Top Gear Season 26 Confirmed: Release Date and Update

Top Gear Season 26

The show has completed 25 seasons, and fans are now eyeing to see the 26th season. If you are one of those, we have good news for you as the show has already been renewed for the next season. It was told by Matt LeBlanc, as he explained that there would surely be another season. His statement is enough to prove the argument!

The 25th season was released in February of the last year, and the season concluded in April of the same year. As we know, fans are always excited to see the show as they get to see their favorite guys Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and Rory Reid reviewing numerous cars and testing them, deciding whether they walk what their makers talk!

Their opinions are genuine, and that is what makes the show even more respectable, as there are tons of biased reviewers available on the cyberspace as well as on television. When asked Matt about the next season, he said that he even expects the show to continue for the next 41 years. This is how he put his argument –

“Why not? It’s a timeless show. I wonder what they’ll be covered in 41 years? If we’re making flying cars, I’m sure Top Gear will be talking about that.” He even continued by explaining the show has enough content to keep the show running, as humans need Independence and cars give them that!

There is a high possibility that the show would be released in the early part of 2019, the same as the previous two seasons. Nevertheless, BBC could have a different plan for it, and that could be the reason they have still not announced an update about the next season of Top Gear. Moreover, we cannot assume who will be hosting the show after 41 years, but it seems like the next season will be hosted by the same beloved gang!

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