Sommer Ray is a social media and an American model.  She is famous for her fitness and exercise videos on Instagram.

Sommer Ray is a youtuber  with more than 1.5 million subscribers. She also has more than 18 million followers on Instagram.

Sommer’s first official relationship was with a fellow YouTuber in 2017 named RiceGum.

RiceGum or Rice, is an American YouTuber of Chinese and Vietnamese descent born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple met each other through the platform they shared Youtube.

They seemed very fun together. However, unfortunately, the pair parted their ways in 2017; After Sommer declared her sexuality.

Rap star MGK decided to make it official on social media. He confirmed he is, admittedly, in a relationship with Instagram model and influencer Sommer Ray.

The news arrives after MGK was found kissing Ray at a mall in Los Angeles.

Rumors have romantically assigned MGK to Noah Cyrus, Miley, and Demi Lovato’s younger sister in current months.

However, it appears he is officially struck with Ray. Fans are distraught as they expected to see Noah and MGK together. On the other hand, MGK and Sommer make an amazing couple.