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Trollstopia Season 5: Release Date, Cast & Where to Watch

Trollstopia Season 5 Release Date
Trollstopia Season 5 Release Date

Kids’ shows are always the hype. They are always popular. In consequence, if you’re a parent and are looking for Trollstopia Season 5 release date, look no further! We at Otakukart prepared for you information regarding this popular music children’s show which takes inspiration and is a direct spin-off from Trolls. Firstly, perhaps you heard from “Trolls,” the musical comedy film that took inspiration from the 1980s dolls with the funny hair that became a cult classic. Well, those things became a movie in 2013 that spawned a musical series for kids. And it is wildly popular.

In fact, Trollstopia is so popular that it is now on for the fourth season. And just recently, the production company confirmed the release of the fifth season. And that date we are going to share with you further down this post. Back in 2017, DreamWorks let out the first season of this show as a way to test out if it was going to work. It turns out the show was a hit, bigger than they expected, it got traction, and they had to make more episodes. The only hiatus the show had was because of COVID, but then again, all productions stumbled on that rock. Now let’s cover this topic for you without any further ado!

Trollstopia Season 5 Release Date

Trollstopia season 5 will release on November 4, 2021. But that’s according to a very dubious website. Not from an official source. Moreover, Trollstopia season 4 just dropped early in September 2021. The fourth season consists of six episodes and twelve segments. In the fourth season, some characters like DJ Suki are no longer that evident. And Chenille and Satin have very few roles, as they are only singing now. As for Cooper and Biggie, it’s basically the same in this season, relegated only to singing and no major lines.

Trollstopia Season 5

Trollstopia Season 5 Release Date

Trollstopia Cast

Queen Poppy was voiced by Amanda Leighton (you may remember her from her voice work as “Blossom” in The Powerpuff Girls). Secondly, there’s Branch, voiced by Skylar Astin. You may remember Skylar from his work in Pitch Perfect and 21 & Over. Thirdly, Val Thundershock was voiced by Lauen Mayhew, a ring announcer for ECW. Fourthly, Holly Darlin voices Megan Hilty. JP Karliak voices Dante Crescendo. And Vladimir Caamaño as Synth.

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Where can I Watch Trollstopia?

Suppose you want to begin singing and dancing with the Trolls. Well, look no further. We made a brief of the sites where you can stream this very popular children’s show featuring the characters from the DreamWorks show. Firstly, we have to talk about Peacock TV from the NBC network. This relatively novel platform features all four seasons of Trollstopia, as well as much other great content from NBC networks, like 30 Rock, and Modern Family. A basic Peacock TV subscription goes for US$ 4.99 a month.

Secondly, there is Hulu. Hulu is a Disney subsidiary company with a massive catalog and lots of add-ons. If you wish to watch Trollstopia, you can get it for as low as US$ 6 a month for a really basic subscription. But if you really wish to expand your options. I recommend you dig a little deeper into your budget and get the US$ 64.99 Hulu +Live TV program as it will give you many options, channels, and lots of things to choose from.

Trollstopia Season 5 Release Date

Trollstopia Season 5 Release Date

What similar things can I watch to Trollstopia?

Suppose you haven’t watched Trolls but are familiar with Trollstopia. I recommend you watch the 2018 Netflix animated series Trolls: The Beat Goes On! It has eight seasons, fifty-two chapters of twenty-two minutes, and it is chock-full of fun. It stars pretty much the same cast as Trollstopia. Namely Amanda Leighton and Skylar Astin. And Sam Lerner, Kari Wahlgren, David Kay and Fryda Wolff. The series ran exclusively for Netflix from January 2018 to November 2019. And considering its success, it is no wonder why Hulu and Peacock made their deals with DreamWorks to get Trollstopia on their platforms. Even with children’s shows, it’s a cut-throat game when it comes to streaming wars. But that’s for another story. With that, we conclude our coverage of Trollstopia. Thank you for reading, and please keep coming back for more!

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