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Vincenzo to Delay Release of Episode 17 and 18

Vincenzo epsiodes rescheduled
The cast of K-Drama Vincenzo

Vincenzo to delay the release of episodes 17 and 18. Recently the drama, Vincenzo’s scheduled episodes have been delayed by the production team. The drama airs on the original network tvN. While simultaneously releasing internationally on the international streaming site Netflix. Earlier this week, a representative from the production team and tvN network revealed that the release of Vincenzo’s episodes 17 and 18 had been deferred due to some reasons.

On 7th April, the representatives of the network revealed that a few changes are being made to the drama. What are these changes, are some scenes being re-shot again? when will the episodes released? Then are the question we will deal with today. To know further about the incident, let’s take a deep dig in on the topic.

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Why did Vincenzo’s episodes 17 and 18 got delayed?

Vincenzo’s episodes 17 and 18 have been delayed by the production team and the tvN network. Even the new changes and dates have been made with the streaming partner Netflix. According to the sources, the production is currently under the making of a special episode for the fans. The immense popularity of the drama has led to the decisions of the production. A few variations will be made on the episodes and will be released after revising them. We already know the huge popularity of the drama is growing even bigger day by day. Started with a decent rating, the overall ratings kept growing higher and higher. The drama is trending everywhere on the internet. Any single news from the drama or about the drama would create an immense buzz amongst the audience.

Why did the airing date change in Vincenzo

A Still from the K-Drama Vincenzo

The last episodes of the drama that is episode 13 and episode 14, saw a sudden rise in the viewership ratings. Aiming to provide the audience with the best content and presentation, the changes are currently being made to the drama. It may take a while; hence the release of the episodes has been shifted for a while. The dark comedy-drama Vincenzo has been directed by Kim Hee-Won. With the screenwriting under Park Jae Bum. Starring Song Joong Ki in the lead role for playing the role of Vincenzo Cassano. Song Joong Ki’s immense popularity hiped the overall popularity of the show even further. Hence to maintain the quality of the show, some important changes are being made, and we are sure the drama will be even better than before.

New Release Date of Vincenzo’s Episode 17 & 18

So, far we already know the episode 17 and episode 18 have been delayed by the production. We also know why the delay in release is being made. It is very rare in South Korean dramas that a usual date of airing is changed for certain reasons. It happens in the most extreme cases. Currently, the popularity of the show is at its peak; it is not only famous in South Korea but also worldwide. Since just after streaming on tvN, the episodes are released internationally after its broadcast. The international streaming site Netflix airs the episodes soon after getting released in South Korea.

New aring dates for Vincenzos upcoming episoes

A Still from the drama Vincenzo

Earlier, the episodes which were about to air on 17th and 18th April have been shifted to April 24th and 25th. Episode 17 was scheduled to release on 17th April and now has been shifted to 24th April. Episode 18 was scheduled to release on 18th April and has been shifted to 25th April. The airing time would be the same as before, which is 21:00 KST every Saturday and Sunday.

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A Surprise Bonus Gift

So far as the reports say, there may be a special episode released by the makers for the fans of the show. The special episode would be released on 17th April in the vacant time slots. Nothing has been yet decided for the 18th of Aprils’s time slot, though. Any new updates on the show will be released here on priority. The changes in the drama are said to be made since the drama has its own international fan base.

To keep up the good content, slight changes are currently being made, which will overall increase the quality of the show and make it even more watchable. Episodes 15 and 16 will air on their usual scheduled date and time. No such changes have been made for episodes 15 and 16, and they will continue to air on 10th and 11th April, respectively. Till then, keep enjoying and loving your favorite dramas.

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