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Spoilers & Preview: Voice 4 Episode 6

What is the Release Date of Voice 4 Episode 10?
A look into the characters for Voice 4 Episode 10 (Credit: tvN)

Voice 4 is getting more interesting with each passing episode. Thus, what to expect from Voice 4 Episode 6. The killer is playing a mouse and cat game with Detective Kang. The murders are also a part of the game only. But, there could be a motive for the same. But, what is the relation between Detective Kang and the Circus Man? Voice 4: Judgement Hour is Voice 3: City of Accomplices’s prequel that continues the story of Golden Time Team catching killers. Detective Kang heads the team and catches the killer with her voice. She has a good hearing ability and uses the same for directing the team and catching the killer.

However, it is not easy in the latest season for catching the killer. Firstly, Director Kang’s enemy has the same hearing abilities as her. Secondly, she is suffering from some sort of panic disorder. Derek Joo and his LAPD team are also searching for the killer as the same murdered his mute sister brutally. Hence, they ended up meeting and working together. But, can they catch the killer in time? Derek Joo is in Korea only for a few weeks. Director Kang and her team are also using their ten days’ vacation for being in Bimo Island. 

Voice 4: The Plot So Far

Voice 4 is moving on with the Golden Time Team and Derek Jo’s team searching for the real killer. Every time they think they are closer to the killer. However, it leads only to a dead-end for them. Furthermore, Director Kang’s panic disorder is getting worse even seeing some hallucinations from her childhood and listening to the Circus Man’s voice in the same. The Circus Man is watching the investigations of the team. The criminal take action on anyone from the flight who thinks is a threat to their real identity.

Voice 4 Episode 6 Release Date

Scenes from episode 2 wherein Detective Joo is confronting Director Kwon Joo thinking her to be the killer (credit: tvN)

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Moreover, there are three persons in the criminal’s team. The Circus Man seems to be a woman, one a dwarf type person, and the other a man. The dwarf-type person kills and murders everyone. We also saw how the Circus Man kidnaps Gong Soo-Ji by taking the guise of Director Kang. Moreover, Derek Jo is involved in the catching of a Drug Cartel gang. Suicide also takes place in episode 5. It has yet to get determined whether the same is a suicide or a murder. They just have to find one link for finding the true killer. But, it is not easy for them yet. 

Voice 4 Episode 6 Release Date

Voice 4 Episode 6 release date is July 02, 2021, at 22:50 KST on tvN. Thus, episode 6 is coming and will be available in a few hours. 

Voice 4 Episode 6: What to Expect?

Voice 4 Episode 6 does not have any preview as the last episode has aired only a few hours before. But, we can take a guess what could get featured in episode 6 of Voice 4. Well, the upcoming episode storyline will completely depend on what will take place in the previous one, episode 5. The case for finding the real killer and the manipulator behind everything will be continued in the next episode. As we know from the previous episodes, there could be some relation between Director Kang and the Circus Man. However, it is yet to be known why the Circus Man is playing such games with Director Kang. The next episodes will feature everything.

Furthermore, the team also has to solve some unrelated cases while finding the Circus Man. Can they save everyone at the same time and solve the cases? Can Director Kang beat the Circus Man in regards to voice profiling? Moreover, the Circus Man is already on the move that is killing all the passengers, especially the women, one by one from the MBO36 flight. Well, the Circus Man could also be always nearby them. However, they have yet to identify the person.

The biggest question is regarding the true identity of the criminal and his allies. Everyone was thinking all this time the criminal to be a woman. But, is the person really a woman or just pretending to be so for taking the guise of Director Kang. So far, they have not got any clues about the Circus Man except one video in Director Kang’s hand. The upcoming episodes could provide a clue to all these curiosities. 

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