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Top 20 Anime Boyfriends of All Time

Yuri on Ice

Anime couples are some of the most cosplayed characters of all time. With a lot of love and popularity, they dominate a lot of other live-action couples. Everyone loves it when their favorite anime characters finally come together. Long-held-out confessions often seem irritating, but they’re equally rewarding at the end too. Then there are those characters who have loved someone for their entire lives and only make it apparent right before they die. This is heartbreaking and painful to watch. We saw Ymir jump into a hoard of titans leaving Historia with only a letter of her confession, and we also saw Hinata chase Naruto all her life peering from behind trees and electricity poles.

Some of these relationships end in marriage and some, unfortunately, don’t. In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the best boyfriends in all of anime. These are the guys who’d put their lives on the line for their girlfriends and would do everything to push them ahead. So without further ado, let’s jump in.

20. Sai


Sai from Naruto is perfect to start off the top 20 list. He is probably that one character who shows a great romantic side even in a classic shonen anime. While most others in the show rarely show off their proper romantic side, Sai is often playful with Ino. He supports her new position in the village and does everything a good boyfriend and father would do for Ino and Shikadai. He understands her and knows how to comfort her and calm her down. He is the perfect guy for her.

19. Hiro


Hiro from Darling in the Franxx is a great boyfriend because of his will and compatibility. Riding the Franxx, a battle machine with his girlfriend Zero Two, is a dangerous thing to do. Because all people who have piloted with Zero Two have died because of it. Still, he stays taut as a bowstring and decides to soldier on. All because he wanted to ride with her and by her side. He even develops a fatal tumor in the chest and still refuses to let her be alone. He is someone who’d risk his health and life for Zero Two and also the only one compatible with her. This makes him worthy of number 19.

18. Ryuji


Ryuji from Toradora is the definition of an accidental boyfriend. He met Taiga unexpectedly and even got punched for bumping into her. She was having a bad mood day and is quite the hothead. They eventually become friends when they realize that their love interests are each other’s best friends. Ryuji starts spending a lot of time with her and finds himself in a world where she is more than just the bossy hothead everyone sees her as. He brings out the best in her and pushes her to be better. They eventually confess their feelings for each other and come together. It was like they were destined the moment they met.

17. Yuta


Yuta from Love, Chuunibyo, and Other Delusions is just about one of the most relatable and sensible slice-of-life anime boys of all time. He meets Rika, a girl who suffers from the Chuunibyo syndrome and is delusional. In her own world, she fights monsters with her magical abilities. This reminds Yuta of his own time having the syndrome. He looks after Rika, though initially, he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Gradually he warms up to her and, by the end, falls for her too. All while often smacking her gently to pull her out of her delusions. They become a great and funny couple going forwards.

16. Hak

Hak from Yona of The Dawn is a great protector and a soft childhood friend all in one. In the anime Yona, a princess leaves her royal castle after her cousin kills her father. She runs away with Hak, her childhood friend, and bodyguard, to discover the secrets and legends of the kingdom. Throughout the series, Hak protects her with his all might and will. He supports her decisions and is always around whenever she needs a shoulder.

15. Tamaki


Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club is a respectful boyfriend. The story follows Haruhi, who breaks a vase and has to work for the members of the host club because of this. She meets Tamaki there, who instantly takes a liking to her. She initially denies his feelings, but Tamaki perseveres relentlessly to gain her affection. In the end, the two end up together even though Haruhi’s father strongly disapproves of them.

14. Isaac

Isaac Baccano

Isaac and Miria

From the crazy world of anime Baccano!! We have Issac at number 14. He is the eccentric boyfriend to a crazed Miria. These two are absolute havoc of a couple. What’s great about them is their unwavering trust in each other. They have fun together and commit all sorts of crimes, especially robberies. They never let up on each other and are entertaining all the same. Issac’s relationship with Miria seems effortless and smooth. They are always fun to watch on screen and worthy of a mention on this list.

13. Natsuki


Natsuki and Emilia

From the famous Isekai anime Re: Zero, at 13, we have Natsuki. He gets transported into a different fantasy world where he has one very disturbing yet effective power. He can come back from death. And he uses this power for his love interest Emilia. All so she can stay safe and eventually reach her goal of acquiring the throne. True, he can always come back to life, but death itself is a very painful experience. To go through such pain every time just for his lover is a brave and great thing to do. We salute Natsuki and put him on this spot.

12. Edward Elric

Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist is the perfect friend who becomes a boyfriend. In the beginning, he was rejected by Winry because he was too short. But that hardly affects him. He still protects and annoys her like the best friend he is. He also makes sure Winry doesn’t become consumed by vengeance when she faces Scar, who killed her parents. He is not great at showing emotions, but Winry knows just how to read him. Together, they’re perfect for each other.

