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What is Geno Hayes Net Worth? A Look At The Legend’s Life

What is Geno Haye's net worth?
What is Geno Haye's net worth?

Eugene Antonio Geno Hayes, who died at the age of 33 on 26 April 2021, was a very famous footballer. The amount of respect and position he earned in his professional career is legit. Geno was an American footballer who was the epitome of the National Football League. He started playing football in his college and choose it as his career. He was finally selected by Tampa Bay Buccaneers in six rounds of the 2008 NFL draft. Geno also has part of the Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars. Born in Greenville, Geno’s highest auction of the career was All-ACC first team (2007) and HS All-American Second team (2004). 

His NFL statistics are as amazing as him. He has a total of 401 tackles with 10.0 sacks. Geno’s interceptions are 6, whereas his touchdowns are 2. 

Geno’s career is defined by three groups: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, and Jacksonville Jaguars. In his rough years, Geno appeared in nine games via Tampa. In 2009, he replaced Derrick Brooks and gained the position of weakside linebacker. Geno then signed the deal with Chicago Bears for a year on 19th April 2012. Later on, he signed a deal for two years with Jacksonville worth $2 million on 13th March 2013. He was mostly described as a smallish athletic linebacker. 

Geno’s sudden demise has shocked everyone. He has for sure lived a life of a legend. Geno was suffering from liver disease for 2 years. His problem increased on 22nd April 2021, and he came to his parent’s house. He took his last breath on April 26, 2021, at the age of 33. 

Here is a brief knowledge about the net worth he earned with his hard work. 

What his Geno Hayes net worth?

Geno Hayes’ net worth, according to 2021, is between $1.3 million to $1.7 million. He earned a salary of $975,00 during his playtime from Jacksonville Jaguars. His total guarantees increased to $125,000 $. Moreover, his largest payment was $1,000,000 in 2013. In 2014, he earned the largest cap number of worth $1,712,500. In his freshman season, Hayes played 13 games. He was earned 17 tackles that time and broke up one pass. His best year was 2005, when he recorded a season-high tackle that was 3 in number. Geno was very active during 2006 and had played 13 games. However, Geno missed 3 games at that time due to a knee injury. Even after missing three games, he ranked 5th in the tally. After signing a deal of $2 million with Jacksonville Jaguars om March 2013, he became a free agent in 2014. 

What is Geno Haye's net worth?

Meanwhile, Geno performed well enough in his supreme career; he earned more respect in his High School Career. Even when he was a junior category, he earned 130 tackles after losing 20 tackles. He earned first-team honor from Parade magazine. 

Real Estate investment

Geno’s other investments’ details are secret. Nobody knows about his income other than football. There are no such details out about his other income sources. 

There is not much information available about Geno’s wife also. Shevelle, who is Geno’s wife, is always tired of keeping her family’s life private. The couple share two small kids. Geno’s high-profile NFL career has always troubled the duo. She was even afraid that somebody would violate their privacy through the internet or GPS. In previous interviews, she once said that it is .kind of difficult to manage the private and public lifestyle. They were together for more than a decade. It is very sad that after the sudden demise of Geno, Chevelle is left with two children. 

What took away Geno Haye’s life?

Geno was a warrior. He made at least 20 hospital visits and took treatment of 70 pounds in total. Still, he succumbed to his liver disease. Geno knew that he would one day lose this battle. He previously said that he wants to give his kids and family as much time he can. Geno’s lung disease even deteriorated his mental and nudged him to depression. His lung disease was a family disease. 

Since the day he lost the battle to his liver disease, the prayers are pouring continuously. Geno’s high school coach said that it is very important to make sure to tell the people that you love them. Geno was diagnosed with the diseases back in 2019. Gino even planned for a liver transplant, but at last, he could not make it.  

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