on music, Park Min Hyuk also began his acting career. It proves he has become an all-rounder who can do every from lyrics writing, rapping to modeling, and even acting. Thus, it tells that Park Min Hyuk’s net worth is the fruit of his hard work!

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Journey Of Becoming ASTRO’s Rocky

Park Min Hyuk was born on 25 February 1999 in Jinju, South Korea. Since his younger days, he was interested in music and thus attended and even graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School. Before he debuted with ASTRO, Park Min Hyuk had participated in various shows and dramas. Finally, his five years of being a trainee ended, and in 2016 he was debited with ASTRO as a dancer and rapper of the group under Fantagio Label. Thus, from then his journey as ASTRO’s Rocky began!

ASTRO Rocky's Net Worth

Slowly, Park Min Hyuk started working on lyrics-writing and composing. Furthermore, ASTRO’s success took him to a new level of triumph. Therefore, Rocky began turning fans’ love into beautiful music and composed various songs for fans, such as Don’t Worry, Just Breath, Complete Me, CPR, Our Spring, and many more. However, his charm didn’t end here! Park Min Hyuk even showed off his MC skills by hosting Idol Coming to Work. He even starred in various web series. It seems there is nothing he can’t do. From songwriting, composing, rapping, dancing to acting, hosting, modeling, Park Min Hyuk is truly an all-rounder kpop idol.

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What Is Park Min Hyuk’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, ASTRO’s Park Min Hyuk’s net worth is estimated at approximately $1-$5 million. No wonder he earned millions considering his recent sub-unit, Jinjin and Rocky, comeback and his successful career as a member of ASTRO. Therefore, his income mainly comes from his music work. After all, Park Min Hyuk is not only a rapper but also a dancer, choreographer, songwriter, composer. Most of the time, kpop idols’ earnings are not disclosed, especially during their early career. However, it has been more than five years since ASTRO was debuted. It is expected that Rocky earns at least a million dollars yearly.

ASTRO Park Min Hyuk's Net Worth

Besides his music career, Park Min Hyuk is also a model and actor. He has modeled and even made cameo appearances in numerous web series such as Soul Plate, Find Me If You Can, To Be Continued, Preserve, Goo Hae-Ra (cameo), etc. He had also participated in Korean variety shows such as Hit the Stage, Dance War, King of Mask Singer. Therefore, acting and endorsement pay around $800-$1 million for idols.

As we mentioned, the majority of Park Min Hyuk’s net worth comes from his music career. Besides rapping, Rocky has also participated in songwriting, composing, and arranging. Although album selling may not pay well since more profit goes to the company, composing brings back more for any artist. Furthermore, Park Min Hyuk has composed Have a Good Day, When The Wind Blows, One & Only, No, I Don’t, and many more. Finally, it seems Rocky is walking down his success path. Furthermore, he is getting ready to make a comeback as an actor with his upcoming web series Salty Idol! Therefore, fans should look forward to Park Mi Hyuk’s new shade!

Here, check out ASTRO Jinjin and Rocky’s Just Breath MV-

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