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What does Ratio mean on TikTok? A Complete Guide to The TikTok Slang

What does ratio mean on TikTok?
Ratio on TikTok

TikTok, a variation of the Chinese application, Douyin was introduced in September 2016 by China. It’s been approximately 5 years of the release of this social networking platform. TikTok lets you create short videos based on different genres. In 2017, China expanded its market in other countries and today it is the third fastest-growing brand in the International market. All of its unique features have made TikTok one of the Viral trends. It is a great platform to showcase your skills and talent. Earlier TikTok was known by its counter name

If you are a social media fanatic then TikTok is the Perfect place to invest your time in. But for you to operate TikTok, some basic slangs have to be understood. One of the most confusing yet prevalent terms is ‘Ratio’. It must be not misinterpreted with the ratio used in Twitter. So, If you want to know what ratio means in TikTok, we are here to help you out. At the end of the article, we assure you that all of your doubts will be cleared. New on TikTok? No worries, let us start with some basics.

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TikTok Basics

TikTok is most rampant among the young generation. It has over 2.6 billion downloads worldwide. Like any other app, you have to first set up your account on TikTok which is quite self-explanatory. After that, you have to look for the trends on the app to keep you updated. You can share or navigate the content that is available on TikTok through the icons displayed on the main page. Recording a video is quite easy on the app but you have to look out for effects, challenges, and duets that make your content more engaging. The use of hashtags also gets you more followers and more engagement on your post. Make sure the hashtags you use are the trending ones otherwise all of your content just goes in Trash.

As you get more familiar to TikTok, you will come across many such slangs that are used by the creators to communicate with the audience so it becomes important to understand some of them.Some of the mostly used slangs are ‘TikToksphere’,’The Zone’,’The Cheer’,’The Stan’,’The Mob’,’The Hype’,and ‘The Ratio’.All of the other slangs comes up with the subtitle but the slang ‘Ratio’ needs a better interpretation.Here, we will explain everything about the slang ‘Ratio’ on TikTok.Have a look!

What does ratio mean on TikTok?

TikTok Screen Interface(Source: techadvisor)

Ratio on TikTok

The ratio on TikTok is the alternate term used for the video interaction to the like ratio.’Being ratioed’ or ‘ratio’ on TikTok is the most used online lingo and also the most confusing one. Let us break out this for you. We can find the comment section loaded with the word Ratio’ So, what is the relevance of this word? It can have two explanations; one is the technical one and the other factual.

Technically the word ‘Ratio’ on TikTok describes the Interaction to the like ratio. You can reach more audience on TikTok if your Ratio is less or you are not ‘Being ratioed’ Still, confused? Let me simplify this. If the interaction or say views on your video is more than the likes on the video, it means your content is not having that much reach to a greater audience. So, to make your content more engaging you must aim to have equal views to like ratio.

On a factual basis, the ratio term is used by the video creator in the comments section to get equal likes on the video as well as on the comment. Okay, I know this is more confusing than the earlier one. So, I will explain this with an example. Suppose you see ‘Ratio 1:1’ in the comments, then it just means that the creator wants equal likes on his comment as that of in the video. The other one is ‘Ratio 1:1:1:1’, which means the creator wants three replies to his comment and equal likes on every comment as that of the video. I hope the concept of Ratio on TikTok is quite clear to you.

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