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Preview: We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd Episode 6

We Brst Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd
We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd: We Tv

The world is currently into the k wave. It might be Kdrama, Kpop, or it can be k drama. And also LGBTQ genre is being made popular slowly. Especially, People are going gaga over BL dramas. BL drama means Boy Love drama, and both the leaders are male, and sometimes there won’t be any female lead in it and the girl viewers fangirling over them a lot. Thai BL and Taiwanese BL are so popular as we know the drama 2gether: the series(Thai) and its sequel Still 2gether. And TharType needs no introduction. Coming to Taiwanese BL We Best Love is currently the talk of the town, and it had 2 seasons. Currently, We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd season is airing.

The series is straightforward, and usually, all the BL drama stories are basic and bland when we hear about them. But the Spice to the drama is it being BL with both Male leads. If we apply the same story for Routine Drama, no one will watch it. The story is fascinating, and the lead characters did an amazing job. Their acting is the chief essence of the drama. Also, the leads are charming and handsome.

A Quick Recap to We Best Love Season 1

The first season is called ‘We Best Love No. 1’. It aired from Jan 8 – Feb 5, 2021. The Season had about 6 episodes and a Special Episode. The Running Time of an Episode was 30 -34 min.


The first season starts with the introduction of Zhao Shu Yi and Gao Shi de. Go Shu Yi wants to win over Gao shi de because he had always been placed second in every activity, even in studies, while Gao Shi De is placed First. This had been happening since grade 5 when Gao Shi De transferred to School where Shu Yi was studying. And now he is in the same University as him. Shu Yi wants to teach him a lesson and plays a different kind of pranks on him. 

Coming to Zhao Shu Yi Life, He is friends with Jiang Yu Xin and Fang Zheng Wen. Shu Yi has A crush on Jiang Yu Xin, but she is in love with Fang Zheng Wen. When Shu Yi finds out his 2 best friends since Childhood now like each other, and he blessed them. But he is sad inside. 

Now, Shide knows about this, and he makes Shu Yi his Page Boy to distract him from his sadness. As a result, They become close, and one day he finds that Shi De Likes Him. Shu Yi goes on a date with girls, but he sees them as Shi De and finally realizes his feeling for him. Then They Confess Each other’s feelings on the bridge, and now they are an official couple. But Life is not always the same as we wish. Shi De had to Move to the USA for his studies. He will find ways for a year, and they had to be in a long-distance relationship.

We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd Details

We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd

The New Season of We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd is about Shu Yi and Shi de’s relationships. After 5 yrs since Shi De left for the USA. It shows what kind of turns did happen in their relationship and did their long Distance Relationship Workout?

Director: Ray Jiang

Producer: Pan Xin Hui

Aired On: March 5, 2021

Ending On: April 9, 2021

No.of Episodes: 6

Network: We TV

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Cast Of We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd

Yu as (Zhau Shu Yi), Sam Lin as( Gao Shi De), Ray Chang as( Pei Shou Yi), Chih Tiah Shin as (Yu Zhen Xuan), Richard Lee as(Shi Zhi Yu), Evan Luo as (Liu Bing Wei and Yoza Eriku as(Shu Yi’s father).

We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd Episode 1

Title of Episode: I Am Fine Without You.

It’s been almost a year since Shi De left for the USA. Shu Yi is seen waiting for Shi De’s Message but to his dismay. Another six months pass, and it is seen that Shu Yi decides not to meet or contact Shi De as he is DOne waiting for him and takes his Dad’s Business. Shu Yi Feels out of love and decides to treat him as a stranger. Each Episode Has a Saying Displayed as Title

In the First Episode, there is a Saying–

“When We Were Young,

We were emulous and had

high self-esteem.

We were not Mature Enough,

Even a Temporary Parting

Would Lead to a Misunderstanding.

It can make us feel Uneasy”.

Mean While Shi De becomes the CEO of Hua Cing Technologies and makes a deal with Cheng Yi Groups, he sees Shu Yi working on behalf of Cheng Yi Group. And their relationship no longer matters to Shu Yi, and he only talks about Bussiness.

We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd Episode 2

Title of the Episode: Pain Of Being Betrayed by the Trusted One

It has Been 5 years Since Shi De abandoned Shu Yi. Suddenly, Shi De starts being over-concerned about Yu shi and Starts taking care of him, but it angers Shu Yi. The next day when his colleague Asks Shu Yi, what he plans to do with Shi De. He says he is going to dump Shi de after making him fall in love. And make him feel the pain that Shu Yi Felt. For Shu Yi, the only one he trusted since Childhood was Shi De. Shi De overhears this plan. 

Shi De goes to his place to cook food for Shu Yi. But Shu Yi arrogantly replies that he doesn’t need to do things his girlfriend does, and he says he a girlfriend with some name. Shi De doesn’t Believe his words. Shu Yi says that he does not have the feeling of love for him anymore. He only had hatred left.

Then Shi De has Drinks with Pei Shou Yi and talks about a promise that kept Shi De and Shu Yi apart. Then he goes to Shu Yi’s house and cries all over his place and asks if they can still be together and they make out.

And it Seems the next day that Shi De made a promise to Shu Yi’s dad.

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We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd Episode 3

Title of the Episode: Self-righteous Efforts can go to waste

Back to the past, when Shi De returns to Taiwan and meets Shu Yi’s father. Shuyi’s father asks Shi de to leave his son as he will be looked down upon by his relatives, and he doesn’t want his son to lose. he makes a deal with Shi De to leave his son for 5 years, and after that, he would not interfere in their relationship. If his son makes a Girlfriend, he had to leave him. And he takes the deal. When Shu Yi comes to know about this, he is upset over his dad and Shi de.

We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd Episode 4

Title of the Episode: Who will be Lucky One in the End?

It’s time to make up for their relationship, and their ship is sailing. And he explains the reason for taking Shu Yi’s Dad’s offer as he had low self-esteem in confronting his love for Shu Yi, and he always believes in Shu Yi’s Forever. 

Shu Yi gives him a chance and asks if he is his lucky one. And Shi De confesses. Moreover, they go to the bridge they first confessed to each other and remembered their memories.

We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd Episode 5

The 5th Episode starts with Pei Shou Yi’s flashback with Zhen Xuan. Everyone at the company thinks that Zhen Xuan stole the data in the company computer. Shi De and Shu Yi set out to find who stole Alpha. Shu Yi feels something inside when Gao Shi De talks to his female employee in a meeting.

Then, Shu Yi takes a decision saying that he has to become the Chairman of Cheng Yi. Shu Yi’s father says that there is no way that He is letting Shi De into his family, but Shi De replies that he can let Shu Yi into his family. And his father has a hard time accepting Shi De. Later, they find out who the hacker is, and it is one of the employers in Hua Cing.

We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd Episode 6 Release Date

We Best Love: Fighting Mr.2nd Episode 6 is released on 9 April 2021 on the We Tv app. Fans are really anticipating that there might be a lot of Chemistry going and are even anticipating that they might end up living together. Currently, any other content is not accessible in India on We TV.

Episode Schedule:

  • We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Episode 1: 5th March 2021
  • We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2ndEpisode 2: 12th March 2021
  • We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Episode 3: 19th March 2021
  • We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Episode 4: 26th March 2021
  • We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Episode 5: 2nd April 2021
  • We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Episode 6: 9th April 2021