Top 10 Strongest Attacks In Dragon Ball Super

Hey everyone! Today, I wanna talk about the strongest attacks in Dragon Ball Super. Before I begin the list, I wanna let you all know that this is based on my opinion, and it is more likely than not, going to differ from your opinion. This list doesn’t include any attacks from the entities like God of Destruction, or Angels, or Zeno. So, now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s begin.

Note: This list is NOT Ranked.

10. Final Flash

Final Flash is one of Vegeta’s strongest attacks. It has always been a fearsome technique, with immense power that could literally blow up a planet. If Vegeta uses this attack as Super Saiyan Blue, it is likely to cause much, much more destruction.

9. Earth Breaker

This is one of the techniques used by Freeza. In Resurrection F, after Freeza drained the stamina of his Golden form, he resorted to using this technique to destroy the earth. It is a very powerful technique that wipes out planets in an Instant, so it definitely deserves to be on the list.

8. Holy Wrath

Holy Wrath seems to be the ultimate technique of Fused Zamasu. It allows him to do large-scale destruction, and this technique was enough to hold out against Vegeta and Trunks’ Father-son Galick Gun and Goku’s Kamehameha. Vegito, however, crushed this attack very easily. Nonetheless, it is a powerful technique that I think deserves to be here.

7. Human Extinction Attack

This is one of Buu’s attacks. In this attack, Buu releases a bunch of pink energy blasts in the sky, which are able to wipe out the population of a planet with precision and that’s what I really like about it. It is a very powerful technique. However, it has one drawback, and that is that it can be dodged.

6. God Kamehameha

This is a variation of the Kamehameha performed by Goku in the Super Saiyan Blue form. This technique is very powerful. It was even able to overpower Golden Freeza’s Golden Death Ball, and even the Earth Breaker. When powered by Kaio-ken, it gets even stronger. It is one of Goku’s strongest attacks, that can do a tremendous amount of damage to the enemy.

5. Spirit Bomb Sword

Spirit Bomb Sword is a technique used by Future Trunks. He used this by gathering the hopes, and the energy of everyone, which was then absorbed by him. This causes his sword to get larger, and far more powerful. He was even able to overpower Fused Zamasu with this technique and slice him in half. I definitely think this is one of the strongest techniques we’ve seen in Dragon Ball Super so far.

4. Flash Fist Crush

Flash Fist Crush is a technique utilized by the Universe 6’s Legendary assassin, Hit. Hit basically uses this to kill off his opponents in one blow. Using this, he launches a powerful strike aimed at the heart of the enemy, which kill without any doubt. He even killed Goku with this technique.

3. Time Cage

Time Cage is another ability that Hit, the Legendary Universe 6 assassin uses. This technique was debuted vs Jiren the Grey of Universe 11. When using this technique, Hit skips time a lot of times around the enemy, and then the enemy is trapped in a cage of time, meaning the time around them stops, essentially freezing them at a place. This technique is also very powerful in its own way. However, Jiren broke through it.

2. Hakai (Goku’s Version)

Hakai is a technique that is used by Gods of Destruction. As it is a technique of the God of Destruction, it lets them erase almost anything they want. This technique can also be used by Goku. However, Goku can only use this in complete Super Saiyan Blue form, and it is a lot slower and requires a lot of concentration. Nonetheless, it can erase most things from existence and is an overpowered ability.

1. Final Kamehameha

Final Kamehameha is one of the techniques of Vegito, a fusion of Goku and Vegeta. When powered by Super Saiyan Blue, this technique gets even more powerful! I think it is definitely one of the strongest techniques that we’ve seen in the Dragon Ball Franchise till now and an awesome one at that too. Final Kamehameha was also used against Fused Zamasu, however, he emerged unharmed, surprisingly.


The Real Ultra Instinct

Hey everyone! Today, I wanna talk about Ultra Instinct, and its other form, or new form, as some may like to call it. First off, Ultra Instinct is an ability that can only be used by a few people in the world of Dragon Ball. It is a state that can be used by the Angels, and maybe some Gods of Destruction as well. Although, anyone can attain the mastery of this technique, which doesn’t make it limited to the Gods.

Basically, Ultra Instinct is a technique, or a state of mind, that enables a person to perceive movements without having to think about it. In a way, the body of the user moves on its own, and it is also known as the mastery of Self-movement, which pretty much explains what this is all about. This technique is very common among the Gods. However, very few Gods can do it.

For example, even Beerus cannot do it perfectly yet, while the other Gods of Destruction haven’t even been seen attempting this technique. Goku, however, was able to use this technique, and execute it flawlessly in his fight against both Jiren and Kafla. But, there is one thing that Goku cannot do while in this state, and this attack properly.

Whis mentioned that Goku’s attacks in Ultra Instinct form as useless because he thinks before attacking. So, you could say that while Goku has mastered the defensive part of Ultra Instinct, the offensive Ultra Instinct has not been attained by him. This is where the preview for Ultra Instinct comes in. Goku was seen with two auras.

A blue aura, that surrounds his body, and a red aura that enveloped the blue aura. We already know that Goku has attained the blue aura. But, what about the red one? The red one is what I think suggests the mastery of offensive Ultra Instinct.

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