VICTION Comebacks With A Mature & Sustainable Album ‘Chronograph’

“Chronograph” By VICTION

After taking over the summer of 2020, VICTION is finally back with its first comeback after a whole year. The boy group VICTION went on to release their third single album, “Chronograph” along with promoting their single. The boys i.e. Han Seung Woo, Kang Seung Sik, Heo Chan, Lim Se Jun, Do Han Se, Choi Byung Chan, and Jung Su Bin, have grown a lot ever since their debut. Kickstarting their year with a full-length album, the boy group is hoping to make their name known in the world. Hoping to take care of themselves and make the fans happy, the boys of VICTION are really hoping to meets fans this year too.

As the boy group was on a year-long hiatus, the fandom had to wait a lot for the new music. But being thankful to the fans for sticking with them through the thick and thin. The boys of VICTION are all set to make this year much more exciting for their fans. “Chronograph” being their first comeback, everybody is looking forward to all the lie shows, performances, meet and greets, and a lot more things that are coming. Hopping on in an interview, the boys of Viction talked about their album and what they’ve been up to.

“Chronograph” By VICTION
“Chronograph” By VICTION

“Chronograph” By VICTION: Boys Talk About Behind The Scenes Of The Album…

Talking about the concept of their album, the boys revealed that “Chronograph” is a Greek term. Splitting the word into two; “Chronos” and Graphein”, the title means “record of time”. Talking about the story behind the title song, Subin revealed that there is a message about time. As the boys have grown over time, the song also captures the maturity of VICTION. Along with the group’s new energy, the song perfectly emphasizes the members’ refreshing and bright vocals. Describing the concept of their album, Seungsik decided to go with the word ‘Mature’. As the boys have promoted charming and bright concepts during their debut era. With the comeback, their focus is on grown and refreshing ideas. The boy group wants to attract fans in a new way.

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Working on the overall album, the boys of VICTION revealed that they’ve worked A LOT on their vocals and expressions in the past year. As the songs are more bright and refreshing than their last release, Chan revealed that he has worked on his facial expressions. While Byungchan focused a lot on his vocal aspect, so the fans can easily listen. Talking about the music video, Hanse called it a refreshing thing to work on and to watch. As the boys have shot the music video and performed boldly, it is really an extravagant thing to watch. The filming team has worked really hard to film as there’s a lot of computer graphics, set, and the camera’s movements. While the boys have also made a lot of efforts in gestures and expressions.

“Chronograph” By VICTION
A still from “Chronograph” By VICTION

Taking A Step Towards Sustainability…

Thinking about the fans’ pockets and the environment together, VICTION made a great deal for the fans. As of now, the fans have an option to buy either a digital album or a physical album. While the full physical album will have vinyl and photo cards. The digital album will provide fans a link to the album, and the photocards of their choice will be mailed to them via post. The digital copy of the album will be much cheaper than the actual copy too, making it easier for fans to get what they want at less price and less environmental damage. The netizens have been praising the boy group and their company for this move. As many are already planning to buy digital copies of the album, while many are hoping for the method to get adapted to the entire K-pop music industry.

While VICTION isn’t the first k-pop group to take a step towards sustainability as G-dragon once released his album through USB, and MINO recently used recycled material for his album’s physical copy. Fans are really hoping more artists would take a step further. And the Korean Music Charts would start counting the digital sales too.

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