Sacred Games is a Netflix Original series that aired in July of 2018. The show was positively received by audiences in India and certain other parts of the world. Sacred Games is based on an Indian Author Vikram Chandra’s novel that goes by the same name.

The first season of Scared Games had a total of 8 episodes. Since the show was well received in India, audiences wondered whether there will be another season and will Kukoo make it to the same. Kukoo, a female character from the first Season, was abruptly killed off.

Sacred Games Season 2 Update

Netflix India although hasn’t officially confirmed the second season of the show but fans who have read the 2006 book know that season 1 is an adaptation of only the first quarter of the book. So it’s only logical that Netflix India comes out with another season to finish what’s left.

Sacred Games Season 2

Saif Ali Khan who essays the lead role of the policeman Sartaj Singh in Scared Games was recently quoted saying, “Yes, we should be out with one season every year if that’s the way ahead”. Actor Pankaj Tripathi has also revealed that his character Guruji will be the main Villian in Sacred Games Season 2. Therefore with all the hints that the cast members have dropped, Sacred Games season 2 is sure to come.

Saif Ali Khan, the actor also suggested that filming could begin as early as September of 2018. We here at Otakukart are waiting for an official statement from Netflix, and we’ll surely update you as soon as we get one.

Sacred Games Season 2: Cast Details

After the transgender bar dancer Kukoo was abruptly killed off in season, 1 fans were left wondering if she would return for another season. Kukoo in the original book is a minor character, but the producers and scriptwriters of the show decided to elevate the character to a higher position in the web adaptation. Neither the actress Kubra Sait (who plays her) nor the network has left any confirmation regarding her return. Whatever happens with her character is unclear as of now.

That’s all the information we have for now; we will keep you posted as soon as we get hold of more information.


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