Voice Actor Sato Takuya Tested Covid Positive

Satou Takuya

Voice Actor Takuya Satō is reported to have been tested positive for COVID-19. The news came on 20 January when Takuya announced it on his Twitter account. Takuya has voiced numerous roles in anime all these years. Some of his major works include A3! Season Autumn & Winter, IDOLish7, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and many more.

As Japan has been taking strict precautions for all of its residents, there are times when a citizen is bound to have contact with this deadly disease. Despite that, people are taking precautions and have been fighting to overcome any symptoms related to Covid. How is Takuya’s condition? He is stable, for now.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many, killed many, and has been continuing on haunting us many. The fact that our loved and dear ones are being affected by such a deadly disease fears us. While the situation now has been normalized, there are still many who are being affected. With no exception, COVID affects all. Affected people might hold the position of politicians, diplomats, doctors, police and/or singers, idols, actors, and even ‘voice actors.’

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Takuya Satō diagnosed with COVID-19

The talent agency of Ken Production announced on Thursday, 20 January 2022, that the voice actor Takuya Satō had been diagnosed with the new coronavirus disease of COVID-19.

Takuya went on a medical examination on Wednesday as he was kind of feeling sick. He then tested positive in a PCR test on Thursday. Realizing the grave situation everyone’s in, Satō is currently undergoing medical treatment under the health center’s guidance. He says his condition is much more stable now.

The agency will be reporting his well-being conditions once they are confirmed.

Taking care of oneself is the utmost priority. Satō will be sure to take care of himself. You should too. To know more about Satō’s work, here are some roles he’s voiced in.

Takuya Satō

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Takuya Satō’s VA Performance

Born on 19 May 1984, Takuya Satō is affiliated with Ken Production. Coming from the Miyagi Prefecture, Taku (nickname) has been working as a seiyuu and a singer since 2000. He is also well-known for his prominent dubbing work on foreign dramas and movies. Some of his notable works are:

Ryunosuke Tsunashi: IDOLiSH 7

Ryunosuke is one of those ‘men’ who is ranked for ‘the man women want to be embraced by.’ Even Taku has commented on Ryunosuke’s character. Ryunosuke is a member of TRIGGER, a 3-unit boy band in IDOLiSH 7. His shy and sexy atmosphere, ‘sexy’ is what his fans treat him as has and still continues to gain popularity. Takuya played Ryunosuke’s role quite well, making him so popular after all.

Ryunosuke Tsunashi


Coming off from a playful and/or cheerful character to a serious one might seem pretty exhausting. However, Taku pulled it off pretty good. His voice acting for Toshiki was a major hit. Toshiki is a serious character, and even appears to be the protagonist of CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD season 4, after Aichi’s disappearance.

Toshiki Kai

Tasuku Takato: A3! Season Autumn & Winter

Mobile game-based anime A3 is split into two parts: A3! Season Spring & Summer and A3! Season Autumn & Winter. The character may not be one of the protagonists, but he is pretty interesting too. Ever thought someone’s weakness could be ‘talking?’ Tasuku’s is! His bio says his strength is fixing machines, and his weakness is talking. Can only wonder what Taku had felt!

Tasuku Takato

Caesar Zeppeli: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Watched Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and don’t know who Caesar Zeppeli is? Know Caesar Zeppeli but don’t know who voiced him? If so, then know that it was Takuya Satō, the same VA who is now diagnosed with COVID. Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli is the deuteragonist of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. Being an Italian, Caesar is a hot-blooded but focused man who fights against Pillar Men. Voicing a foreign character takes time and effort, don’t you think?

Caesar Zeppeli
Caesar Zeppeli

Yuri Ayato: Yarichin Bitch Club

Have you watched Yarichin Bitch Club? If not, then watch it now, or maybe don’t if you are not into BL. Anyhow, Yuri from Yarichin Bitch Club anime is hard to describe as a character. His way of speaking is something normal people can never understand. His way of living is flamboyant in itself. Bet Takuya voicing Yuri is something even he didn’t think of. But Yuri is one such character that even if you are annoyed, you can’t stop loving him.

Yuri Ayato

Yasushi Kamasaki: Haikyuu!!

A loud, strict, and energetic character, voiced by Taku, might suit him the best? Kamasaki is one such character who is lively and competitive in the real sense. He was the former vice-captain of Date Tech High in Haikyuu!!

Yasushi Kamasaki

Which character do you think best suits Takuya Satō? Who did he voice well?

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