Valentine’s Day Gifts: 10 Best Trending Anime Merch

Valentines Day Gifts: 10 Best Trending Anime Merch
Top Anime Merch to gift of Valentine's Day

As we have finally crossed the new year and entered the year 2022, it is time to get ourselves ready for the upcoming events. Since January is about to end and we are going to the month of February, some of our fellow weebs are getting excited about that one special week next month. Those who have got it can now celebrate and plan stuff for the week but for those who are still unaware, let me tell you that I am talking about Valentine’s week. As the week is quite popular among the couples and the time is reaching near you surely need to get your hands on the best Valentine’s Day Gifts for your loved one.

There is a misconception about Valentine’s week that it is especially for people who are in relationships. But let me make a thing clear that as long as you love yourselves or got someone maybe your friend or family member you can also celebrate this week. So, getting to the main topic, if your loved one or you yourselves is a weeb and searching for some great anime merchandise, then this is for you. Here you will get to know some great and quality anime merchandise recommendations so you can gift them to your near and dear or to yourselves.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts: 10 best trending anime merch

The merchandises mentioned below are top-rated only on the basis of ratings from the website where you can purchase them. Whereas they are added to the list based on my personal choice, and they are just recommendations. There are a lot of great options from which you can choose other than the ones mentioned in the list. Since it’s not possible to cover all of them here, I am recommending some of the bestsellers or the merchandise from the most loved and popular anime series. Specifications of the merch along with the place you can but them are mentioned below. It is taken care that all the merches are available online to avoid any misconception and hassle to get them from an offline store.

10. Notebooks

Nothing is better than a great-looking notebook as your study partner. It doesn’t matter if your loved one is a student or not, if they are an otaku, then they will surely going to love this as a present. Notebooks and stationery supplies with anime prints on them make them a good collectible item. This is number ten since this item is most suitable for students and cannot be gifted to everyone based on its usability. However, as I said before, anime lovers love to collect anime collectibles, so this can act as a great present if you want to go for it.

Anime Notebooks
Anime Notebooks

9. Keychains

If you ask me about the cutest thing you can ever gift someone, I will always recommend you to go for a quiet set of keychains. These are something that never gets old, and their cute and handy size adds up to their adorableness. A simple keychain’s value increased rapidly when they got a small anime figurine sticking to it. These also act as a substitute for relatively big and expensive anime figurines. Other than that, you can also find the keychains in different and more “kawaii” designs, which will surely act up as a great present. You can also pair them up with the next item in the list to make your present look more presentable.

Anime Keychains
Anime Keychains

8. Badges

This can sound petty, but you will get to see small stuff like this ahead in the list too. Everyone doesn’t get that big pockets to collect the figurines or manga of their favorite anime series, so they just stick to stuff like this. Printed badges with anime characters on them can be surprisingly very good collectible time and can contribute to the anime merch collection. So, if you are planning to gift someone who is fond of collecting anime badges, then you can give them a whole get to 6-8 badges altogether and help them expand their badge collection. As I have mentioned above, these are quite inexpensive and yet manage to satisfy both giver and taker.

Anime Badges
Anime Badges


7. Face Masks

During the time of the pandemic, face masks have become a necessity, but this doesn’t mean that we will carry any face masks without any consideration. Where some people like to match their outfits with the masks, an anime lover will surely love to match it with the anime they are currently streaming. Hence, this made them a good item to gift anime lovers. Although they sound really cheap of so, a real anime lover will never think in this way if you get them these types of face masks. They will flaunt it every day and, most importantly, will remember you each time they will wear it. You can gift them a set of 3-5 masks together.

Best anime merch to gift on Valentine day
Anime Face Masks

6. Phone Cases

These days there is hardly anyone present in the world who is not using any phone. As the users of mobile phones have increased, mobile phone covers are equally there in demand. Therefore, they can also become very good presents for your loved ones. All you need to do is to get your hands on a perfect-looking anime mobile cover that goes with their mobile phone’s model. This is another gift that is extremely budget-friendly as you can find them anywhere on the internet under the price range of 500 rupees (6-7$) or even less. If you want this to be unique, then you can also get any picture printed on a phone case from your nearest printing shop.

Top anime merch to gift on Valentine's day
Anime Mobile Cases

5. Mugs

This gift is quite a normal and the most popularly gifted item. This can be the first thing that has popped up in your mind, and you might have already gifted this one. But let me tell you that you can want to gift your otaku friend another mug, give them that has a different print on it from the previous ones. Since you never know, they might be collecting these mugs or might have added them to their anime collection. Hence, I recommend you don’t hesitate to gift them another mug because personally, I would have collected them and put them on display in my room.

Valentines Day Gifts: 10 Best Trending Anime Merch
Anime Mugs

4. Anime Posters

Up next on our list, we got Anime Posters as they are very popular among anime lovers. Being an otaku, everyone likes to design and decorate their rooms that will show what they like. A good quality poster, along with perfect picturization from their favorite anime series, will give them a lot more happiness than any other common lovey-dovey gift can ever do. An average anime poster from the site will cost you a least 200 rupees (2-3$); hence this becomes a great option when you have a tight pocket.

Top 10 anime merch to gift valentine's day
Anime Posters

3. T-shirts and Hoodies

The most common yet coolest gift any anime lover can get is a hoodie or a t-shirt from their favorite anime series. We otakus are different from other fandoms as we never miss the chance to flaunt and flex our likings from anime. This is why if your lover is an otaku; then I highly recommend you gift them a printed hoody or t-shirt. They will surely love it and will remember it every time they will wear it. You can find a variety of options along with the eye-catching feature of them being budget-friendly. You can get a good t-shirt in the range of 500-700 rupees (6-7$) and a hoodie under the price range of 1000-1500 rupees (13-20$).

Valentines Day Gifts: 10 Best Trending Anime Merch
T-shirts and hoodies

2. Mangas

When it comes to finding a perfect gift for anime lovers, you can never gift them something better than a hardcopy of mangas. Since most of us are not living in Japan and it’s quite hard to find the original copies of mangas here, we got you a site where you make your wish to have a manga come true. The site is called Comic Clan and is very well known for selling mangas. Whether it is Kimetsu No Yaiba, Jujutsu Kaisen, Bleach, My Hero Academia, you name it, and you will find that manga on the site. The best thing about it is that these mangas are quite budget-friendly as you can find any manga per volume for rupees 699-799 (10-12$).

Valentines Day Gifts: 10 Best Trending Anime Merch

1. Figurines

The top one on our list is none other than the most popular of the all-time, and the wish of every anime lover is Anime Figurines. If you know someone who is a die-hard fan of anime and you want to surprise them with something really different and memorable, this is the thing that will do your work. These figurines are the exact copies of various characters from various anime series and act as stars of the collections of an anime lover. These figurines are present in the market in different sizes, and all of their prices vary according to their sizes.

Valentines Day Gifts: 10 Best Trending Anime Merch
Anime Figurines

Generally, the original action figures are quite costly because they can start from the range of 4000- 5000 rupees (50-60$). However, bobblehead chibi figurines of the characters are relatively cheaper than the later ones. You can buy a good-quality bobblehead figurine under the price range of 1000 Rupees (10-13$). Here we conclude our list of top anime merch to gift your loved one on Valentine’s day. Although none of them sounds or look romantic, trust me, if you will gift any of these to your otaku beloved, then they will surely give you a warm tight hug and will thank you endlessly.

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