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What Exactly Happened to White Vision in Wandavision?

Wanda has strived to pull everyone down and been successful in the course to drench down Hex which means Hex is no more in the next season as well. People of Westview are now free from the glitches and now the situation, when turned over from Vision, is from where the series will continue in the coming following season of the show. Also, Vision gets the news that Pink Vision is too now gone that had made White Vision more worried about his own existence now because everyone now is being gone away and things are not going in his favor.

But, that doesn’t mean everything is fine because White vision is still not over and he will be returning in the next season of the Wandavision. We actually come to know that White vision is no other than a villain in this series and he too is there to attack Wanda and he does this and later a line that he recites that he says my programming directive has instructions to destroy the Vision and that what he does in that direction by attacking Wanda in the Westview.

What Did Exactly Happened to White Vision in Wandavision

What Did Exactly Happened to White Vision in Wandavision

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Where Happened to White Vision?

Things go confusing for the viewers when he says that he wanted to destroy Vision which basically means that he wanted to destroy himself. That means his Westview thoughts weren’t real and he has been programmed to do so. At some point in the episode White Vision flees off and thereafter he is not shown in the episode and everything is unclear about him because nor he is dead then plot explains that his programming is weird and suddenly he disappears and not shown further in the series objectify several questions to the audience.

Maybe the makers have kept this part for the future episodes in the upcoming season or maybe the writers of the show are busy with more buildup for this character rather than rushing through it. But, in the finale episode of Wandavision when Wanda asks what he actually he to which she replies in he is actually a mind stone that actually lives within herself and that is the last information that we are told of before the series end for this season about White Vision.

Mind stone Is No More

But If you could recall the Avengers: Endgame then you would certainly question the existence of Mind Stone because he would not be existing now because he had been killed off by the Thanos in the Endgame. So, what exactly did she meant by the pieces of manifestation of Mind Stone, the next season will defiantly go to answer these questions but the excitement about knowing these things among the viewers isn’t fading that soon.

What Did Exactly Happened to White Vision in Wandavision

What Did Exactly Happened to White Vision in Wandavision

Another thing was that Vision came into existence from Iron Man’s AI Jarvis and the Mind Stone. But, in Avengers: Infinity War in which we were shown that Shuri wanted to carefully detach the stone from the forehead of the Vision by taking care that it doesn’t get destroyed by Thanos killed Vision with all his strength that broked his forehead then leave alone the mind stone, that would certainly not be a matter of talk. Also, we should remember that Vision is very different from White Vision without the stone, maybe the sole reason that is resulting difference in the characters of the two.

Fans are waiting for how will White Vision fits in the domain of MCU because Paul Bettany hasn’t given his nod for being a part of the future projects of Marvels.  Maybe he still is that wild card guy who had been giving his special appearance in Wandavision, Captain America: Civil War, and the Avengers movies and that makes sense that he still be giving the special appearance in future films as well. For people who are thinking what is the destiny of White Vision in the Marvel comic then you should know that vision of the story in the Marvel films is certainly different from what has been mentioned in the comics.

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