Top 10 Shoujo Anime 2018 – Recommended List

In this post, we will be listing top 10 Shoujo Anime. Shōjo romanized the Japanese 少女 (shōjo), literally ‘young woman’. This genre is aimed at a teenage female target-demographic readership, without any further delay, let us begin our list.

10. Ai no Koe

Ai no Koe consists of short stories, one of which is Voices of love in which Mika Tsukahara a teacher gets romantically involved with an 18-year-old student. Eventually, things get steamy and the plot develops.

9. Cosplay Animal

Cosplay Animal

Rika meets Hajime through an online dating site and they two get along really well, but Rika, pretends to be a high schooler in order to keep Hajime interested. The complicated story goes on further as she develops strong feelings towards him.

8. Desire Climax

Omori Mio works part-time to make ends meet. One night a stranger catches her and kisses her, and then tells her he wants to buy her. The plot takes problematic turns as Mio likes the abuse the stranger, Shoeri inflicts on her and keeps the audience shocked and interested

7. Itadakimasu


Naeko has had bad relationships but she still dreams of having her perfect man. And one day she does, when she meets Ouji. However, Ouji’s real identity is still a secret.

6. Kaikan Phrase

Kaikan Phrase

Full of sexual innuendos and twists, the love story of star boy Sakuya and Aine, a high schooler takes music turns as they create love songs together.

5.Midnight Secretary

Kaya is a brilliant secretary and when she’s offered a job from Kyoehi, she does not hesitate to take it. To her surprise and shock, Kyoehi intentionally tries to fail her at everything she does but she still keeps up. She’s shocked when Kyoehi”s the truth that he’s a vampire gets revealed but is willing to make it work as she sees him try his best too.

4.Private Prince

Private Prince

The prince of Estolia Winfred is everything but holy. He’s a closet pervert who loves big boobs. Miyako is working on a thesis and she needs his help but is taken aback by this dark side that the prince has. Their story has a rocky start but eventually ends up all rosy and cute

3. Kyou, Koi Wo Hajimemasu

Kyouta makes comments on Tsubaki, which outrage her and in anger, she cuts his hair on purpose. However, he does the unexpected and kisses her, telling her she’s going to be his woman.

2. Himitsu no Ai-Chan


Reo and Aiko are always against each other during basketball and Aiko are determined to defeat him at it but he’s always better. The comedy begins when Aiko takes up a job at a maid cafe and has her face behind make up almost unrecognizable, and one day Reo walks in and asks her out on a date. In order to destroy him, she says yes, with the plan to dump him only when he falls in love. But will it go as planned?

1.Suki Desu Suzuki-Kun!!

Suki Desu Suzuki-Kun!!

Hikaru, Sayaka, Chihiro, and Shinobu go to the same middle school. The plot is twisted, as in, Chihiro has a crush on her friend Hikaru, who likes Sayaka, and Shinobu likes Chihiro. Amidst the cluster of emotions, and pain, there is love and a cute ending somewhere for each one of these characters.

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