Voltron Season 8 Teaser Trailer And Release Date

The final season of Voltron: Legendary Defender is just a couple of months away. The final fight of the Paladins against the Galra Empire will now take shape in Voltron season 8. When is the release date and how many episodes are expected in the final season? The release date, trailer, and updates will be featured in this article.

Voltron Season 8 Release Date And Key Visuals

Fans of the Voltron series are excited to know how the battle against the Galra Empire will end this season. Just a little more waiting is needed, as the first episode of Voltron Season 8 will be released on Netflix this December 14, 2018. You can watch the trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet.

In addition, Den of Geek released new visuals for Voltron Season 8 and it features the Paladins with their new uniforms. A picture also features Honerva, who disappeared last season and is expected to reappear next season. We can also see a character who looks like a humanoid beside the Paladins. The last season will have 13 episodes, which is the same as the previous season. All the matters and businesses that need to be closed will be closed in the span of 13 episodes. Hopefully, the pacing would be good.

Voltron Season 8 will be about the event after the Earth was saved. The Paladins will have a new mission of stopping Honerva in proceeding to her plans. There’s only one way to defeat Honerva and stop her plans once and for all: gather the members of Voltron Coalition and defend the whole universe. It’s kinda interesting to see what will these two forces bring up in the table, especially that they all have new character designs in the next season.

Voltron: Legendary Defender is about a group of space pilots and their duty to protect the universe using a powerful weapon called Voltron. All seasons are available on Netflix. The series currently has seven seasons with the 8th season coming up this year.

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