Dexter is an American crime – drama that first aired in 2004, and it wrapped up its eighth season in 2013. Since then there have been speculations about a Season 9 with Producer David Nevins himself confirming that the series would never end with Season 8. Nevins said, “all options of continuing the series were on the table..”

Dexter Season 9?

Fans of the show have high hopes on Dexter returning for a Season 9, and some of them have gone so far that they have generated fake posters for the same on the internet. Numerous theories about the fate of the show have been in play since 2013. There were speculations about a spin-off which would center around Debra Morgan. Whereas others have suggested Dexter did a pretty decent job with Season 8, and there really was no need for another Season. Michael C. Hall cleared the air for us when he said he’ll only return for a Season 9 if the plot is decent.

Dexter Season 9 Confirmed

Michael C. Hall was quoted saying, “It’s a possibility given how the show ended that we could revisit Dexter. It will be interesting to see whether or not the show makes a return. The fans will take this opportunity to spread the word. But, I wouldn’t be too confident. However, it is definitely going to be worth watching.”

The Actor also admitted to the fact that he will be known in the acting world by Dexter. That job defines him. He said, “I realize Dexter will be in the first paragraph of my obituary if one is written, maybe the first sentence, but that’s fine.”

Therefore it should be clear that nothing can be said about the return of Dexter as of now. Whatever the fate, we’ll make sure we keep you posted.


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