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Top Marvel Power Couples Ranked (2021 Updated)

Marvel Avengers

When you hear the word, ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I bet you think of action, superheroes, exciting new costumes, various other planets but no one, in a million times, would think of romance. But as it turns out, this genre is in fact, one of the most important key features that binds the whole story together. Even though not dominant, romance has been witnessed in the MCU a variety of times, and you might have failed to notice it, I will give you that. Majorly because romance has been kept subtle throughout all of it and also the fact that the engaging storyline posed by the creators of Marvel keeps us all very busy in thinking of what might happen next that generally, our brain is not able to capture these romantic elements. This has always been the success formula of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I mean look, from the beginning of their franchise, we have all engaged in some or the other romantic partners. It is because the creators know the ambitions and how to skyrocket their projects by putting in a perfect blend of stories that we didn’t even know we ever needed. Despite the fact that Marvel is a superhero company, they surely have listed romance in their list of priorities.

When the Marvel movies first stepped into the industry, they used to have a brief romantic storyline. But soon enough, we saw the Marvel CEO Kevin Feige take over the productions and evolve through the times. He surely has kept romance as a side theme in the movies but we know his main aim. Kevin knows that the thing which the audience loves most about the Marvel films is its character arc rather than the love stories beneath them. But well, with the Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe beginning with series instead of films, we know how the romance has been growing potentially. We entered into this new era with Wanda and Vision and well, we all know that they were spending a married suburban life as a couple even though they are superheroes. Well, here we are all buckled up to take you down the Marvel memory lane, amidst the couple stories that you most probably have forgotten. Here we have wrapped up some of the best Marvel couples that we have seen till now.

1. Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Peggy Carter

Don’t even get me started on how amazing they were. We know how our Cap would not be at the place and dignity he is at right now without the motivational prep given to him by Peggy Carter. When you watch the first Captain America film, you all will see the emotions which were contributes by this unspoken romance of Peggy and Steve throughout the tale. Even after 70 years, when Steve was in a coma, we see him reminiscing Peggy because that is what the power of true love is. Also, the story had to take some different turns and actions and thus, it was clear that the story of these two love birds was not given much time. But this does not mean their relationship was not strong. Also, they say fall in love with someone who knows your past and present. And by this, we can surely say that Peggy was well aware of what Steve used to be, a naive lad from New York City, and later what he became because of the injections. She legit was the reason why Captain America did so great throughout all the movies.

Steve too was aware of Peggy’s past and how she was just a trainer but later became the co-founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. My only disappointment towards Marvel is that they never gave these two a chance to breathe within the Universe. There is no denying in the fact that the two know each other inside out and are capable of bringing out the best. Steve promised a date to Peggy before his ship crashed, and everybody assumed that he has died. But later, when after 70 years he came out of ice and woke up, the first thing he thought of was the date with Peggy, and it honestly melted our hearts. Steve would not have ever become an Avenger if it were not for Peggy. She was the one who found the S.H.I.E.L.D. along with Howard Stark to have the good in the world running, and it was for her that Steve dedicated his new life.

2. Wanda Maximoff (The Scarlet Witch) and Vision

Vision was introduced to us back in Age of Ultron and according to the introduction he gave us, the theories sent flying off among the fans. Well, more on that later because first let us discuss the relationship which he shares with Wanda. The two have been together through all the hurdles their tough superhero life had to offer them, and still in the Phase 4 of Marvel, we’re going strong. Back in Age of Ultron, we witnessed how Wanda did not want that Vision to be made but was present at the time of his birth. Now, as you guys might have seen later in Captain America: Civil War, the two were together, and Vision kept Wanda safe in the Avengers headquarters. Later in the scenes, she sent her over to the Earth’s core in order to escape.

The next time we saw them, much much later in Avengers: Infinity War, they were seen as a couple where Wanda was trying to do everything in her power to save her love from Thanos as the evil antagonist was trying to take his Infinity Stone. Now, we will not lie but their relationship was a bit tacky and confusing at first because we honestly did not know it ever originated. But all the doubts were cleared off when Marvel Cinematic Universe decided to dedicate a whole 6 episode series to their romance. In this show, we got to know how this couple date back to the past and evolved through the years along with each other. Not to mention a lot of spoilers for the people who have not watched the show yet, but Vision is really dead, and Wanda just created a hallucination in her mind so as to feel the love of her life with her.

3. Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Pepper Potts

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the writer who decided to name this beautiful woman Pepper Potts. I mean, how cute, right? Now, back to the relationship, we know how there would have been no developments in this superhero franchise if it was not for the love that Tony and Pepper have for each other. It was obvious from the first Iron Man film that we saw that Tony is crazy about his inventions and takes too much pride in the whole thing. He randomly hooks up with people and forgets to call them back, and is a crazy billionaire. But then comes in Pepper as his assistant and teaches him all the human emotions which he initially lacks.

She never even forgets to help him when he lost the heart he had and keeps reminding the world that ‘Tony Stark Has A Heart’. This romance that Pepper and Tony share is not like your everyday husband and wife thing. The two are partners in business, and also, Pepper is Tony’s manager. The whole relationship feels so surreal and tranquil, with Tony finally finding his home in Pepper’s arms. Also, in Endgame when we finally get to meet their daughter and explore her cuteness, it was way too beautiful. How when Tony went over to tuck her in, she said ‘ I Love You 3000’, and it became the catchphrase the whole world needed. The fact that Tony Stark dies in the arms of the woman he loved was heartwarming yet tranquil at the same time.

4. T’Challa (Black Panther) and Nakia

This romance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was set to be so real that it even confused the fans if the two were couples in real life too, or not. The fact that Marvel put two such amazingly talented actors at the end of each other, as they glide through the portrayal of their love interests, made us feel the romantic genre in a deeply satisfying manner. Also, you guys might already know that there was not much scenes in the film where the two were shown as a romantic couple, but whenever they were given the screen time together, you could feel their bond within your skin and the level of understanding that the two have. There should already be a petition to the studies to show us more of the chemistry that is shared between these two.

Although, the unfortunate passing away of our favorite actor, Chadwick Boseman, who used to reprise this role, is too heartbreaking. There is absolutely no one who could ever jump in and replace the actor in the movies for us, but we would like to see the studios try. Well, everyone can agree on the legacy that Chadwick Boseman has sent within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how he has been one of the sweetest celebrities we have recieved during our lives. There surely was more to this relationship between T’Challa as well as Nakia than it was shown to the audience, but yet, we know that their bond has to be top-tier.

5. Thor and Jane Foster

Now, you all must be wondering why the romance shared between Jane Foster, and the lord of Thunder is so low in this list. Not to offend any Thor fans or anyone, but despite the fact that the first two Thor movies have deeply focused on the bond that these two shares, the genre did not contribute much to building the character arcs of them. Well, we all know that Thor and Jane surely did have chemistry and were ready to do a lot for each other, but we also can not stop wondering why there was literally zero instances of Jane Foster in Thor: Ragnarok? It might contribute to the fact that Taika Waititi did an amazing job while evolving the Thor film (which surely were not as good before), and he did not find putting so much of love interest in a “superhero” film necessary. W

e are in no way blaming the director because even the critics suggest that the screen time given to the two love birds was way too much. If you look at it, the entire two Thor films was mainly about them rather than developing other narratives in the plot. Nevertheless, we can hope that better days are to come with the release of Thor: Love and Thunder where the God is soon to retire and hand over his mantle. This is when we might see him settling down with Jane finally in Asgard.

6. Dr.Bruce Banner (Hulk) and Natasha Romanov (Black Widow)

All the Marvel fans, hands down, are aware of the fact that Natasha Romanov was never given the character arc which she deserved. In the life of Bruce Banner too, Natasha was portrayed as just a simple woman who wants a life that she can never get with a man she could never be together. We knew from the start that this relationship was never going to work in the end but still, Joss Whedon decided that he wants to give this couple a chance. I mean, why? Scarlett is a deadly assassin who can never have children. Bruce Banner is a literally a time bomb just waiting to explode into a monster. Their relationship would, in the end, if it ever happened, would be too toxic. Despite all of that, we can not help but appreciated the deep bond which Natasha and Bruce had.

Instead of it being a romantic thing, a friendship tag would have skyrocketed the whole character arc in such a pretty manner, but Joss Whedon decided otherwise. Now, there surely were quite many intimate moments which were shared by the two characters which had our hearts on the sleeves. The times when no one, literally no one could calm Hulk down, and the Avengers had to call Natasha to do it, was very beautiful. This showed us how the two are soul mates but could not be together because of the fate they were to live in.

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