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Top Movies Like A Quiet Place Part II To Watch Right Now

A Quiet Place

No one can deny that they surely crave a horror movie at certain points in their life. You might not be an enthusiast of this genre, but everybody likes a good scary tale once in a while. A Quiet Place Part II has made that possible for us by being one of the most innovative horror films that have ever been made in the Hollywood industry. It serves as a sequel to The Quiet Place film, which was released back in 2018. The whole concept of this tale is unique as it comes along with a new concept that has never been witnessed before. The movie dwells on the blind aliens who have an acute sense of hearing and use this power to hunt down humans to feed on them.

This is where the family comes in whose members have to survive in this chaos and have been extremely mindful of these creatures who are more than eager to kill them. John Krasinski has done most of the work on this sequel, be it directing or co-producing or writing the script under the banner of Paramount Pictures. Some new additions in the cast were done with this second film which included actor Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou among Emily Blunt as well as Millicent Simmonds along with Noah Jupe. Back in the first film, we witnessed that the character of Krasinski has died owing to these aliens. In the second film, however, he returns in certain flashback moments as well as memories.

This story starts at least one year before the events of the first film took place. We see the entire Abbott family attending the basketball game in which their son Abbott was a player. This is where the entire story turns around as a flaming object seems to be coming nearer to Earth. All this while, the people are trying to abort the whole event and scoot away when they realize that deadly aliens have now landed on Earth who have high-speed strength as well as armored skin. These creatures can not actually see but, at the same time, as we have discussed earlier, possess excellent hearing skills through which they target their victims. The second film starts with Lee, who has sacrificed himself to save his family.

The tale, at the time it was released, got positive feedback from both the audience and the critics. They even praised the performances of all the actors and the story, including Murphy’s character. After witnessing such heights of success received by the franchise, the creators have decided to make the third installment of this movie too. Well, if you are someone who absolutely loved the plot of this story and are looking forward to watching more stories of this genre, then we have got you covered. Here we have mentioned the films you need to watch if you liked The Quiet Place Part II.

Top Movies To Watch Like A Quiet Place Part II

A still from A Quiet Place Part II

1. Bird Box – Released in 2018

This movie shares the same genre as The Quiet Place Part II and excels in the department of horror and drama. The events in this story are based on a novel penned down by Josh Malerman and published back in 2014. The whole concept of this story is unique and focuses on our sensory organs, just like The Quiet Place Part II does. In this movie, we see that Malorie Hayes has two kids, and she is trying to protect her little family from a creature, which, when looks humans into their eyes, convinces them to commit suicide.

The film has been directed by Susanne Bier, while its production has been done by Dylan Clark and Chris Morgan, and Clayton Townsend. The movie stars actress Sandra Bullock in the lead role among other cast members. The whole point of storytelling in this tale has been done in a great manner with the storytelling all of us off in formatting which we have never seen before. I bet if you like The Quiet Place Part II, then you are absolutely going to fall for Bird Box too. The film is available to watch on Netflix right now.

Top Movies To Watch Like A Quiet Place Part II

A still from Bird Box

2. Cloverfield – Released in 2008

This movie came out for all the fans back in 2008 and immediately rocked us all with its amazing plot within the horror genre. The director of this story is Matt Reeves, and you know that when he works on a project, it is going to be awesome. As for the producers, we have J.J. Abrams as well as Bryan Burk. The story is told in the format of footage after footage from a personal recorder of a character. This device was grasped by the Department of Defense of the United States. This happened to be in an area that was previously known as Central Park by the people.

There are many videos in this camcorder that even show Rob waking up Beth in her father’s apartment. By this incident, we get the idea that the two went on to celebrate a very special incident across New York City and Coney Island. Step by step, we get to understand the whole story, and finally, as the emotions for all the characters have finally settled in our hearts, we see them in a horrific accident from which coming back seems impossible. Cloverfield is available to stream on Netflix right now.

Top Movies To Watch Like A Quiet Place Part II

A still from Cloverfield

3. Attack The Block – Released in 2011

Well, you can not really complain about the plot of this film given the fact that we are provided with a lot of genres perfectly blended into one, and this gives rise to a form of storytelling that has been rarely witnessed or experimented with in the horror department. So, this tale includes themes such as science and fiction and horror and comedy, and the story has been penned down by Joe Cornish. Just like we have aliens in A Quiet Place Part II, in this movie, we are provided with another set of alien invaders again.

