Are You The One? Season 7 Episode 5: Ex-tracurricular Activities

are you the one season 7 episode 5

In this post, we are going to talk about American reality television series Are You The One? season 7 episode 5 release date and spoilers. The show invites contestants, mainly male-female couples to live in one house together and find their perfect match along the show as it proceeds. The matches of couples (male-female of course) are already made using matchmaking algorithms, but the results are kept secret. Contestants try to build relationships with the one that they feel like a perfect match, and they have to check if their duo is a perfect match or not. If not, they have to explore all over again!

Are You The One? Season 7 Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth episode of the seventh season of Are You The One? Is all set to release on 5th September 2018. The show is broadcasted on MTV every Wednesday! The seventh season premiered on 15 August 2018, with 22 contestants.

Are You The One? Season 7 Episode 5 Spoilers

Actually, we are fortunate enough to see the first perfect match in the third week as Shamoy and Maria were the perfect matches when they entered the Truth Booth. Although the last episode was nothing to forget, let me give you some glimpse of it. In the beginning, we saw that Zak and Bria declared that they are over with each other moments after the matchup session. And most of all, they both were seen trying to make each other jealous. To do that, Zak even tried to make out with Sam in the pool. Now, wait up for a minute and think, do you really believe Sam has no mind in her head? I mean really, why won’t she understand what Zak is trying to do.

Maria and Shamoy were seen talking in the kitchen about their relationship and how much do they love each other. And even the houseguests felt that way too, as they decided to send them both in the truth booth. You know what? It’s just a coincidence that they got right, Maria and Shamoy were meant to be together as they are PERFECT MATCH! I know many in the house were backbiting about them, but that would not even make a tiny difference to what Maria and Shamoy have achieved.

In the next episode, we will witness a look back. What kind of? It will be the exes returning to the show to spend some quality time. I know we all are expecting a decent and quiet next episode as the guests are coming in. But surely it will not be that way, as no episode of AYTO? Concludes without some crazy stuff. Ex will be seen intimidating that she will break the power couple and another one will get aggressive. Was this “quality time” according to them? And our recently broken couple will too have some serious talking which will involve Morgan too!

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