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Vincenzo Korean Drama Episode Schedule

Vincenzo Korean Drama

Vincenzo is a South Korean drama starring Song Joong Ki. The fact that Song Joong Ki is a part of the drama in itself makes it huge. We all know Song Joong Ki from the famous drama Descendants of the sun which gave him global recognition. Vincenzo is currently streaming on Netflix. Netflix is a global platform and hence automatically hikes up the popularity of the show. Naturally, Vincenzo starring Soong Joong Ki is topping the charts and is highly popular among the fans and viewers with high popularity overall.


Vincenzo episode schedule


The drama initially will be having 20 episodes, whether it will have a second season or not isn’t confirmed yet. The South Korean drama Vincenzo has a total of 20 episodes with each episode to be approximately 1hr25mins each which airs on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday. The drama will air from February 20th, 2021 till April 25th, 2020. Vincenzo is also known as Binsenjo with the screenwriter as Park Jae Bum with the direction under Kim Hee Won. The genre includes comedy, law, crime, romance, and drama.

Plot analysis of Vincenzo

The plot of the drama is revolving around the life of a child who was adopted at the age of eight and now becomes a lawyer. The child here is Song Joong Ki who was adopted at the age of right and went abroad after that where his name was changed to Vincenzo Cassano. After he grows up he becomes a lawyer and works for a mafia. Due to a conflict between his Boss and a rival group he flees to South Korea for the time being. In South Korea, he meets Hong Cha Young who is a dedicated lawyer and does anything to win a case and gradually falls in love with her.

Vincenzo has his way of doing things and works according to his self-made ways. So Song Joong Ki here is playing the role of a lawyer who was adopted at the age of eight after coming back to Korea he tries to solve the unresolved cases in his way. In Korean how he meets his lady love and solves the cases is what we as viewers are looking forward to. Actress Jun Yeo Bin is playing the role of Hang Cha Young, she is also a lawyer who goes to any extent to win a case. Vincenzo falls for her and as viewers, we are looking forward to seeing their chemistry and romance as well. In the main role, we also have Ok Taec Yeon as Jang Jun Woo, we have seen him before in many famous dramas life Dream High.

The cast of the drama Vincenzo

In the main lead, we have Soong Joong Ki as Vincenzo Cassano/ Park Joo Hyung with the female lead as Jun Yeo Bin playing the role of Hong Cha Young in the direction of Lee Jang Soo. We also have Ok Taec Yeon in the main role of Jang Jun Woo. In the support role we have Kim Yeo Jin as Choi Myung Hee, Jo Han Chul as Han Seung Hyunk, Hawk Dong Yeon as Jang Han Seo, Yoo Jae Myung as Hinv Yoo Chan, Yoo Byung Hee as Nam Joo Sung, Choi Young Joon as Jo Young Woon, Yang Kyung Won as Lee Cheol Wook, Seo Ye Hwa as Jang Yeon Jin, Choi Deok Moon as Tak Hing Shik, Kim Yoon Hye as Seo Mi Ri, Lee Hang Na as Kwak Hee Soo, Kang Chae Min as Kim Young Ho. In support roles, we have several other actors and actresses like Kwon Seung Woo, Ri Woo Jin, Kim Hyung Mook, Kim Seol Jin, In Chul Seo, Kim Young Woong, Lee Dal, Lee Do Guk, Jung Ji Yoon, Yoon Bok In, Kwon Tae Won, Seo Jin Won, Hwang Tae Kwang, Na Chul, Jung Wook Jin, hong Seo Joon, and Kim Tae Hoon.

Episode schedule of the drama Vincenzo

The drama can be watched anytime on the original network that is tvN and Netflix. This is an ongoing drama streaming on Netflix, its first episode aired on 20th February 2021. the exact date and schedule of every episode is also mentioned below-

  • Vincenzo episode 1- 20th February 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 2- 21st February 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 3- 27th February 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 4- 28th February 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 5- 6th March 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 6- 7th March 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 7- 13th March 2021
  • Vincenzo episode8- 14th March 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 9- 20th March 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 10- 21st March 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 11- 27th March 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 12- 28th March 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 13- 3rd April 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 14- 4th April 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 15- 10th April 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 16- 11th April 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 17- 17th April 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 18- 18th April 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 19- 24th April 2021
  • Vincenzo episode 20- 25th April 2021

Till now what are your opinions about the show? how much are you excited about the next episode do let us know in the comment section below.

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