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Welcome To Flatch Filming Locations: What Happened In the Series Premiere?

welcome to Flatch Filmed
Welcome to Flatch Poster

Who doesn’t love a good Laugh? Especially when all you have to do is sit in front of the TV. So, if you are a fan of comedy sitcoms, this show is definitely for you! Welcome to Flatch is a documentary Sitcom that got released a few days ago! The latest and fresh show adapted to the current taste. Sounds like the start of a new era, right? However, viewers of the show are intrigued about the filming locations of Welcome To Flatch.

Most of you have already seen the First Episode, and all you want is to watch the Second One, Live? Those who want to know the Welcome to Flatch filming locations, you are at the right place.

Welcome to Flatch is an American Documentary comedy show which focuses on the lives of a Chaotic Duo, i.e., Kelly and Shrub Mallet. It sounds basic at first, but after seeing the messy lives of these siblings, it’ll surely change your mood. The show is an adaptation of ‘The Country,’ a British Sitcom starring Daisy and Charlie Cooper. Welcome to Flatch’s first Episode released on March 17, 2022. And now, fans are desperately waiting for the second Episode.

welcome to flatch

Cast of Welcome to Flatch

Welcome to Flatch main cast consists of Seann William Scot as Father Joe, Chelsea Holmes as Kelly Mallet, Sam Straley as Shrub Mallet, Taylor Ortega as Nadine Garcia-Parney, Aya Cash as Cheryl Peterson, and more. Apart from these are some recurring cast are William Tokarsky as Len and Desmin Borges as Jimmy Jame-son.

Welcome to Flatch Episode 1 Recap

The show embraced from the award-winning British sitcom¬†‘The Country’ Welcome to Flatch has also adopted one or two things from the other top shows. They have embraced small-town comedy themes like Gossip girls, Sitcom idea from The Office, Sibling’s love-hate relationship from The Friends, and Friendship like HIMYM. When legendary shows like these get mixed up for one show, there are chances either of great success or great risk. However, The Developer Jenny Bicks already thought this through.

Welcome to Flatch filmed

Annual Scarecrow Festival celebration

In Episode one, we get introduced to a fictional small town of Ohio, where the famous siblings live. The town is where the pair, Kelly and Shrub, live with their family and friends. We have all scenes of how a small town gets portrayed in the shows/movies. This town Flatch is no different from those. However, for the main stars for the show, their lives are pretty twisted.

We saw Town’s Sign gets stolen by the other town Plockton. However, the Local newswoman Cheryl tracks down the sign back and alerts others. Meanwhile, the town is seen celebrating the Annual Scarecrow Festival. Well, that was fun to watch. Apart from this, the town gets suggested to be ‘not a bad place to live by the chaotic duo. However, this is what you’ll decide after watching the show, right?

Welcome to Flatch filmed

Scene from Annual Scarecrow celebration

In Episode Two, we can expect to see Shrub’s efforts to bring back the Town Sign with Cheryl and Beth’s help. Meanwhile, Kelly is occupied with her new idea to open a ride-sharing business. She names the business “Kuber” after her and Shrub. However, Episode two will release on March 24. Until that, you can watch Episode one on Hulu, where Episode two will be released soon.

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Welcome To Flatch Filming Locations

After watching the Anual Scarecrow festival celebration in the show, every fan wants to see the competition between the two cousins. Unfortunately, you can’t visit the town because it’s fictional. But you can visit the filming location of the show. So, the filming locations of Welcome To Flatch are set in Northern California, USA. Several scenes were shot at several locations across Northern California like Wilmington, Burgaw, Pender County, and others.

welcome to flatch

Pender County


Northern California, as clear from its name Northern California is the Northern part of the U.S State of California. Northern California’s largest populace cities are San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland. Apart from these, Northern California is a popular location for many movies and shows. Some of the famous movies are After Earth (2013), Smoking Aces (2006), XXX (2002), Lady Bird (2017), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), etc.

Northern California is famous partially because of these blockbusters and partially for its tourist spots. It also contains redwood forests, Yosemite Valley and Mount Shasta. Welcome to Flatch has filmed many scenes here and will continue shooting. If you want to watch the live filming, here is your chance! Northern California is a crowded place but an adventurous one too.

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