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Tower Of God Chapter 517: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Tower Of God Chapter 519
Tower Of God

Tower Of God Chapter 517 reveals the Master inside the Nest since Bam wakes up and Khoon has learned the truth about the war between different families. Bam was surprised to see the Master. A mysterious lady inside the Tower comments that they will meet the Irregular and she has been waiting for a long time. Khoon notices that something and tells Bam that it is a floating ship. Bam adds that he can see a person inside, and they heard a voice calling them little brats. From the latest chapter of Tower Of God, the mysterious person is Maschenny Zahard and the princess of Zahard.

Maschenny reveals that she is the one behind the whole operation. Bam and Khoon were shocked hearing the name Maschenny Zahard. Asensio told the two not to worry about anything. Maschenny reveals that she is the one who made Ha Jinsung gets trapped to lure Bam and Koon. Bam wonders why Maschenny did that, and she tells Bam not to get excited. Maschenny adds that it is like everyone is trying to get Bam in trouble. They heard about a special card, Irregular. Rak asks Maschenny whose side she is in trying to mess with his friends.

Maschenny scolded Rak and told him that he was not strong and they had to choose who would use them. She asks them if they are willing she can use them. Asensio wonders if she has forgotten about her. Maschenny talked about transferring Ha Jinsung into the teleporter, by they got delayed since Bam, and the others won the game. She gives them credits for reaching inside the Nest. But it will be impossible for them to stop Ha Jinsung’s sealing.

Previously on Tower Of God Chapter 516

Maschenny talked about the incidents happening inside the teleporter that is under the control of the  Lo Pa Bia family since it is their territory. She told them that if they needed her to help them, they would first do something for her. Maschenny also talked about the giant teleporter above the Suspendium. She told them to go inside instead of Ha Jinsung and got information for her about everything inside. Bam is surprised, and she tells him that it is the only way they can rescue Ha Jinsung. Bam wonders if she wants them to be trapped there. Koon also believes that it is a trap and asks Maschenny if she is messing with them.

Tower Of God Chapter 517

Tower Of God

Maschenny told Khoon to be quiet since she could erase them and leave no trace. But she is unsure how they can get out of Suspendium once they enter, and they will solve that when they are inside. Maschenny also told them to bring that thing inside the Suspendium, but using their Irregular powers, they could escape. Koon is not convinced and tells Bam not to accept that offer. Rak also supports Khoon’s statement, but Bam shows them that face, realizing that they won’t stop Bam.

Khoon accepts that Bam has made his mind, and they have to go with the flow. They both decided to follow Bam. Bam calls out Khoon’s name, and Khoon realizes that Bam wants to say that he is going alone and tells him not to dare say that. Bam realizes that it is hard for people waiting outside than those who are inside. Khoon is glad that Bam agreed, and they will get that thing out together. Inside the Tower, a guy wearing a blue cap notices a floating ship breaking inside.

Tower Of God Chapter 517 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 517 will be released on 14 November 2021. Branch Leader Candidate of the La Po Bia Family appears. The Leader is revealed to be a thing ranker, Sicarius. The guy wearing a blue cap wonder if he is seeing a human. In a place where Lyboricks is, a warp device appears. La Po Bia Family Meier and Candidy meet with Lyboricks and apologize that they are late. They talked about Lyborick’s appointment, and Ha Jinsung is about to be sealed. Bam, Rak, and Khoon are about to enter. Let’s look at Tower Of God Chapter 517 official details.

Tower Of God Chapter 517

Tower Of God

Read Tower Of God Chapter 517 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Tower Of God Chapter 517 online on various websites. Tower Of God is yet to reveal its official manga websites. But the new chapter arrives on Sunday, and the spoilers also arrive late or after the latest chapter is released. The new chapter of Tower Of God manga is available online every week. Let’s meet when Tower Of God Chapter 517 is released.

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