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Top 5 Films Like Interstellar You Should Never Miss

Interstellar came out back in 2014 and obviously, blew our minds away at the first instance itself. The main genre of this film is science as well as fiction. Given the fact that it has been created by Christopher Nolan, you all might have already received the idea of how amazing the tale was. The plot of this film is set in the dystopian future, and as it so happens, the whole of humanity is struggling to survive at this place.

Thus, a group of astronauts takes it in their hands to find a new home for humanity now that Earth has been destroyed. They all travel through a wormhole that exists near Saturn while having high hopes of finally finding a new home. The film was set in 1967, and this is the time when the whole of humanity is threatened by crop blights as well as dust storms. The film is so interconnected inside when you start seeing it that this was the only way, to sum up what we saw in the tale. The wormhole near Saturn has up to 12 habitable places where humans can go if the Earth falls to pieces.

But this new dimension comes along with a price. There is a black hole called Gargantua that might succumb to everything inside of it and kill the characters. It is located near a habitable place. Thus, it gets pretty tense to see what will happen and when you hit the play button for Interstellar, you guys will realize how getting up in the middle of the movie was never an option. If you consider yourself a fan of Interstellar, then we have a full treat for you. Now, here is a fun fact about your favorite film.

Kip Thorne had actually done the scientific calculations before this movie was made. He has calculated everything about the wormholes as well as a black hole, and this might actually mean that Interstellar is scientifically right too. We hope we do not have to leave the Earth so soon, though. Now, if you have already watched Interstellar and are now looking forward to other options, then worry not because we have got you covered. Here we have wrapped up some of the top films that you need to watch if you were in love with Interstellar.


The Martian

Well, there is one biggest thing in common that The Martian has with Interstellar, apart from the fact that both these movies excel in the concepts of science and fiction. It is actress Jessica Chastain who has starred in both, The Martian as well as Interstellar. This tale was released back in 2015 and has been directed by Riddley Scott. The plot of this movie was adapted from a novel that goes by the same name and has been penned down by Andy Weir. As for the story, there is so much drama mixed with science that if you are a fan of this genre, you definitely must check this film out. The main spotlight is thrown on a lonely astronaut called Damon. His tragic story is that he has been left behind on Mars. Without actual food and actual water, this guy has to survive on his own on a whole new planet alone. As the film begins, we clearly see that he is struggling to live on an entirely new planet.

On the other hand, there is NASA which is trying to rescue him from Earth but clearly is not doing a good job at it. Just like Interstellar, the film is much more than the plot that we have just described, as this was the easiest way to put it down into words. You will really have to just watch the tale to understand what it actually is about. If you sit down to count the awards won by The Martian, it would take forever because the team has just excelled in a lot of honors after it was made. If you are wondering if Watney, the astronaut who got stuck at Mars, was rescued or not, you will really have to hit the play button for the movie.

The Martian


Gravity came out back in 2013 and changed the whole game of science and fiction films. And I really do not say this to exaggerate the material of the film but because it is actually true. The film takes the characters on the verge of life and death, and here, ask them to chose between the two options. Well, when our characters opt for the first one, they will have to do everything that they possibly can with their power to escape this situation in which they are stuck. As it so happens, we have starred Sandra Bullock as well as George Clooney, who are reprising their respective roles as American astronauts. They were trying to explore the new possibilities of space while being in a space shuttle, and it was in the middle of its orbit. This is when the whole game changes, and we witness how the space shuttle these guys were in has been stranded.

Without food and water, the two have to survive through adverse situations and decide what they want to do next. Both, at first, agree to try to return home to Earth. But as time passes by and the situation becomes even more adverse, we could see the hope in their eyes losing the fire. Again, it is not the whole part of the film, just a summed-up bit, and you will have to watch the whole tale to find out about what actually happened in Gravity. Also, in this movie, unlike others, we get to connect to the characters on a much higher level. As the two are stranded in space and have lost almost all hope, they start to discuss their families and everything personal to them. This lets the audience have a better understanding of their relationship with each other as well as their personal lives.



