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Ultimate Note Chinese Drama Review & Plot Analysis

 Ultimate Note Chinese Drama Review.
Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note is a Chinese drama that comes under the genre of action, suspense, and adventure. The drama was directed by Zou Xi and Wei Li Zhou. The story was written by Zhang Yuan Ang and  Tian Liang Liang. The drama was cast by Joseph Zeng, Xiao Yu Liang, Liu Yu Ning, Liu Yu Han, Cheng Fang Xu, Hankiz Omar, along with other cast members. The drama was released from December 10th in 2020 to January 2nd in 2021.

The drama goes with the story of Wu Xie, who goes in search of his uncle. During his journey, he encounters different people. With different motives, the group and continues the journey. Later on, the drama continues with the dangers they encounter throughout their journey.

Synopsis Of Ultimate Note

Wu Xie, who was curious about his uncle’s past, watched a videotape. He finds himself caught up in a sophisticated conspiracy. When went on an adventure during which he encounters other people. Zhang Qi Ling, Xie Yu Chen, and others which makes them a total of six people. Each has different motives but decides to group. Zhang Qiling lost his memory by an unexpected accident. Wu Xie, Zhang Qiling, and Wang Pangzi resumed their adventures to the ghost kingdom of the snakes, which they believe would help Zhang regain his memory. They search for clues in the Guangxi border, encountering the dangerous situation once more. Together they found a mysterious lake which is situated in the ancient Yao village underwater. It was said that the lake holds terrifying rumors among the local villagers. The rumors occurred due to strange incidence took nearby. Eventually, they were able to arrive at the Zhang family mansion.

Zhang’s family is an old mansion that held the answers they sought. Nevertheless, they had been halted in their ways by Qiu De Kao’s forces. Soon After, with the help of an ancient Lei family blueprint, Wu Xie became familiarized with Madam Huo. Madam Huo was a member of the Jiumen Sect. At her proposal, the group embarked upon a tomb raid. It was a raid which the Jiumen Sect had struggled to achieve many years ago in search of the truth. But during their raid, Wu Xie was seriously wounded. Also, during the same Zhang Qi Ling has gone missing. These both incidents left the mystery unsolved. Also, in the meantime, Xie Yu Chen suggested Wu Xie disguise as his uncle. But Wu Xie hesitated. Later the mystery behind all of this was eventually be revealed one by one.

 Ultimate Note Chinese Drama Review.

Ultimate Note.

Cast Of Ultimate Note

Ultimate Note action drama was cast by Joseph Zeng, Xiao Yu Liang, Liu Yu Ning, Liu Yu Han, Cheng Fang Xu, Hankiz Omar, and other cast members. Joseph Zeng a Chinese singer and actor. He was born on October 9th in the year 1997. He cast as Wu Xie, which one of the main roles in the drama. Xiao Yu Liang a Chinese actor and former member of the boy group Zero-G. He was born on January 23rd  in the year 1995. He cast as Zhang Qi Ling, which is one of the main roles in the drama. Liu Yu Ning a Chinese mainland pop singer, actor, and lead singer of Modern Brothers. He was born on January 8th in the year 1990. He cast as Hei Yan Jing, which is also a main role in the drama.

Liu Yuhan is a Chinese actor. He was born on June 17th in the year 1995. He cast as Xie Yu Chen, who is the main role in the drama. Cheng Fang Xu is a Chinese actor. He was born on April 7th in the year 1987. He cast as Wang Pang Zi, which is a main cast in the drama. Hankiz Omars is a Chinese actress. She was born on January 29th in the year 1996. She cast as Ah Ning, which is a supporting cast in the drama.  Joseph Zeng, Xiao Yu Liang, Liu Yu Ning, Liu Yu Han, Cheng Fang Xu, Hankiz Omar, along with other cast members, have shown incredible performances in the drama.

Where To watch Ultimate Note?

Ultimate Note Chinese Drama released from December 10th in the year 2020 to January 2nd in the year 2021. The drama has 36 episodes which were aired on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Each episode has an estimated duration of 45 minutes. The drama currently released on TV we have hope soon the drama will be released on Netflix, Rakuten Viki, and other online streaming sites.

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