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Tower Of God Chapter 506: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Tower Of God
Tower Of God

The Cat Tower games begin with Tower Of God Chapter 506; Twenty-Fifth Bam and his friends complete different missions to climb the Tower of God. The Tower of God games have recently begun, and the participants are working to clear their path as they defeat enemies and monsters to climb the Tower of God. The chapter will release this week as we continue to see Bam vs. White while Lord Sullivan makes his way to Rybolic to settle the scores. From the recent chapter White and Bam clashed while Ha Cheonhee faces her opponent. The battle begins where it ended as Bam tries to kill White.

Bam charges forward, attacking with lightning strikes. But White sword seems more formidable as he uses it against all the attacks of Bam. He unleashes a big blast telling White that it is his time to die. Meanwhile, the Map Boss got released from prison inside the passage and brawl with the blonde guy. The blond guy wonders if he is facing the Hybrid. The guys inside the CCTV room realize there is a Hybrid inside the Cat Tower. He realizes that they mess up, and he was not expecting it.

The monster inside the Cat Tower belongs to Lord Yasurachya, and they were keeping it as the test subject. That guy realizes that Yasurachya received that beast as a gift from Lord Zahard. But the monster is part of the game, and it might cause it to returned to the prison by default if they are following rules. The guy release that the monster should be locked since it will be impossible to capture after being released from the prison. The blonde guy believes that the beast is part of Yasurachya’s collection.

Previously on Tower Of God Chapter 505

The blonde-haired guy looked at the monsters and realizes that he has never seen such a monstrous being. He wonders how the demon managed to escape from the prison and to rampage around The Cat Tower. The blonde-haired guy decided to punish the monster since it is useless to his plans. The two exchange barrages and the blond haired-guy realizes that he has found a helpful mouse that will be part of Zahard’s army, and he might be successful in this mission. The monster pierced the blond-haired guy’s chest, but he thought he landed a clean hit that was supposed to tear the beast apart.


The monstrous creature proved to be more robust than the blonde-haired guy expected. He wonders where the 5th Corp Commander get that scary creature from and who released it. The blond-haired guy realizes that something is fishy. Meanwhile, at Division Commander Ha Cheonhee’s side, she met with her enemy that thought she was not her opponent. The lady comment that Ha Cheonhee might be her sibling since she is from that family. Ha-Chaonhee agrees, and she said that the lady be might be correct.

The enemy lady told her that she wouldn’t hold back, and she is putting the matter of sibling aside. Ha-Cheonhee said to the lady that she is in a hurry and the former Commander Kallavan is waiting for her, and she serves him. She told the lady that she would strike at her full force to get this over. Back at Bam vs. White, Bam continues with a killing blow trying to eliminate White. He landed a massive slash that pushes Bam, and he got injured. White gains momentum and begins to punish Bam. Bam replies with a palm strike that almost hit White. The battle continues as they exchange massive strikes.

Tower Of God Chapter 506 Release Date

Tower Of God-Chapter 506 will be released on 29¬†August 2021. The manga will be using the Sunday schedule, but the latest chapter arrives on Monday in other countries. The upcoming chapter will release on Sunday, and we will update it the next day after the manga has been released. So far, we have no official platforms for reading the latest chapters of Tower Of God. Don’t miss the next chapter since Bam is about to make his signature move against White.

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