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Triple Frontier Ending Explained: Is Pope Able To Get The Money?

Triple Frontier Ending Explained
The Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier is an action thriller directed by J. C. Chandor. In March 2019, the movie came on the big screen. Ben Affleck starred in this Action-adventure that got released in 2019. But the director decided it won’t be a sequel for the Batman superstar. Ben Affleck plays the character of the notorious Tom “Redfly” Davis. Unfortunately, Redfly could not make it till the end as Ben Affleck dies in an ambush. But after what happens with Pope, the word is that the second part will be out soon! Pope Garcia received some coordinates, after which the film ended. So will we see a sequel? Let’s find out Triple Frontier Ending Explained!

Produced by Charles Rowen and Alex Gartner, Triple Frontier has a cast with many superstars. In fact, in 2010, Tom Hanks & Johnny Depp were in talks to play the lead role. In 2016, they exited after Atlas Entertainment took over the production. Next year, Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum were in close talks with the director. But in 2018, Ben Affleck signed for the film, after which the cast got finally confirmed. Written by Mark Boal & Chandor, Triple Frontier got positive reviews from the critics and the audience. Triple Frontier talks about the US Delta force. It shows how they reunite and plan a heist on a South American Drug Lord. The movie got its name from an area in South America known as Tres Fronteras (Spanish.) 

Some of the important units from the Delta Force perished in the heist. Those who barely survived are thinking of going back again. Go back to get the money which they hid in the ravine. Let’s check- Triple Frontier Ending Explained!

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Triple Frontier Ending Explained

The Heist

Plot Summary Of Ben Affleck’s Action Thriller

The film starts and ends with Santiago Pope Garcia. The character of Pope did not get played by Ben Affleck. Instead, it got played by Oscar Isaac. Ben Affleck plays the role of the wicked Tom Redfly Davis. It was a much troublesome character to nail than Pope’s. The film starts with Pope, a military advisor, having talks with an informant. The informant Yovanna (Adria Arjona) asks for his help to smuggle her and her brother outside the country. In exchange, she will provide valuable information about a crime lord in South America. This drug lord, Lorea, has $75 Million cash in his house located in a remote jungle. 

Pope agrees and goes to Florida to recruit his teammates. He succeeds in convincing the crew about what could happen if the heist is a success. Their life will change. One fine day, the team infiltrates Lorea’s house when Lorea is in the Church with his family. The crew realizes that there is more than just $75 Million! Pope finds money hidden beneath the walls. Out of greed, Redfly keeps on loading the truck and denies leaving. Lorea’s men ambush the Delta force in no time! Triple Frontier manages to escape just in time. They leave the place with $250 Million!

Pope keeps his word and helps Yovanna out of the border. He also gives her $3 Million. Due to heavyweight, the chopper gets forced to land on a farmer’s land. The farmers think that they are DEA, ambush them, killing Redfly. Pope and the rest realize that Lorea and his men are waiting to kill them. They hide the money stack in a ravine and escape with only $5 Million in hand

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Triple Frontier Ending Explained: Do They Go Back?

In the end, the Delta Force escapes after a final gunfight. Redfly (Ben Affleck) gets killed in the ambush by the villagers. After reaching back home safely, they decide to help out Redfly’s family. The group donates a part of their share to his family. Before leaving, they all hug each other for “one last time.” Just when Ironhead is about to leave the scene, he has a small talk with Pope. He hands him a small piece of paper. 

Before leaving, Hunman whispers, “Maybe we could do something good with it, some other day,” and leaves. The slip has the coordinates of the ravine where they dumped the cash which they stole! It tells that the chances are high for the sequel to come. And it will come! But this time, it will be without Ben Affleck. 

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