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United States Of Al Season 2 – Was The Show Renewed By Network

United States Of Al Season 2 Release Date

United States of Al is a sitcom created by David Goetsch and Maria Ferrari, about an Afghan interpreter named Al. He moves to America to start a new life with the help of his friend Riley, a combat veteran who he helped during his service in Afghanistan. The show stars Adhir Kalyan, Parker Young, Elizabeth Alderfer, Kelli Goss, Dean Norris, and Farrah Mackenzie. Robert Randolph has composed the music for the show. Goetsch, Ferrari, Mark Cendrowski, Reza Aslan, Mahyad Tousi, and Chuck Lorre have executive produced the show. Jay O’Connell serves as the producer. Christian La Fountaine helms the cinematography while Stephen Prime serves as the editor. With an average runtime of 20 minutes, season 1 of the show contains a total of 13 episodes. The show made its premiere on CBS on April 1, 2021. CBS renewed the show for another season ahead of the finale, in May 2021.

The show revolves around the friendship between Al and Riley. Awalmir or Al is an interpreter from Afghanistan who helped Riley while he served in the Marines there. Al moves in with Riley who lives in Columbus, Ohio. When he learns that Riley is going through a divorce with his wife Vanessa, he decides to reunite them. We follow Al as he tries to make things right for his friend along with others in the family. Adhir Kalyan plays the titular role of Al, an Afghanistan-born interpreter. Parker Young plays Al’s friend and a combat veteran trying to readjust to normal life. Kelli Goss plays Riley’s estranged wife Vanessa. Elizabeth Alderfer plays the younger sister of Riley, Lizzie. Dean Norris plays Riley and Lizzie’s father, Art. Farrah Mackenzie plays Riley and Vanessa’s daughter Hazel.

United States of Al Cast

The cast of United States of Al.

What happened in Season 1? Episodic Recap

Season 1 sees Al finally being able to come to America after Riley’s several efforts to get him a visa. After reuniting with his friend, Al soon learns of his fractured relationship with his wife Vanessa. Al immediately gets on with using his skills as a translator to ease up the tension between them. Episode 2 sees Lizzie being heartbroken after losing her late fiancé’s dog tags. In episode 3, Al goes to the DMV to take his driver’s license test. We get to see Al contending with the cultural divide in this episode. Episode 4 sees Al trying to teach Hazel to be more respectful of her elders. Meanwhile, Riley thinks about taking over the family business for his father, Art. In episode 5, we see Al feeling homesick. Riley, Art, and Vanessa then try and help Al feel better.

Episode 6 sees Al and Riley giving speeches at a fundraiser for interpreters that are waiting for visas. Meanwhile, Riley meets Vanessa’s new boyfriend. Episode 7 sees Al and Riley trying to get a bargain for Al’s new car. However, they learn that they’re not cut out for finances and contracts. In episode 8, Al meets an Afghan woman named Ariana (Azita Ghanizada) who he wants to date. However, when he learns that she feels negative about the Afghan interpreters who worked for the U.S., Al becomes sad. Episode 9 sees Hazel prepping up for her upcoming 11th birthday party.

United States of Al review

A still from United States of Al season 1.

Season 1 Ending

But when she learns that Al doesn’t know his birthday, she invites him to share the birthday with her. Meanwhile, Riley continues to try to contend with Vanessa’s new boyfriend. Episode 10 sees Riley and Al helping the lonely Art feel better and play matchmaker with him. Episode 11 sees Al panicking when he doesn’t hear from his family in Afghanistan for a few days. In episode 12, Al deals with a dog that Riley and Hazel bring home. Season 1 of United States of Al ends with Al and Vanessa helping Riley embrace his life and move on ahead with it.

United States of Al Season 2 Release Date

United States of Al should be released by early 2022, although we don’t have an official release date for it yet. Season 2 was given the green light by CBS back in May 2021. The renewal means the premiere season must have had sufficed in terms of viewership to warrant a sequel. The show has received a couple of criticisms regarding the casting choice. The title role of an Afghan interpreter is played by Adhir Kalyan, a South Africa-born Indian man. This led to a lot of criticisms for not having an actor of Afghan descent play the character. However, it seems the show has done well enough to get a renewal. For United States of Al season 2, most of the main cast members are expected to return. Until it drops, we’ll keep you posted on any new details and updates regarding the show.

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