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Vampire Yakyuken Lover vs Vampire Hunters begins In Episode 10 of The Vampire Dies in No Time

The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 10
The Vampire Dies in No Time

The Vampire  Dies in No Time Episode 10 reveals the Vampire Hunters gathering at the Hunters Guild. Vampire Draluc is the only welcomed Vampire inside the guild since he means no harm to humans. Ronaldo realizes that Draluc is always better when they talk and apologizes to the bartender for bringing Draluc. The bartender reveals that he enjoys Draluc’s company. From The Vampire Dies in No Time’s latest episode, the Vampire Hunter thinks it is cool to be around Draluc. The Topping Chinese Food Girl and Hunter Bear Killer, Maria, supports Draluc.

Ta Chan tells Ronaldo to be happy that that Vampire Draluc is working with him. Draluc teased Ronaldo by they heard someone screaming from the entrance of Hunters’ Guild. Vampier Yakyuken Lover arrives at the baseball field and reveals that he is the cultural tradition of the Earth. Ronaldo and other Hunters arrive and listen to Yakyuken’s message. He tells them that his game must live on to the next generation, and everyone has to know about strip rock-paper-scissors. Ronaldo asks Draluc if all Vampires are like Yakyuken. Yakuyken challenges all the hunters to a strip rock-paper-scissors game.

The losers strip off their clothes one after another. The Hunter wonders if Yakuyken is using some spell. Ronaldo decided to do a fistfight by Yakuyen’s power repels him. The Hunter realizes that they have to defeat Yakuyken by playing strip rock-paper-scissors. Yakuyen reveals that he is surrounded by Yakyuken’s barrier that will repel anyone who tries to pass. Dracul notices that Yakyuken is using hypnosis while holding a barrier at the same time. Setsuna gets defeated, and he stiped all of his clothes and left naked. Maria thinks that Setsuna is too weak at strip rock-paper-scissors.

Previously on The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 9

Yakyuken reveals that the losers also become his comrade, and they will continue to play with him. He gives Setsuna a Yakyuken Lover t-shirt to wear and to get his clothes back, he has to win. Ronaldo realizes that if they defeat Yakyuken, they will make him know the taste of his medicine. Yakyuken chose his next opponent and won, and that guy suffered the same fate as Setsuna. The old hags and geezers from the town enjoy watching strip rock-paper-scissors and taking some pictures. Yakyuken gets tired of defeating the male Hunters and decides to go for the ladies.

The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 10

The Vampire Dies in No Time

He wanted to call out Ta Chan, but one of the Hunters enters the barriers and tells Yakyuken that he will never allow him to strip that lady naked in public. Ta Chan decides to head home, and Dracul gets angry that Yakyuken wants to dishonor the ladies. Yakyuken thinks that males and females are the beauty of his game. One of the Hunters reveals that Yakyuken is using that game to strip people, and it is not a ”strip rock-paper-scissors” but a striping game. Dracule reveals that he has called a man who is always naked, and Nudenium arrives naked.

Ronaldo thought that Nudenium would defeat Yakyuken, but Yakyuken reveals that Nudenium will wear clothes if he wins. Nedenium lost the courage to play since he can live when he is not naked. Dracul enters after Ronaldo pushes him in.  Dracul uses John as bait, but John loses. He decided to avenge Joh’s loss. But Dracul loses after pulling a scissor, and Yakyuken pulls a rock. He defeated all the Hunters, including Ronaldo, and made them wear pink Lovers’ Tshirt.

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The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 10 Release Date

The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 10 will be released on 6 December 2021. Yakyuken wanted to leave and noticed that the one with the big chest was still standing. Maria realizes that she can’t lose to Yakyuken and accept the challenge. She decided to act like a stripper, and Yakyuken couldn’t handle the pressure. He got defeated, and the Hunters got their clothes back. Later the Hunters battle with Bikini Vampires and defeat them. Let’s look at The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 10 official details.

The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 10

The Vampire Dies in No Time

Watch The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 10 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 10 online on ANIPLUS & Funimation on Monday at 11:00 PM JST. You can watch The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 10 online on iQIYI (EN) & Wakanim (DE) in various countries. The Vampire Dies in No Time will conclude after two episodes. Let’s meet when The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 10 is released.

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