11. Tanjirou

kimetsu no Yaiba chapter 194 release date

Tanjirou is the goofball, adorable character who will put everything at risk to protect the ones he loves. He turns Kanao’s life around when he shows her that her choices can be her own and not a mere trick of fate. She is someone who lost all emotion because of trauma, but because of him, she starts feeling things again. It’s like she was brought back to a different life after meeting Tanjiro.

10. Kirito


From the anime Sword Art Online, at number 10, we have Kirito. He and Asuna are the main couple of the anime and for valid reasons. They have each other’s backs and know each other like no one else. Kirito inspires her to look ahead and defeat this game because that’s the only way out for them and everyone trapped in there. It was him who kept her going when she was feeling down and defeated. This makes him worthy of number 10.

9. Shouta


From the anime From Me To You, at number 9, we have Shouta. He looked past Sawako’s appearance, and the rumors spread about her. He decided to get to know her better ever since he saw her smile for the first time. Being avoided by others because of her looks gets Sawako pretty sad and insecure, Shouta makes sure that she stays confident and believes in herself. He is that boyfriend who’d push his girl ahead with all his strength.

8. Zen


Zen, a prince from the anime Snow White With The Red Hair, is our entry number 8. The anime follows the story of a prince who loves leaving his royal fortress to have some fun on his own. He accidentally stumbles upon Shirayuki, a hard-working girl, and gradually falls for her. He supports her and pushes her forward to her dream of becoming the Court Pharmacist of the palace. Their marriage would be a highly controversial thing because Zen is a prince, and in the eyes of the royals, Shirayuki is just a normal villager. But Zen is relentless in his effort to marry her, and it shows. He is committed, and his love is fierce.

7. Shinra


From the anime Durarara!! On number 7, we have Shinra.  A doctor who crosses paths with Celty. A girl who doesn’t have a head and can communicate via text only. He begins by experimenting with her to try to understand the nature of her problem. Celty is on a quest to search for her head and fix herself. Shinra falls for her in spite of her otherwise odd appearance. He commits himself to help her find her head and supports her all the way without ever looking back. He is the one who fell for the soul and not the body.

6. Tomoya


Tomoya and Nagisa

At 6, we have Tomoya from Clannad, perhaps one of the best romance anime of all time. Tomoya has a negative perspective of life, all until he meets his shy lady, love Nagisa. Everything about his outlook changes after that as he learns to value the more beautiful things in his life. He also loves Nagisa with all his might and makes her far more confident in herself than before. The two end up together and have a child of their own.

5. Ryouma


From the anime Love Stage, Ryouma falls in love with Izumi only to wait for years and eventually find out that she is actually not a girl at all. He feels betrayed and horrified at this reveal. But his love for Izumi surpasses all other feelings, and he ends up telling him that he loves him no matter what. After that, their relationship takes twists and turns before settling down, which gives it a very realistic feeling. And through all this, Ryouma holds Izumi tight without letting go.

4. Viktor Nikiforov

From the sports anime Yuri on Ice!! Viktor is the bedazzling boyfriend of the titular character Yuri. Yuri can often suffer from bouts of self-doubt and depression, but it helps him knowing Viktor is always around. He comforts him, pushes him ahead, and makes him believe in his abilities to figure skate like no one else. He is doubtlessly perfect for him and arguable one of the most popular boyfriends out there.

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3 Mamoru

In the anime Sailor Moon, Mamoru is the heroic boyfriend of the titular character Sailor Moon or Usagi Tsukino. He is her lover from the past life reincarnated as a companion who helps her fight crime. In the beginning, Usagi doesn’t know his true identity, after a long and damaging fight, Mamoru rescues Usagi and takes her back to his apartment to help her recover. This is where she finds out his real identity, and the two start falling for each other. They fight, love, and cross over time-space, and death to be with one another in this fantasy anime. This is what makes them worthy of the 3rd spot.

2. Takeo Gouda


From the anime My Love Story, at number 2, we have Takeo Gouda. Takeo saves Rinko from being molested on a train, and she falls for him immediately. Insecure about his looks, Takeo doesn’t think that Rinko would ever come close to him, but he gets a pleasant surprise as she declares her feelings for him. From there on, he is the most kind, pure, and outright soft boyfriend one could ever find. He protects her, comforts her, and gives her butterflies in the stomach with the smallest of gestures.

1. Sakuta


Sakuta and Mai

And finally, at number 1, we have Sakuta from Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai. Except for Sakuta most definitely dreams of Mai all the time. He cures her of her puberty syndrome in no time and announces his love for her with the utmost purity. He is childish, goofy, and caring. He knows when to be serious to look after her and when to goof around and annoy her. This makes them a really adorable couple. And this is why he is on number 1.

And so, the list is concluded. Do you agree with this ranking? Let us know in the comments.

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