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Venom 2 Post-Credit Scene Leaked, Hints At Spider-Man Multiverse

venom 2 Post credit scene leaked and explained
Venom and Spiderman crossover? Venom 2 post-credit scene explained

Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage came out a few days ago. However, the post-credit scene from Venom 2 has raised the eyebrows of all the viewers. The further article will explain the post-credit scene from the movie. But, the Spider-man and Venom Multiverse is the highlight of the day. The Universe is expanding, and it’s good news for all the Marvel fans. Although nothing is confirmed as of now, several hints from Tom Hardy have been surfacing on the internet. And now, with Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage post-credit scene in the picture, things are definitely taking a turn.

After Sony’s tweet and Tom Hardy’s new information on Venom and Spider-man collaboration, Marven fans are excited to see MCU expanding. Days before Venom 2 dropped in theatres, its frontman Tom Hardy shared his views on the Spider-man and Venom multiverse. Moreover, the director of the film, Andy Serkis, teased fans with the possible multiverse crossover.

Venom 2 post credit scene leaked and explained

Tom Holland as Spider-man

The Alien symbiote we love was first mentioned back in 1984 in Marvel Comic’s The Amazing Spider-man #252. But, ever since, the wall-crawler and Spider-man only had one battle (Topher Grace V/S Toby Maguire in Spider-Man 3). Things have changed now; Topher Grace has morphed into Tom Hardy, and Tom Holland is our new Spider-man. With recent changes, fans are looking forward to seeing changes in the storylines as well. Hence, further in the article, catch-all about Spider-Man and Venom Multiverse and Venom 2 Post Credit Scene leaked and Explained.

Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage Post Credit Scene Leaked and Explained – What is it?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The ending scenes from Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage are a little different from your typical superhero movie. With Tom Holland (as Spiderman) making a cameo, fans are looking forward to a possible Spider-man and Venom faceoff.

The whole “Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage” scenario started after a bunch of lucky spectators attended the screening of Venom 2. Although Journalists were barred from talking about the movie or leaking the spoilers, the end credit scene was leaked on the internet.

‘Spider.fan1962’, who is apparently a huge Spider-Man fan, penned down the complete screenplay from the post-credit scene. The fan also explained the Venom 2 post-credit scene for all the people following him online. He explained that the post-credit scene showed how Eddie and Venom spent time hiding after defeating Carnage. Later, Venom tells Eddie that he can show him one second of what his kind has been through. After a second, suddenly the TV turns on, and we see Tom Holland playing spidey. “I Hate That Guy,” Venom says while licking the Tv-screen and returning to his seat. End.

Spiderman and Venom Multiverse

Venom (cr: Sony)

Spiderfan.1962 also wrote that he believes a Spidey and Venom film is next, and the fans shouldn’t waste a click.

Now that the film is out in theatres, the audience has witnessed the scene themself. But, their theories have doubled with multiple assumptions for the new Spider-Man movie.

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Tom Hardy’s Take on Spider-Man Multiverse

Before the movie came out, Tom Hardy sat with Entertainment Tonight and explained his views on Spider-man and Venom Multiverse. The Dunkirk actor said that there is “Spider-verse” and “Venom-verse,” and there are multiverses. However, with various lore and tenets, there is a lot to explore. And, once they have the right people, the right team, time, planning, and audience feedback, they will be able to make the right choice. The understanding of the future is somewhat witchcraft itself, he shared.

Fans have a hard time understanding Tom’s explanation, but they are optimistic about his answer. Apart from Hardy, Andy Serkis, director hailing Venom 2, also shared his thoughts on “Spider-Man and Venom” Multiverse.

It looks like Serkis is aware of the hype among fans. He began by saying that he knew about the question which was stuck on everyone’s lips. Serkis knows that people are looking for an answer if Spider-man and Venom will meet in the future. He made fun by saying, “It’s never going to happen.” But, he changed his words immediately, teasing and saying, “Of course, it’s going to happen.” Serkis said it could happen, but they cannot jump straight into Spider-man verse if fans want more Venom stories. Therefore, they will have to wait for the right time.

In a few months, fans anticipate Spider-Man: No Way Home will display all of Sony’s past Spider-man movies crossing with Tom Holland’s led series. Henceforth, there are chances to Eddie Brock/Venom getting stuck in the Spider-verse.

Until then, we have to wait for Marvel and Sony to make the official decision for the crossover between Venom-verse and Spider-verse.

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Will Venom 3 Explore Multiverse? Spider-Man and Venom Crossover Soon?

News on Venom 3 is slim to none. However, a couple of hints were dropped by Sony and Hardy to play with the feelings of MCU and Venom fans.

We are starting with Tom Hardy wearing the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” cap. Hardy was captured wearing the exclusive production cap in a tweet. It is unclear where and what time the picture was taken, but Hardy indeed elevated the excitement. Fans are confused if the cap was sent explicitly to Hardy by the Spider-Man production crew.

Spiderverse and Venomverse

Tom Hardy seen wearing Spider-Man: No Way Home cap

Sony’s Big Tease Tweet

Production houses keep mum before revealing much about their upcoming films. But, Sony changed the course and excited the audience with a teasing tweet on Twitter. Sony shook the fandom and proved that they know how to capture the market in the best way possible. One of the people to watch the movie before its release was Eman Kellam- an actor, rapper, and youtube. After watching the film, he wrote that he had never seen the audience react to the “Post-credit” scene as everyone did with Venom 2 in the theatre. Sony joined the convo and later tweeted, “You need to be theatres for this one.”

And that’s what people did. Just a couple of days ago, Venom 2: let There Be Carnage came out a couple of days ago, and thousands of people have already witnessed it in theatres. But, Venom 2: Post-credit scene has become the highlight.

Nevertheless, we cannot ignore Woody Harrelson’s Carnage, which is literally more extensive than the Post-credit scene for every Venom fan. Thankfully, the movie is currently trending all across the world and is number 1 in the USA. Watch the movie, if you haven’t yet. Until then, we will make sure to keep you updated.

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