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Preview: Tsukipro The Animation Season 2 Episode 8


We will be focusing on the next release of TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 Episode 8 since the last episode has aired online. The story of the idols is at the final stage with a few episodes to conclude season two of this anime. The tale of Quell UNIT is about to begin after two boys head to a festival and feels like they are not welcomed. The boys decide to leave and runs somewhere. In the present day, the Quell Uniti gives an outstanding performance. The next day at Nagano Prefecture Hisagi Village, the boys enjoy camping and talk about their music. They realize that the forest is beautiful and it is good for them to relax their minds.

Issei is taking pictures of the boys and the lives of the surroundings. Issei told the boys that they took time to come, and he wants to capture all the memories before they leave. Ichiru joined them, and he is glad that Eto and Fujimura are here. Yuduki arrives wearing a suit and reveals that he is Quell’s manager and he will be directing them today, and he is looking forward to work with the boys once again. Eto replies that they have heard the news from Mochiduki.

Ichiru wonders where Michiduki is, and Eto replies that Moduchi plans to arrive later with Ken and Ryo. Ichiru comments that the twins from Quell are here. Issei agrees and said it is Shu and Eichi. Shu and Echi are the boys that leave the village during the day of the festival, the childhood. Issei adds that Shu and Eichi couldn’t reschedule their other activities. As for the Solids, Shiki, Dai, and SOARA only have Soshi and Ren. Yuduki comments that it is hard to get all the units together since everyone has his goal and others are rivals.

Previously on TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 Episode 7

Yuduki also adds that he heard that tomorrow, all Six Gravity and Procelarum would meet up so they can shoot everything at once. The boys are impressed and realize they have to focus so they don’t get in their way. They encounter a boar written Welcome To Yokai Village, and Eto told the others to take a look. They find the map of the village for those who don’t know the path. Issei said that it is a Yokai map. Ichiru adds that the town has been tales of Yokai for a long time.



But it is a perfect location for them this time. Issei and Eichi enjoy reading the map, and Eto wonders if the two like Yokai. Isse replies that they have been reading books about them since their childhood. They realize that Ichiru hates monsters, but he is supporting that he likes Yokai. After reading about demons, the boys wonder if Ichiru will be okay since having a nightmare is his thing. Ichiru replies that he never hates the monster and he will be okay.

Ichiru adds that the ones that they are talking about are different from ghosts. Eto wonders if Ichiru is trying to be brave. Issei continues to take pictures of the surroundings and captures the board that leads them to the village. An old geezer arrives and greets that body, and Ichiru gets scared, thinking it is the ghost. Miciduki comments that it is the village mayor. The mayor escorts the boys to the village, and Ichuru apologizes for calling the mayor a ghost. In the evening the boys enjoy dancing at the Bon Festival.

TSUKIPRO THE-ANIMATION 2 Episode 8 Release Date

TSUKIPRO THE-ANIMATION 2 Episode 8 will be released on 26 August 2021, Thursday at 12:00 PM. The new episode of TSUKIPRO THE-ANIMATION 2 will air every Thursday, but the episode airs on Wednesday in different countries. Let’s look at the TSUKIPRO THE-ANIMATION official preview below.

Where To Watch TSUKIPRO THE-ANIMATION 2 Episode 8?

You can watch TSUKIPRO THE-ANIMATION 2 Episode 8 online on HIDIVE. TSUKIPRO THE-ANIMATION 2 has an official website and Twitter account. The latest episodes ofΒ  TSUKIPRO THE -ANIMATION 2 will air online on HIDIVE AND VRV every Thursday with English subtitles after anime airs the latest episode. Also Read: Preview & Recap: The Honor At Magic High School Episode 8.

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