Is This Universe 7 Character Going To Die In Dragon Ball Super


As we all know that one of the biggest rules that the participants in the Tournament of Power are focusing on is that no killing is allowed. We also know accidents happen and also there’s the possibility of using all your energy up completely beyond exhaustion.

So what if something like this were to happen during the Tournament of Power? Would the Great Priest stop the Tournament momentarily? Blame the last person that was fighting with that character and eliminate them? It seems that the Great Priest above all is more serious about the no killing rule as there is no extent what would happen if something like this happens!

So the character most likely to die in anyway from Universe 7 is unfortunately Master Roshi, let me explain why. In the most recent Dragon Ball Super episode Master Roshi literally died and Goku revived him, Master Roshi took down 3 warriors and that was pretty awesome but he used up his all ki and the result was obvious. This might happen once again in the tournament of power. And as well know, Master Roshi has been shown to be coming close to the end of his life cycle and right now it seems he’s most likely preventing the inevitable. I think that’s why there was such a focus on those Paradise Plant Herbs that Goku and Krillin had to retrieve from the Forest of Terror for Master Roshi.

I think through out this Tournament of Power if Master Roshi does not get eliminated soon he will die from using too much Ki and just not having his body be able to keep up. We all know that when it comes to situations like this where our planet and now whole Universe is at stake Master Roshi won’t take this lightly and hold back for the sake of his health

It’s very apparent that Master Roshi puts existence for everyone above himself. Yeah he’s been shown to be a dirty, sleezey old man but when push comes to shove he’s as selfless as it gets. I firmly believe if it was not for Goku being started by Grandpa Gohan and then continued by a man just as selfless as Grandpa Gohan, Goku would not be the world’s and now Universe’s savior! It’s nature we pick up traits from the people who raised us, and Goku learning to put other’s lives above his own from Master Roshi is no different!

So how will it happen? And What will happen if it does happen? I think Master Roshi could die from having a serious battle with a stronger opponent, someone like Toppo even. It would need to be someone very strong standing in Roshi’s way, or even someone that fights very dirty like Frost. Frost possibly goes too far and pushes Master Roshi beyond his limit and he unfortunately dies as a result. There is also a possibility of Master Roshi taking a hard shot from someone really strong like Hit or Jiren for his old student Goku.

There are many ways they could do this, if they wanted a shocking, and memorable moment. Just how amazing would it be to see after the Tournament of Power ends too see Master Roshi hanging out with King Kai back on his little planet nagging each other and training the next generation?

What do you guys think? Do you think Roshi may die? If you think Master Roshi dies how do you think it will happen? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. As always thanks for reading!

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