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WandaVision Episode 9 Review and Easter Eggs

WandaVision Episode 9 Review and Easter Eggs

WandaVision was clearly something unique. Going through different decades of television, portraying a complex storyline while maintaining audience interest is something only a few could do. And how does one end a series like WandaVision? This is answered in the season finale of WandaVision, which is filled with fast-paced action sequences alongside some truly heartbreaking scenes as well. And even though the events in the episode seemed frantic and too quick for their own good, the showrunners have made sure to inculcate every detail of emotion into the 42 minutes of runtime. And by the time the credits roll, we are left with a sense of satisfaction as well as emptiness.

‘The Series Finale’ does well in its job to tie loose ends while also opening up new possibilities. This episode was full of the minutest of details which could paint a bigger picture later. In this article, we will be going over the events in WandaVision Episode 9, the easter eggs as well as its ending.

The Darkhold

WandaVision Episode 9 Review and Easter Eggs

The Darkhold

Picking up right where we left off, Agatha Harkness has Tommy and Billy as hostages. Wanda has just come off her recaps of torments but tries to get a grip on herself. Wanda attacks Agatha, and just like she wanted, she absorbs it. Agatha is desperate for Wanda’s powers and wants to absorb all of them thus, any time Wanda attacks, she simply absorbs the Chaos Magic. During this, we finally get a confirmation on the existence of the Book of the Damned ‘The Darkhold’. The book was formed by a demonic Elder God, Chthon, who was Earth’s first practitioner of Black Magic. And according to what Agatha reveals, this book has a page on Scarlet Witch. In there, it is revealed how the Scarlet Witch is bound to destroy the world.

In this book, it was even revealed that the Scarlet Witch would be powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme as well, meaning Wanda was stronger than Doctor Strange too. This book previously appeared in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and now it seems like the show has finally become non-canon.

Vision vs. Vision

WandaVision Episode 9 Review and Easter Eggs

White Vision

Just as Wanda tricks Agatha by hitting her with a car, we get a Wizard of Oz reference. In this, Agatha seems to be buried under the car, whereas in reality, there are only a pair of fake legs. As Wanda turns around, we see Hayward’s deployed White Vision to encounter Wanda. She is emotionally overtaken to see her beloved, so she goes to him. Unfortunately, the white Vision is only a shell as it tries to squeeze Wanda’s head. Just then, Wanda’s Vision, here to be mentioned as Red Vision, comes just in time to save her. Wanda tries to apologize for all that she had done, and Vision understands after the private lessons he got from Darcy.

Here we get a face-off between the two Visions. This is quite an action-packed, fast-paced fight that sees both of them exchange punches and go through one another to evade each other’s attacks. The Visions even make use of their lasers but can’t really take down one another.

As they enter the Westview library, the Visions have finally calmed down a bit. Here the Red Vision tries to come to an understanding with White Vision. He mentions the Ship of Theseus, which is a theory based on if a ship’s planks were to be replaced with other planks while its original planks are restored after which a new ship is created from them, Which is the real ship? The answer is neither is a fake ship, but both are the real ship. Having this realization contradicts White Vision’s mind as he was assigned to kill the real Vision while he himself might be the real Vision. Red Vision touches White Vision’s temple to give him back his memories, after which White Vision flies off.

Ralph Bohner

Ralph Bohner

As this battle takes place, we finally catch up with Monica after she is caught by Fietro at the end of Episode 7. He has locked her up in his home or his man cave, where he chillaxes. And every time Monica tries going out, he subjugates her using his powers. Monica tries to understand who he really is and goes through some papers. Here, she discovers a face shot and that his actual name is Ralph Bohner. Now there are two possibilities as to who he is, either he is an aspiring actor, or he may be the actual convict Detective James Woo attempts to catch in episode 4 of WandaVision. Nevertheless, the name Ralph is quite familiar to us. If you remember carefully, many times, Agnes reveals her husband’s various shenanigans. The name she mentions is Ralph, meaning that she had been living at his place all along.

Monica tries taking him down and finds a necklace on his neck, which seems to have been manipulated by Agatha. This necklace was keeping a hold on Ralph to act out as Fietro.

Agatha Harkness, the Mentor

In the Comic Books, Agatha really isn’t an antagonist but a grey character who acts out as a mentor to Wanda. Here she is a villain, and Wanda must face her off. Wanda’s life has always been about adapting- her life in Sokovia, death of her parents, death of her brother Pietro, joining the Avengers, and even losing Vision. And now she must adapt to this fight where she is clearly at a disadvantage against the seasoned witch. During her battle, Agatha keeps mentioning the various rules and boundaries of magic. So, like the apprentice she is, Wanda hears them out while formulating her own plan to take down Agatha.

A similar student/teacher relationship was visible between the two Visions. In which the Red Vision outsmarts his White counterpart in a philosophical debate around existence. MCU doesn’t really go deeper into an ethical point in existence, and here it has made its own form of a debut.

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Wanda’s Great Escape

Wanda in grief

As we all know, the residents of Westview were all being put under mind control by Wanda. So, to try and attack her ethical side and her role as a hero, Agatha tries to bring forth the madness Wanda had created. She dispels Wanda’s control on Dottie, thus giving her self-awareness. Dottie seems to be scared to her core, where she only reaches out to Wanda pleading for her daughter to be released from her room. She wants to hold her daughter and therefore starts negotiating with Wanda for a role for her daughter. Wanda feels like Dottie was being controlled to say this when Agatha dispels the rest of the Westview residents and every one of them surrounds Wanda. All of them seem to be angry and hurt as they just plead to go back to normal.

Here, Wanda isn’t a greater pawn of a scheme but a grieving woman who tries to take back her life. Wanda is unable to believe this as she thought she had everyone’s mind at peace. In fact, while they were under her mind control, they were affected by her nightmares and had to go through her pain. Wanda realizes her grave mistake and tries to make amends by doing what is right. She starts opening up the Hex so that they could flee and have their freedom. Taking this opportunity, Hayward decides to charge in with his soldiers to try and kill Wanda.

Just as the Hex was opening up, Tommy, Billy, and Vision reached out to Wanda. They were vanishing in the smallest of particles like that of the blip. This shows that just like Vision, Wanda’s children could also only exist within the Hex. So, as to not lose her family, Wanda closes back the Hex.

WandaVision Episode 9 Review and Easter Eggs

Vision deteriorating.

Taking down Hayward

It’s hard to say who really is the villain in WandaVision, considering how Wanda, Agatha, and Hayward take a significant role as a sinister scheming evil plan. But for us, it has to be Hayward considering his attempt to kill Wanda while creating a killing machine off of Vision’s corpse. Wanda’s family gets reunited just when Hayward and his team arrive on the scene. They plan on taking Wanda down, and the whole family is ready to fight back. Here we see a striking resemblance to Disney’s Incredibles Movie as the family strike a pose in a similar fashion. Another amazing aspect of this scene is Vision and Wanda’s continuous dialogue. It was the boys’ first fight, so Vision and Wanda give them their own little pep talk. ” Listen Boys, your mother and I never really prepared you for this. But you were born for it”.

WandaVision Episode 9 Review and Easter Eggs

The whole family strikes a pose.

Wanda and Vision leave the boys to fight the S.W.O.R.D. While they were to face their own adversaries. Here, Tommy and Billy use their powers as Wiccan and Speed to take down the guards when Hayward comes in firing a gun. Monica, who escaped from Ralph, comes in to save them. She gets shot, but the bullets don’t hit her but instead pass through her. This was a nudge to her power as Photon or Spectrum, in which she is a being of energy. This scene gives us much better insights into three new heroes to possibly appear in the MCU.

Seeing this, Hayward gets frustrated enough to try and run them over when he is put to stop by the delightful Darcy, who seems to have just reached back in Westview.

Salem Witch Trials

Wanda in Salem.

Just as they bask in their victory, Agatha seems to be looking over them. Wanda creeps in behind her to put Agatha under mind control, just like how she took over Tony Stark previously. Wanda takes Agatha back to 1693 Salem, where Agatha killed her coven members. The coven members were about to kill her for using Black Magic, so Wanda feels that this should be an advantageous ground for her. But, here the tables turn as the walking dead witches loom over Wanda for being the foretold Scarlet Witch. They all catch hold of her taking her to pike. Agatha asks Wanda to give her Chaos Magic to Wanda, and she would fix her magic placed on Westview, giving her family a place to stay. During this scene, what appears to be a headdress similar to one in the comics appears on Wanda’s forehead.

Scarlet Witch

Wanda gets agitated with the looming walking dead witches and blasts them away. She charges in towards Agatha taking them both out of that reality. Wanda starts attacking her, sending waves of energy towards Agatha for her to absorb. But, during this, some of the attacks seem to miss Agatha and actually hit the Hex. This keeps on going as Wanda keeps releasing her energy. Her arms, after which her face starts deteriorating, but she still gives out every inch of her power to Agatha. She finally exhausts and stops. Agatha, who seemed to have absorbed every bit of it, goes over her head to mock Wanda. She says that her deal was a hoax, and a spell that has once been enchanted cannot be changed. Thus, the Hex created by Wanda cannot be changed and will be broken like Wanda herself.

WandaVision Episode 9 Review and Easter Eggs

Wanda turns into the Scarlet Witch.

