Undertaker And Goldberg Return To WWE in June

It has been confirmed that in the main event of WWE in June which is going to take place in Saudi Arabia, the legends of WWE, Undertaker and Goldberg are going to return for a fight. WWE has already held a couple of Pay Per Views in Saudi Arabia namely Crown Jewel and The Greatest Royal Rumble.

Its been a while since we saw Goldberg in action, the last time fought in WrestleMania main event against Brock Lesnar and now he will be returning to in-ring action for one more match. It is possible that Goldberg might face off against the Undertaker but there is a more possibility that the two will be participating in two different matches.

It is being said that Goldberg might face off against the WWE Universal Champion. After the Money in the Bank PPV whoever would be the champion might face off against this legendary wrestler. A. J. Styles and Seth Rollins are about to battle it out for the championship. So, this is going to be a great match to behold between the two.

Meanwhile, The Undertaker’s opponent has already been teased a couple of weeks ago. When Undertaker arrived on Raw and delivered a chokeslam and tombstone to Elias. Elias will be given his opportunity to redeem himself against the phenom the Undertaker in this new show in Saudi Arabia. Even though it would be a bigger match if the two legendary wrestlers fought each other but it is not going to be that way as WWE would like to get two great matches out of the two legendary wrestlers.

The Undertaker is now 54 and his regular wrestling days are over and thus these cameos are all that we might be seeing for now. So, who in your opinion will win these two matches.

Goldberg and Undertaker

In my opinion, since the Undertaker has lost on his last two WWE outings, it is time that he gets to winning ways by delivering another tombstone to Elias.

On the other hand, Goldberg doesn’t seem like having another title run in him, so he might end up losing his match against Seth Rollins or A. J. Styles whoever is the champion at the time. We might even get more wrestlers signed up before the start of the main event. Are there any other wrestlers that you want to see signed up for a one time match?

If there are do tell us in the comments section down below. I personally want to see some Sweet Chin Music again, maybe they even get Shawn Michaels on board as well.

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