What Are The Powers and Abilities of Upper Moon 3 Akaza?

Akaza powers and abilities
Upper Moon 3 Akaza powers and abilities

Akaza is the demon whom we hated from the core of our hearts, especially after Kyojiro Rengoku’s tragic demise in the Mugen train arc. Little did we know that we would mourn for the same demon later on in the series. His failure to protect everyone he cared for gave rise to his deep-rooted psychological urge to grow stronger. However, he was a demon with principles. In his centuries-long lifespan, never did he kill or devour any woman, thereby falling behind Doma in terms of strength. Here, we have brought together all the powers and abilities of Upper Moon 3 Akaza.

As a display of his strength, he was called a demon ever before he met Muzan. The way he massacred the nearby dojos with his bare hands convinced everyone that his fighting skills were beyond the capabilities of a human. Just what you expect from someone who took down the Flame Hashira.

Akaza’s Past Life

Over a century ago, Akaza was a boy named Hakuji. He was a small-fry criminal right from his childhood days and used to steal money to treat his ill father. He showed no regret for his crimes till his father couldn’t bear the guilt of thriving at stolen money, and he committed suicide. Just when he thought that he had lost everything, he came across Keizou, a Dojo master who took him in. Koizou made Hakuji his first student and asked him to take care of his ill daughter, Koyuki.

Akaza powers and abilities
Akaza’s tragic past

Hakuji had this unique quality of going the extra mile for the needy. He devoted his heart and soul to nursing Koyuki just like he did for his father, hoping things to turn out differently this time. Gradually, the two teenagers grew feelings for each other over the years, and Koizou agreed to their marriage. Life felt like a daydream for the first time, and Hakuji promised Koyuki to see fireworks together next year. However, the happiness was short-lived.

One fateful day, he returned home to find his master and his daughter dead. Someone from the nearby Kenjutsu Dojo had poisoned the well since no one could beat Koizou in direct combat. With that, Hakuji realized that his life was nothing but empty promises and lost every shred of humanity that was left in him. He had killed scores of martial artists with his bare fists when Muzan found him.

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Powers and Abilities of Akaza

Akaza’s martial arts skills grew exponentially ever since he transformed into a demon. His fists were so tough that they went past Rengoku’s body like a sharpened knife. Even without devouring any woman, he rose up to the highest ranks of demons and was confident enough to talk about surpassing Kokushibo someday. He may have forgotten about his human life, but his desire to grow stronger lived on till his final moments.

Akaza powers and abilities
Akaza vs Rengoku

His regenerative abilities and endurance are insanely more than any other demon we have seen. In his fight with Tanjiro and Tomioka, he held his ground even after losing his head. If only he hadn’t volunteered his death, there was no way of beating the monster in a fair fight. The secret behind his precise reflexes is his ability to sense anyone’s battle spirit from a distance. He knew about every attack he blocked even before his opponent thought about it. Coming to Akaza’s Blood Demon art, it blends perfectly with his Soryu Style fighting, thereby giving rise to highly penetrating shock waves. He can manipulate the shock waves in any form, thereby amplifying his blows to a huge extent. These shockwaves are faint blue in color and are way more effective in short-range fights.

Who killed Akaza?

Tanjiro Kamado and Giyu Tomioka jointly killed Akaza in the Infinity Castle arc. However, I must mention that Azaka volunteered his death to some extent. After a long fight, Tanjiro understood Akaza’s ability to sense battle spirit, so he recalled his father’s Sun breathing technique that almost makes his body as invisible as a plat. He approached Akaza without getting detected and beheaded him in a swing. He tried putting his head back to position, but Tomioka stabbed through it, making it crumble into pieces.

Akaza powers and abilities
Giyu Tomioka

Surprisingly, Akaza held his ground even after losing his head. His memories of human life flashed before his eyes, reminding him of all his failures. He realized how he had let his master, father, and fiance down by drowning deep into the darkness. He managed to grow his head back, only to destroy his body from inside with his own attacks.

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