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What Are The Creatures in Hellbound & Their Significance?


The cherry on the top is the perfect synonym for Korean television and Netflix. There has been an abrupt increase in Korean fan jams since the release of Netflix Korea’s survival drama Squid Game. The thriller chaos proved out to be Netflix’s biggest blockbuster and reached millions of viewers in just a week. Meanwhile, Netflix is here with yet another thriller drama, “Hellbound,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Imagine destined to be bound to hell and waiting for the time to depart for it is a true mess, and this series takes you through every glimpse of it. There are several creatures within the show Hellbound, so let’s see what they are.

“They say something strange appears and prophesizes your death. Then it takes you to hell on the prophesized date,” is the voiceover of your life if you’re hellbound. While Train to Busan remains the top on the list of Korean thriller movies, the director of Train to Busan and Peninsula is here with a new horror drama. Yeon Sang-ho is the director of Hellbound and directed all six episodes. Most of you must be aware of the story plot as the teaser was out on November 8. So the biggest question is, who are these creatures, and where do they come from? Well, while you find out the truth behind these strange creatures, I suggest you watch out for your walls and windows. You don’t want something like that around you too!


Still from Hellbound

Every single person relishing today will have to die eventually, but we never know when. Maybe that’s the reality portrayed by the metro life we hail from. Hellbound, the six-piece Netflix series, forces people to face the reality of their life. This series brings you to a situation when you are being dragged, beaten, and burnt to your own death and on the exact date you were told.

Here Befalls What Was Never Foreseen

The first few minutes of the series started with massive monsters appearing out of nowhere. They were chasing a man from a downtown street of Seoul and burning him alive just to disappear into nowhere. Even with a very number of bystanders, the demonic scene was shot and went viral on the internet. Punishing the sinners is what we all call justice but to be burnt with unearthly powers is the catch in the series. Hellbound created a moral boundary between sin and virtue. As we move forward, there is a drastic shift in the plot from demons to the demonic act of humans. Not all the deaths of the series are a contribution of these horrifying demons but gangs of humans.

If you are a sinner, you will have to die. A gigantic face appears in the sky just to acquaint the sinners in their time of death. And at the same time, the same gigantic thing will appear to roast you because of what you’ve done.

What Are The Creatures in Hellbound, From Where Are They Coming From?

The broad raging concept of the demonic angels is pretty clear. You are hellbound, and this is your end. Your guardian angel is the one who lets you know the time you have left to live. And the only thing you can do for the rest of your life is being terrorized by the truth of being killed someday. Meanwhile, the rest of life could be a few seconds or can drag up to several years based on the range of sin you’ve done. And when the time arrives, the executioner will come to kill you in the most blatant way and bind you to the place where you deserve to be Hell.


Still from Hellbound

There is a lot of discussion as to what is the reason behind the instances, being the sole motive of this series. Finding out the diversity of thoughts and beliefs that people keep in their minds and the way they take things. But no one is concerned about the origin of these creatures. What are they exactly and who is sending them.

Here Comes The Strangler!

Cults in the series believe that the angels and executes are gods exact will and will do their work and deliver justice. But there is not a single hint about the true origin of these demonic figures. Some believe that these are the exact agents of satan and are sent by him to pursue the sole motive of his lineage. There is a sheer possibility of them being man-made and being sent for revenge. But all the odds are in the supernatural pocket. We never know this could be some grim choice of the New truth worshipping satan and asking the evil relinquish.

The next season is the most waited thing, and we hope the show puts some light on the truth behind the origin of these demons!

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