This film was released back in 2016 and obviously, as you all might have already guessed, excels in the genre of science and fiction, but this time, it comes along fused with the drama. It has been written by Eric Heisserer while the task of direction was handled by Denis Villeneuve. The major inspiration for the plot of this tale comes from a short story called Story of Your Life, which releases back in 1998 and was penned down by Ted Chiang. This time, in Arrival, the characters will not go on hopping in outer space to explore the universe, but rather, a new form of the universe will arrive on Earth.

The main spotlight of the movie is thrown at a linguist who gets called by the Army of United States. This linguist has been provided with a job to understand the language of extraterrestrial aliens who have set their foot on Earth. The Army wants her to establish peace with these creatures before things slip out of hands and the man and this alien start to indulge in a war crime. There is so much to the story of Arrival than just be about a linguist who tries to befriend aliens as per the request of the United States Army. To find out the intricate details, which I tell you are awesome, you will have to check this movie out. It is available to watch on Netflix right now.


It is a science and fiction film but has its deeper roots of the genre on another theme. As it so happens, we see more of the action, and adventure vibes from this film that comes after an apocalypse have taken place in the whole area. Oblivion was released in the theatres back in 2013 and has been directed by Joseph Kosinski, while its production is done by Peter Chernin. The screenplay of this tale has been done by Karl Gajdusek. Well, the one thing that might attract you to this film the most is the fact that it has actor Tom Cruise in the lead role for its movie.

Here is a fun fact for you guys about this film. The plot of Oblivion has been taken from an unpublished graphic novel that has been written by Kosinski. The story also pays its own share of a tribute to the science and fiction films which date back to the 70s. Here is a simplified version of the plot of Oblivion, and please do not take it for the whole story because it is much more than what just can be expressed in words. So, as the film starts, we see the time is reset to 2077.

The Earth has been ruined by wars caused by extraterrestrial beings, because of which, humanity has found another location for their survival. They all have shifted over to Titan. Now, humanity will be seen thriving in this new area, and almost everyone is safe, apart from the people we lost on Earth. Now, the main spotlight is thrown on a character named Jack Harper, who is a technician. He has to go back to Earth in order to perform service on the drones, which are still being used by humans to fight against the remaining extraterrestrial beings.

During his time on Earth, he comes face to face with a spacecraft getting crashed and thus, chips in to rescue a survivor. After he does so, he himself gets captured by one of these deadly scavenging beings. Later, as the film goes by, he finds out that these scavengers are actually humans. This is when the tables turn fully around. Jack contributes his full time to fight against the new and evolving threat which is going to hit humanity soon. The film was legit a box office success and grossed over 286 million from around the world.


This film was released in the theatres back in 2016 and has been directed by Morten Tyldum, while the script has been created by Jon Spaihts. Now, you guys should know that science, as well as fiction, is surely the main genre of this film, but it has actually been fused with romance, and this new blend should absolutely be watched. Even the concept of this tale is too new and has never been touched before. So, the story is about two people who wake up accidentally. They have opened their eyes 90 years earlier than the induced hibernation period on a spaceship. The motive of the spaceship is to take all of its passengers traveling through a colony. They will be going almost 60 light-years away from Earth.

Now, what happens next is tragic, and you will have to find out about it by watching the film. Also, if you like the overall concept of Interstellar, then I bet you are going to love everything that is posed by Passengers. The ship on which both our characters are carrying almost 5000 passengers who are colonists while 258 other members belong to the crew. They all are kept alive in little hibernation pots while traveling to the new planet called Homestead II.

This journey is supposed to be 120 years. Thirty years after their journey starts from Earth, we see that their ship gets hit by an asteroid, thus waking up one member called James Preston from his sleep. He has no one, just the android bartender, and thus, he tries to do suicide until one day, finds a beautiful girl inside his hibernating pod. Her name is Aurora Lane. Just because James is lonely himself, he wants to wake Aurora up from her sleep prematurely and thus robbing her future life as well.

Despite all the moral implications, he takes this step nevertheless and tells her that even her pod might have malfunctioned like his. Their story develops through the ups and downs of a relationship, and we see that another mishap awakes the deck chief officer, who wishes to rectify these problems as soon as possible. Well, you will really have to watch this film in order to understand more about the whole concept in a better form. There is drama along with science and fiction, and you can not deny but agree that this is something that looks pretty interesting to watch.

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