Agatha was just about to attack Wanda with the Chaos Magic, but surprisingly she is unable to cast any spells. Just then, Wanda’s face starts to go back to normal as it is revealed that the energy she hit the Hex was actually Wanda making Runes. Here, Wanda quotes Agatha, “In a given space, only the witch who cast them can use her magic.”

Wanda takes back all her Chaos Magic from Agatha and goes into a transformative state which gives her the Scarlet Witch costume. This costume seems to be a hybrid between past and modern Scarlet Witch costumes. This has the typical Scarlet Witch headdress along with a dark red suit over her body. This is truly an iconic moment as it has been quite a long time since Wanda has been present in the MCU, but this is really the first time she dresses as her superhero alter ego in a canon.


Agatha is turned back to Agnes.

Wanda floats down to Agatha as she decides on her punishment. She decides to give her role back as Agnes, the nosy neighbor. Agatha pleads to let her go as she could help Wanda learn her newfound powers. But, Wanda rejects this as, if she wanted such help, she would know exactly where to look for Agatha. So, Wanda turns Agatha into Agnes and leaves her, saying goodbye.

The Superpowered family then flies down back to their home in Westview. Here we get a couple of truly emotional scenes as Wanda must say goodbye to her newfound family as well. Wanda and Vision tuck Tommy and Billy into their beds, kissing them goodbye. Wanda tells them how they were a family and family is forever. And as the parents leave the room, Wanda thanks both of her sons to choose her as their mother. This scene seems quite suspicious as when related to a later scene, it feels like Wiccan and Speed will come back later in MCU.

Finally, we get back to the thing that started all of this, loss of Vision. Vision and Wanda have their heartfelt goodbye as the Hex is closing in on them. They have only a little time in which Vision asks who he really was. Here, we are revealed that this form of Vision was a part of the Mind Stone that exists within Wanda. Both of them shed tears as the Hex closes in on them, leading to a truly beautiful scene where Vision seems to go away from existence.

Their home and Westview reverts back to normal as well. And Wanda wearing her hood, walks across the streets as people stare at her for the crime she committed. She has a talk with Monica, after which she flies off.

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Mid Credit Scene

A Skrull comes meets Monica.

This week, we really didn’t get much of Monica, but we did get that display of her power. Out of all the people present in Westview, Monica was really the only person who could see Wanda’s perspective and thus looks at Wanda as an emphatic anti-hero.

In the mid-credit scene, we see Monica meeting with James Woo. Right now, he was in charge of something, possibly the investigation relating to the Hex. Darcy seems to have left after she incapacitated Hayward using the funnel cake truck. Right now, S.W.O.R.D. doesn’t have a director, and who takes the mantle will be interesting to see. Just as everything seemed to go back to normal, Monica is called upon by someone into the theatre. As she follows her, the woman shows her true self to be a Skrull. She has been sent by a man who is a friend of her mother’s and is asked to be somewhere in space. This scene probably acts as a prologue to the events to occur in Captain Marvel 2. And possibly MCU Phase Four might have much of S.W.O.R.D. and a cosmic path.

Post Credit Scene

The post-credit scene was something really unique. Wanda was at a rural mountain range, possibly back in her hometown in Sokovia. She seems to be finding her calm after the loss of her family. Just then, the sound of a kettle comes from within the cottage. She heads in to take it off the stove as the camera follows her behind. Then the camera further leads us to a room inside with another disturbing sound.

Here, we see another Wanda or, according to her apparel, Scarlet Witch. This seems to be an astral projection like the one Doctor Strange performs to read as he sleeps. But, in this case, Wanda seems to be much powerful as she is able to do other activities while she has activated her astral self.

WandaVision Episode 9 Review and Easter Eggs

Scarlet Witch reads through the Darkhold.

In her state, Scarlet Witch is reading the Darkhold in a striking resemblance to Doctor Strange. As the camera zooms in on her, we can hear the sound of her children going to save them. Hearing this, Wanda slams close the Darkhold. Judging from what we have seen, we can predict that Wanda might have been going through alternate universes to find one where her sons exist. This scene acts as a cliffhanger to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, to be released in 2022.

WandaVision Episode 9 Verdict

WandaVision was a magnificent series that was able to pay its respects to its predecessors of sitcoms while also keeping the MCU base. It was perhaps the most-watched show of 2021 up till now, and there is no reason why it doesn’t deserve that title. The show was, in its own way, able to kick-off the MCU Phase Four. And during which, it has introduced some new elements and characters for the upcoming future. The cinematography and music in this episode were appropriate, giving the deserving pace and emotions. Finally, massive applause for Elizabeth Olsen who seems to have single-handedly carried the series giving an outstanding performance through her portrayal of Wanda’s anger and grief.

You can watch all the episodes by WandaVision on Disney+.

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