Who Trained Universe 11’s Strongest Fighter, Vermouth’s Secret Wish?

Howdy, Dragon Ball Super fans. I’m here with another unconfirmed-but-possible theory; If you are keeping up with my blogs then you may know that I have proper reasons or explanations for whatever I’m writing. Still, If I miss something, you can comment on it.

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Quick Fact: Jiren is able to survive in the vacuum of space as he proved able to travel through the vastness of space from one planet to another, finding it the quickest way to continue his duties.

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Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power Arc is at its peak, breaking all past records of its TRP. Dragon Ball Super became the #1 Most Searched anime of 2017. And why not? Akira Toriyama and staff are trying their best to give us the best fan service. Dragon Ball is well known for Storyline changes, plot-holes, suspense, and drama, so is Dragon Ball Super.

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Almost 17 minutes are still left for Tournament of Power to end, more than half of the warriors are eliminated. Vegeta is still the Real MVP with the most number of eliminations. Frieza’s plan is yet to get revealed, Universe 4’s hidden warriors are still hidden and a lot more.

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Now, without any more delays lets come back straight to the point or the reason, How Jiren is so Strong, Is that some kind of Training or a wish from Super Dragon Balls?

Let’s make it clear, Marcarita is the strongest (Angel) from Universe 11 after her we have Vermouth and so on. And as we all saw, Marcarita doesn’t even know much about Jiren which is impossible for an angel.

As much as I know, Angels have incredibly impressive intelligence and have a considerable amount of knowledge regarding the world of deities, godly ki, and the intense training needed to ascend to their level, though far from being omniscient.

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So, I think if we dig just a little deeper. Then maybe Vermouth is the one who used the super Dragon Balls since Marcarita knows nothing about Jiren. Whis etc knows everything about their own universe. Which makes this quite bizarre.

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He is also able to communicate with Vermouth in a strange way, could it be that Vermouth is the one who created this being who would never lose, no matter who he is up against, with the Super Dragon Balls?

Yep, it’s possible. And, there is no one in the Universe who can train Jiren to become this strong except Marcarita. Whatsoever, Marcarita knows nothing about Jiren. So the only possibility we are getting is, Jiren got his powers from the Super Dragon Balls.

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So, what are your opinions on it?


Why Goku’s Ultra Instinct Is Different Than The Officially Released Form?!

Howdy, I wonder you guys are thinking exactly the same question and why not? If It’d be an error in animating or the studio is misleading/ spreading lies then I will be the one to inform you about it. However, this is not the case here.

Goku’s Ultra Instinct state is achieved by breaking the walls of one’s limits and getting to the deeper potential within. This state while initially increasing the user’s capacities vastly more than even X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken, the equally augmented mental parameters allow the user to quickly and noticeably imprint on the battle, steadily evolving their power and efficiency with each exchange.

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The unique properties of this state appear to allow the user to reenergize and essentially negate all previous injuries. However, the “Omen’s” greatest strength is that it gives its user the Ultra Instinct ability.

Now, coming straight to the topic;

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Before the release of ‘Ultra Instinct,’ there were too many tweets from the studio of Dragon Ball Super that “New form is coming”

And just after the release of ‘Ultra Instinct’ we got an amazing confirmation from the studio, “Ultra Instinct is not a form, it’s a technique.” I can perfectly guess what you people are thinking and trust me I think exactly the same.

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Ultra Instinct has released just a symptom of the new form, That’s why the word “Kizashi” is used again and again for this new form. Which is no-doubt the synonym of Symptom.

It is used as same as we say “this pain is a symptom of heavy exercise” and here it means Ultra Instinct is a Symptom of Goku’s new form the limit Breaker or are the symptoms of some other form which confirms that we will be going to see true and mastered ultra instinct soon. Also, in the episode 113 Whis said that Goku’s skills are being sharpened.

And, later on, In the recent episode of Dragon Ball Super Goku says “I’m getting hang of it, Of Ultra Instinct”

In short, Goku’s new form is different than the form that was officially released, It’s because Ultra Instinct is not the form that was teased by the studio. It’s some other form which will be attained by Goku in his next fight against Jiren.

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What makes me so sure of it is, The studio and animation staff has been hinting at it.

Maybe, the form revealed by the studio is the second step or final step of Ultra Instinct, Currently, Goku can only use UI defensively. He can dodge and counter unconsciously but still has to measure his attacks. Next step is going on the offense, to be able to attack without thought and disinhibit his strikes.

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