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Top 10 Facts About Bambam On his Birthday

bambam facts
Bambam the member of K-Pop group Got7

Top 10 facts about Bambam are definitely an interesting topic to deal with. The birthday boy Bambam holds a huge reputation in South Korea and Thailand. Not only is he famous in particularly these countries but also in several parts of Asia. From being a member of a boy group to being part of the k-pop industry, Bambam enjoys quite a lot of popularity. Bambam is apparently his stage name, and his birth name is Kunpimook Bhuwaku. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, he is now a part of the South Korean boy’s group Got7. The 24-year-old Bambam has his own huge fan following as well. He currently has a whopping 13.3m followers on Instagram. Also, he has now made a place for him in the industry. Since it’s been a while, he joined k-pop.

He officially joined the boy’s group in 2014 and has been active since then. Even before that, he was a part of a dance group that BLACKPINK’s Lisa was a part of too. After his debut with got7, his life changed completely, and he is also one of the most loved members of the group. He is also popularly known as Double B, and his attractive personality stands him out in the crowd. Bambam is also extremely charming and has a fun and lively personality. His good relationship with his group members is well known. He is, in fact on good terms with the members of other k-pop groups as well. He and BLACKPINK’S Lisa are known to be good friends for a long. Before going any further, let’s take a peek at some of Bambam’s facts.

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Top 10 facts about Bambam

top 10 facts about BamBam

BamBam a member of the South Korean boys band Got7.

  1. Bambams dad died when he was very young, and currently, his family consists of his mother, his little sister, and two older brothers. He was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and is also a Thai rapper and singer. Before entering k-pop, he won 1st place in a “Rain Cover Dance” competition in Thailand in the year 2007. He has been talented in this genre since his childhood. In 2012 he also appeared in the Hong Kong movie “Fairy Tale Killer”.
  2. He also participated in a dance group in his childhood where Blackpink’s Lisa was also a part of. So, Bambam and Lisa are actually childhood friends, and they later debuted with GOT7 and Blackpink respectively. To date, the two are in touch with each other and also on good terms.
  3. While he was very young, at the age of just 13, he passed JYP World Tour Audition in Thailand and came to South Korea as a trainee. Before debuting under the JYP entertainment, he practiced a lot as a trainee for more than 3years and also made a pre-debut appearance in 2013 in Mnet’s reality survival program.
  4. He holds a good grip amongst the popularity between his fans. His group got7 already has a huge fan base, but adding to that, he also enjoys a huge Instagram fan following as well. His personality is really loved and cherished by his fans.
  5. It also seems like the talented rapper and singer also has a knack for acting. In 2015 he acted in the web-drama “Dream Knight” alongside the other GOT7 members and also had a small role in a drama named jealousy incarnate in 2016.
  6. Bambam can actually speak more than one language. Born in Thailand, he is fluent in the language Thai along with Korean and English.
  7. Bambam, till now, has been extremely active and took active participation in many reality shows. He also participated in writing few songs for got7’s album and also has his own Thai rap named the seventh heaven.
  8. Bambam having quite a fan base, is considered to have a great influence in both the advertising and social media fields in Thailand. He is even the 4th Thai artist to debut in South Korea.K-pop boys group Got7
      South Korean boy band Got7
  9. He shares a great bond with his band members and debuted with the group in  2014 with the debut song “Girls Girls Girls”. Their debut was quite a hit and also peaked at number two on the Gaon album chart.
  10. The entertainment company with whom he has been a part for so long he left the company in 2021. After the expiration of his contract on 19th January 2021, he left JYP Entertainment and joined  Abyss Company on 5th March 2021.

So, these a few facts about the birthday boy Bambam hope you will like it. Till then, stay tuned, and any other new information will be shared here as a priority.

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