BY sanyam jain

John Wick Director Reveals Plot For New Movie With Ryan Gosling

David Leitch has been hitting the headlines with all of his amazing films lately.

David Leitch /Google

He is currently promoting his upcoming action thriller, Bullet Train.

During an interview, he was asked to shed some light on his upcoming movie...

The Fall Guy

It was first revealed that Ryan Gosling will be starring in the film as he...

Stans in The Gray Man

David was more than happy to talk about the movie saying...

- David Leitch


It's a reimagining of the show from the '80s, the late '70s, early '80s, starring Lee Majors. It's about a stuntman who gets embroiled in some crazy drama outside of the movie business, and mayhem ensues.

He claims that it will relate to the real life scenario of a stuntman.