The story throws the spotlight on a teenage street gang who are forced to protect themselves from these aforementioned predatory creatures. They land on a council estate located in South London while the Guy Fawkes Night is happening. The critical response of this tale was oriented in the positive direction generally, with the fans pointing out a unique story. The critics also mentioned how the format of directing by Cornish is exceptionally well. The performance done by Boyega on the screen was also appreciated by the people who watched this film. Currently, the creators have decided to make a sequel for this movie, and of course, if you liked The Quiet Place Part II, then there is no way you would dislike Attack the Block.

Top Movies To Watch Like A Quiet Place Part II

Attack the Block

4. The Host – Released in 2006

This film is from South Korea, Asia and again has the concept of monsters or foreign creatures landing on Earth, thus creating an apocalypse. The story throws the light on a man whose daughter is kidnapped by a monster. Thus, in order to protect her, he gears up and sets on a journey to get her kid back. This film has been directed by Bong Joon Ho, and while he was in one of the interviews and was asked about the inspiration which made him create this movie and he had the craziest answer.

Bong described that he was inspired by the local article about a deformed fish that was found in the Han River. At the time of its release, The Host was dubbed as the highest-grossing film from South Korea. There are a variety of accolades won by this film, too, such as Best Film at the Asian Film Awards as well as Blue Dragon Film Awards. If you liked The Quiet Place and how the story gives us an emotional attachment to the character, you are surely going to love The Host.

Top Movies To Watch Like A Quiet Place Part II

The Host

5. Children of Men – Released in 2006

I bet you, the ’00s was a time of these monster films, and the best ones were created then. The tale features a mixed genre that includes science as well as fiction and thrill along with action. Alfonso Cuaron has directed this masterpiece, and its story has been inspired by the novel that goes by the same name and has been penned down by P.D. James back in 1992. The setting of this story is in 2027 and serves us with a unique tale. At this point in time, humans are on the edge of becoming extinct after two decades have passed because of human infertility.

The camera then spans its focus on the asylum seekers who want to live in a sanctuary in the United Kingdom where they are subjected to detention as well as refoulement because of the government. The focus is laid on the character of Clive Owen, that is, Theo Faron, who is bound to help the refugee Kee as they both are trying to get away from the chaos. If you enjoyed watching The Quiet Place Part II, then I am sure you will love Children of Men.

6. Signs – Released in 2002

This movie shares almost the same genre as Children of Men. We have themes such as science as well as fiction and mystery along with thriller. M. Night Shyamalan has directed this beautiful tale that does not fall short when giving us the chills. This film, when it was released back in 2002, surely amazed all the watchers with its new form of a story. There are a lot of concepts in Signs which are similar to A Quiet Place Part II, but this time, the creator decided to add various hints of comedy to it too. The story throws the entire spotlight on the character of Mel Gibson, known as Graham, who owns a farm in Pennsylvania.

Soon enough, while we are in the film, Graham starts to find out some crop circles popping up in his cornfield but lets it slide away, thinking that it might be the work of pranksters or people who want to get a reaction out of him just for fun. On the other hand, we see that people around him have started to trust the rumors about some alien visitors, even his own brother. Along with this tale, we find out that there is just a lot of plot twists that are capable of turning our minds, and this surely ought to capture the interest of the audience to this tale.

Top Movies To Watch Like A Quiet Place Part II


7. The Silence – Released in 2019

Netflix has always been a great supplier of films when it comes to variety. The platform has everything that you are ever going to need depending upon your taste. This tale excels in the department of horror as well as drama. It stars actress Kiernan Shipka in the lead role along with Stanley Tucci. The story has adapted its inspiration from a horror novel by the same name, which has been written by Tim Lebbon. If you go out searching for a film that resembles the most what the whole concept of The Quiet Place Part II is, then I am sure you are going to love watching The Silence.

The story throws light on a deaf girl named Ally Andrews, whose role has been reprised by Kiernan Shipka. She, along with the family, is forced to flee the monsters which prey on humans by the sound they create. But unlike what we saw in The Quiet Place franchise, the monsters in The Silence are not aliens, rather creatures called vests which are released from a mine. At the time of its release, the critics accused The Silence of copying the entire plot of what The Quiet Place has to offer. But given the fact that this story had originated from a novel that was published way before then we had The Quiet Place franchise with us, we can understand that plagiarism is not the case here.

All this while, The Silence has its own stand in the entertainment industry and serves us with a different level of survival depicted through the tale. The story is set in the immediate aftermath of a religious cult that gives rise to death and despair.

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