Which Universe Will Get Erased Next in Tournament of Power?!


Howdy, Everyone, hasn’t this question become a hot topic ever since the spoilers were released stating that a universe is going to be erased soon enough?

Well, let me get this straight, personally, I want universe 2 to get erased as soon as possible the reason being that  Ribrianne who’s just overpowered and has been spouting all sorts of nonsense like love, power of love and love as well.

When compared with those namekians of Universe 6, Ribrianne is the most irritating warrior currently on the stage.

Well, it isn’t that my personal opinion matters much. Getting back to the topic, there are mainly two Universes which are likely to be erased and they are Universe 6 and Universe 2.

These two universes are on the same terms if we just consider the number of warriors left , but in terms of power, universe 6 is falling behind Universe 2 as we all saw that Ribrianne’s power was on par with at least Super Saiyan 2 ( Well she even fought evenly against SSB Goku but it can be assumed that he was holding back as she, later on, got beaten by SSB Vegeta)

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And, the namekians from Universe 6 were seen having a hard time against Gohan and Piccolo who are both weaker than Goku and Vegeta.

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Doesn’t it seem like Universe 6 is the one that’s gonna be erased? Well here comes the interesting part. According to the latest spoilers, the namekians will be sparring against Gohan and Piccolo and Ribriaane and Rozie will probably fuse or Ribriaane will get a new form ( I’ll write about that later).

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And, universe 2 will be seen fighting against Goku. So, we can’t be sure that Universe 6 will be the one that gets erased. Since the fans have been complaining against the irritation caused by Ribriaane the retard, then she may get eliminated sooner, but if Toriyama intends to create an emotional scene by eliminating Universe 6, then there’s nothing that can be done.

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Personally and according to public opinion Universe 2 should be the one that gets erased the soonest but since their warriors are weak, Universe 6 is more likely to be erased.

It’s not like Champa and Kefla weren’t irritating enough but Ribrianne was on a whole different level of irritation, so I’d prefer Universe 2 to get erased.


Anyways, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading!