Castle Rock Season 1 Episode 9: Henry Deaver

Castle Rock Season 1 Episode 9

In this post, we are going to talk about American psychological horror anthology web television series Castle Rock season 1 episode 9 release date, stream, and spoilers. As we all know, the show has been totally different from others, which made the show gain the success it has now. The story is based on characters and stories of Stephen King. The show debuted on 25 July 2018, and it is released on Hulu.

Castle Rock Season 1 Episode 9: Henry Deaver Release Date

The ninth episode of Castle Rock Season 1 is all set to release on 5 September 2018. Each episode is dropped on Hulu every Wednesday. Interestingly, the show has been renewed for a second season before even concluding the first season. This shows the confidence of the makers on the show, as well as the performance of the first season.

Castle Rock Season 1 Episode 9: Henry Deaver

Castle Rock Season 1 Episode 9: Henry Deaver Spoilers

The last episode featured some newcomers in the town, and they even bought Warden Lacy’s house. Also, Gordon’s wife found all the paintings of Dale. Gordon was very happy and he hung all of them on the walls. Moreover, he realized that the first guests which came to the house, they are just interested in having an affair and he gets crazy with them. He stabs them to death, which was really barbarous.

Henry was stuck at RV until Molly came to rescue him. But they both knew nothing about Odin. Henry returns home as his mother was sleeping and the kid was in the kitchen. The kid told everything he knew, and he states that they need to aid Ruth. Jackie finds a bloody bracelet and she has no issue with snagging it.

The next episode will show us the struggles that the town has faced. Also, the kid is going nowhere from the story as he is shown in the flashback of the town. It’s hard to believe in these incidents as we have seen eight episodes with no indication regarding these. Also, we will see that the kid knows way more than we think about Ruth, Henry, and Matthew. We had some indications about it when he said that he knew Henry and he even saved him from the basement. But who can really expect this much from a simple single liner?

You know what? The upcoming episode will have a lot to offer. The kid will be seen thinking about everything he knows, from young Henry and him together to the real world right now and everything in between will be shown. I know it will confuse the theory more but it is really a major part of the show. With only two episodes left, I really don’t think that we will have all the questions answered. But we can search for answers for as many as possible!

You can watch Castle Rock Episode 9 online on HULU. You cannot download Castle Rock Season 1 Episode 9 anywhere online.

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